6th March 2009 - Written Update (LAST EPISODE!)

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S is walking along the road thinking of all the moments he spent with G.

1) The first time they met; 2) when they reached matheran and he was having a romantic moment with her in her room; 3) When both S/G built their dream house with Gudiya. ;
S is walking back to his car when some police man stopped him and ask him whether he has seen the person in the photograph they show him which is of Aryan. S is shocked to see his pic. S says he doesn't know him but asks them why they are looking for him. The police man refuses to tell him and asks him to only tell them if he has seen him anywhere. S again denies knowing Aryan.The police leave after taking the photo back from him. S is left staring after them.
The next morning, S is at the breakfast table on his own wondering why the police were looking for Aryan. He is worried that G may be taking a wrong step in haste. He thinks about how to stop G. He is scared that something bad is happening to G.
Shanta comes to the breakfast table with her family (Shubot and Ayush).
Shanta: Hurry up and have your breakfast, we have to go to do G wedding shopping.
Shubot: What's the hurry? The wedding time is for 2 o'clock.
Ayush: Don't forget to get the camera from mamaji. You always forget in any functions we go to.
Shubot: Alright, I will.
Shubot picks up the invitation card up from the table and looking at S says
Shubot: In a very short while, Our Ganga will become Mrs Aryan.
Shanta: Yes that's true. I always wanted to bring her in this house but maybe this house destiny isn't that good.
Shubot nods his head. S is getting uncomfortable listening to them talking and gets up from the table but Shubot stops him and tells him to finish his breakfast.
S: I'm not hungry.
Shubot: You look a little worried.
S: Why? What do you want to hear? That the reason behind my problem is G? That I still love her? That I can't live without her?
Shubot: At least in anger, your real feelings came to your lips.
Shanta: S, there is still time to change your mind. Why are you trying to punish yourself and us in the process. If you don't stop G today then G will go far away from you and us forever.
S gets up and leaves the table. Shanta, Shubot and Ayush all exchange smug smiles.
G is sitting beside her dressing table and getting ready in her wedding finery when she gets flashbacks of romantic moments spent with S.
1) when S gifted her the bridal sari;
2) when S proposed to her in matheran;
She thinks:
Whenever fate brought us closer together, circumstances made distance between us. This is my last attempt, last attempt to come closer to you. Will we be able to become one?
G begins to put her bridal jewellery on. Suddenly a hand is seen helping her. G turns around to see who it is. It is Anjali aka Gudiya. 
G: Gudiya! You!
G gets up from the stool she was sitting on in front of her dressing table. Gudiya is standing there with tears in her eyes. G begins to put her hand forward to embrace her but suddenly stops. She has tears in her eyes.
G: Please forgive me. I didn't haveany option in leaving you. I never betrayed you.Gudiya, please forgive me. Please.
G cries. Gudiya puts her hands together.
Gudiya: I should be the one apologising, mama. I couldn't withstand the way you left me. That is why I misunderstood you. But Shubot poopahji and Shanta bua told me the whole truth. They told me that you did so much for this house's happiness. And I......Please forgive me, mama. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, mama.
They both cry and hug each other. A look of relief that all has been forgiven is on their faces. Gudiya tells her mother not to worry as S chachu will surely come.
Everyone are gathered at the wedding hall. Shubot is looking around waiting for S. Aryan keeps looking at his watch. G comes all dressed up looking gorgeous with Shanta who is in a pink sari. Everyone notices the bride at the top of the stairs and look at her. Shubot and Aryan smile when they see her. Shubot looks lovingly at his sister who is now a bride. G comes to Shubot who gives his blessings by placing his hand on her head and smiling at her. They all look towards the door and wonder where S is. Aryan informs everyone that he took a photo of G and sent it to S. He tells them just see how quickly he comes on bended knee. Shubot says that as much as he knows S, he will definately come here for G.
S is pacing hsi room after trying to discover why the police were trying to look for Aryan.
S: I phoned everywhere to find out about Aryan but nothing is being discovered about him. What shall I do? I can't let G become a criminal's wife and stand by and do nothing to stop it.
Gudiya comes to the door of his room. S notices her standing there and asks her what she is doing there as she is supposed to be in Mumbai.
