RM FF: Tu Zindagi Hai..updated pg47(30/05/11)

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Hi Friends,

This is my first RM FF...abit different from the rest...hope u would like it and if anyone would want a pm do tell me!!here is the intro and character sketch:

This is a story of two strangers Rahul and Muskaan...they have nothing in common...come from different background,have different likes and dislikes,total opposites...but they find the most beautiful feeling in this world common...which is love!!Though they have faced many difficulties,obstacles and problems in life..yet they believe that there is someone in this world who is made for them...someone who would take away all the sorrows and sadness from their lives and replace it with happiness and joy...how would they find each other...how would they find abt love...how would they realise that life is beautiful??Thats what this story is abt...

Character Sketch:

Rahul Khanna- A 23-yr old delhi boy who is a painter by profession and has recently finished his graduation..people call him 'the painter of the century'...he is a confident,serious,reserved and handsome boy...he has gone through enough in his life for a boy at this age...and doesnt believes in destiny anymore...he believes that one can fight against their destiny and make things happen according to their wishes...whenever he is in a problem he makes sure it doesnt effect him much and thats how he leads his life...carefree...he doesnt care for the world around and doesnt care even if he hurts anyone...he displays himself as a hard person from outside but only his closest friend Raj knows how much he has suffered and from inside he is a soft-hearted person who is hurt and wants to share his pain with someone special...His true personality can always be seen in his paintings and that only raj can see and understand...with him rahul is someone whom his colleagues or others dont know...

Muskaan Ghosh- A 23-yr old bengali girl who is a psychologist by profession and has also finished her higher education...she is a shy,confident,open and very beautiful...she has also gone through many obstacles in life...but have solved them with dignity...she is a true believer in God and destiny...she feels whatever happens,happens for the good...u cant change it...she is very particular abt her life and every step in her life is precious for her...she also wants to share her pain with someone special and this feeling of hers is always been shared with her best friend...God...and Moushmi...the one girl she confides in after God...she analysis people's mentality and feelings very well as she notices things very fast...

Now lets see how these two people meet each other and realise the feeling of love...

(now the problems and difficulties they went through will be disclosed as the story progressess)

Hope u all liked it!!Plzz post ur comments and suggestions...i would appreciate it!!
                                                 Chapter 1A-pg5
                                     Chapter 1B-pg8
                                     Chapter 2A-pg11
                                     Chapter 2B-pg13   
                                     Chapter 3A-pg14
                                     Chapter 3B-pg17
                                     Chapter 3C-pg19
                                     Chapter 4A-pg21
                                     Chapter 4B-pg23
                                     Chapter 4C-pg26
                                     Chapter 5A-pg28
                                     Chapter 5B-pg30
                                     Chapter 6A-pg31
                                     Chapter 6B-pg33
                                     Chapter 7A-pg35
                                     Chapter 7B-pg36
                                     Chapter 8A-pg38
                                     Chapter 8B-pg39
                                     Chapter 9A-pg40
                                     Chapter 9B-pg41
                                   Chapter 10A-pg43
                                   Chapter 10B-pg44 
                                   Chapter 11A-pg45
                                   Chapter 11B-pg45
                                   Chapter 12A-pg47 { RM's First Meeting }
The New PM List:
    cute gauri(Munnaza)
    muzic_lyf (Payal)
    Radhika Shah(Radhika)
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Posted: 2009-01-23T08:48:36Z


Tht is one amazing intro !!!!!!!
Update soon...really eager to know !!
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Posted: 2009-01-23T09:54:15Z
Woww Surbhi! Awsome intro!! Luking 4wd 2 read more!!
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Posted: 2009-01-23T10:41:23Z
AWESOME INTRO!! Muskaan is a bengali girl here... Shocked omg!! even I am a bong... yay!! update soon and pm me for sure... Smile
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Posted: 2009-01-23T11:07:12Z
wow ...lovely intro...the story seems to be really different cont soon and try to pm me plz
With Love
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Posted: 2009-