Gudiya: I have come here for my mama, your Ganga. What happened chachu? Won't you shout at me for saying her name?
He looks away from her.
Gudiya: You can't ignore the truth by turning your face away.
S: Anjali, you don't even know the truth.
Gudiya: Chachu, its you who doesn't know the truth. By keeping what's in your heart hidden, it doesn't become a lie. Everyone knows that you love mama. But you, you have just shown hatred for her in this house. And that relationship of hatred with mama, even I lived it til now with you. Why did you do this? Why didn't you tell me that whatever mama did was for you and Kaveri chachi's relationship? I didn't get a mothers' love for all these years.  All because of you. We couldn't be playful and happy. And chachu when you have been given an opportunity to regain the happiness of this family, you are forsaking it because your ego is bigger than our pain.
S: No Anjali, it isn't that at all.The reason behind my hatred was that step she took when you needed her the most.
Gudiya: And now when she wants to return to this house, then you are getting revenge for that. Your revenge will be complete but my and B's lives will stay incomplete. But maybe you are not aware of our pain. You are just......
S: Enough!! Enough Anjali. You don't know how G insulted by love.
Gudiya: But today by rejecting her you are insulting your own love. No chachu, its still not too late. Please stop her. Or else everything will be destroyed. Please.
Gudiya while saying all this has tears in her eyes and is very emotional. S is angry and just looks at her at the end of what she says. His mobile rings and its a person at a detective agency who tells him that Aryan is a fraud who marries beautiful woman and runs off with their money. S looks at Gudiya and walks out of the room. Gudiya is left thinking.
Everyone is gathered at the wedding waiting for S. Gudiya has already arrived. The pandit asks Shubot what he should do as the mahurat for the wedding is flying by. He says to wait a few minutes as the groom must be arriving soon. As he says that S appears with the police in tow. Shubot whispers to the pandit to begin.
S walks towards the mandap and tells the pandit to stop. Shubot gets up and asks him what he is doing and why the police is with him.
S: Yes. Mr Aryan you cannot marry G.
Aryun gets up from the mandap and approaches S.
Aryan: What is this you are saying?
S: I am not saying it. The police will explain it to you. I've got the list of all your wrong doings. You are a very big fraud.
S: G, I won't let you marry this fraudster at any cost.
Shubot: S the marriage is about to be completed.
S: Nearly but isn't completed yet is it?
Aryan: May I ask with what right are you saying all this?
S: What's it to you?
Aryan: I want to know Mr Bhatia with what right you are stopping this marriage. If your drama is finished, then may we get back to my wedding. Panditji please continue.
S: One minute panditji.
Everyone turns back to look at him.
S: G I do not know with what right I am stopping this wedding.I don't even know what relationship we have now but the relationship of hatred which I have been living with for the past 8 years, I would like to apologise for. Maybe this relationship is your happiness. I don't have any right in coming in between your happiness. But please, please forgive me.
Everyone are beginning to slightly smile while G is getting misty-eyed. G gets up from the mandap. He asks her whether she will forgive him. After a while, she nods and smiles. Everyone else begins to smile widely and laugh. S looks around everywhere confused. Aryan informs him that the police are fake and it was all a plan. He begins to understand and then B agrees and tell him that he hasn't answered the question Aryan asked him before, which was with what right he came to stop the wedding.
S: Once again, the reason was my selfishness. When I discovered the truth about Aryan, for one moment, I thought that by stopping this wedding I will get you back. Behind the 8 years of hatred was many many years of love hidden behind it. These 8 years had made me become like a stone that when you came in front of me, I couldn't say anything. G, I don't have a reason for me not to love you. Will you forgive me?
With tears in her eyes and a smile on her lips, she walks towards him and stops when she is in front of him with Shubot standing beside them.
G: S you are not at fault. It was all due to circumstances which always made us look wrong in front of each other. It is said that noone can win against fate. Our fate fought against all circumstances and brought us finally close to each other.
S just looks at G. Aryan clears his throat and goes to S. He takes his pagri off and puts it on S head. S smiles and looks hopefully at G. She is again misty-eyed and smiling. Aryan tells them to hurry up or else the mahurat of the wedding will pass. Shubot makes a joke about S age that if they take any more time, then who will marry S. Everyone laughs and all are happy. S and G go to the mandap and begin the wedding. They exchange garlands and stand up to do the pheras.
As the wedding is taking place, the narrator is winding the drama down to its final conclusion:
Narrator: Just like the way Ganga breaks all walls, passes mountains and hills and unites with S, exactly like that today after removing all obstacles Ganga has become Sagar's. S/G sangam was asked for by all those people who have watched the blossoming relationship and love between S and G. Times changed, circumstances changed, but neither did this love change nor did their relationship. Their true love passed all difficulties. And today amidst all these smiling and laughing faces, there is many years worth of pain because of separation. But this milan will remove this pain too. Because this is the moment of S/G sangam, keep this sangam in your memories. It is said that stories never end, but yes they have points of pause in them so this is such a point where you and I will separate but this story will continue.
While the narrator was talking, photos of the happy couple were shown with their families. The last picture was of S/G staring at each other with wide smiles on their faces.
*************************************THE END*********************************
Comments: And that my dear friends is the ending of Sangam. I was a little bit disappointed by the ending as the question regarding who G supposedly killed wasn't answered nor was her stay in prison mentioned by anyone who wasn;t aware of it. Anjali aka Gudiya reunion with her mother was beautiful and so emotional. I loved what she said to S and all of it was 100% true. Shubot and Aryan's plan was superb to get S to stop the wedding. It was a masterpiece and similar to what occurred with RM. Speaking of RM, there was no mention of him post-leap. It would have been nice to learn of what happened to him and Geetd, whether they married and lived happily ever after etc. RM's hatred for S was never acknowledge post-leap which still irritates me. I would have liked it more if there was an 'epilogue' to the story which could have showed the family a few years down the line and how they are with each other. It would have been like icing on the cake as we didn't have any romantic scenes between S/G post-leap. I think many people would have enjoyed such scenes. Anyway Please leave your comments on what you thought of the ending.
I am sorry for the lateness of this update but I was busy and couldn't post the finished update til now. I apologise for any mistakes made in this update.
OK that's it folks! My career of posting updates for the sangam forum for nearly two years or so is now over. I have thoroughly enjoyed posting these updates and watching the romance blossom between the lead characters. I have loved their chemistry and hopefully we will see both Jennifer and Chaitanya together in a future serial.
I hope I have provided a good service for you in doing these updates. I will miss my daily time of devoting myself to the sangam forum in posting updates and watching the episodes. What will I do with my days now?
Thank you for listening to me prattle on. I can't bear to say good bye but needs must....so everyone GOODBYE!!!!!
Love Munira
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Posted: 11 years ago
Thanks for the awesome (last sangam) update!
I can't belivev its over!
Bebo was sooo cute at the wedding!
and i loved the pics at the end!
= ]
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Posted: 11 years ago
Thanks  a  lot  for  Wonderful  Last  update  dear LOL
Thanks  a  ton  by  posting  updates  regularly &  helping .
Goodbye ..............TC
With  Luv .............SWANITHA
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Posted: 11 years ago
Hey sweetie...........
Thanks for all the updates dear......
Hope to cya soon.........
Take Care...
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Posted: 11 years ago
this was a great show, it followed a simple storyline and stuck to it. well, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, Sangam was a good serial. The ending indeed was as the show and the characters- consistent and subtle and graceful. However, I wanted to know who did Ganga kill and go to prison for? That issue should have been addressed. Did she finally avenge her parents deaths?
I am bit confused as to what the narrator said, is this just a pause in the storyline and could there be a possibility that Sangam will return in the future? Edited by aperture - 11 years ago
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Posted: 11 years ago
hi i didn't understand, is this the last episode. What happens next? do g&s get married what happened 8 years back?????
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Posted: 11 years ago
OMG I cant believe Sanham endedCry The updates themselves made me cryCry Sangam ended and Kumkum is ending too theres nothing left for me to watch on star plusCryCry
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Posted: 11 years ago
I can't that sangam ended!!! I was actually crying in the part partly because S/G reunion and partly because it was ending!! And I agree with everything u said munira!!
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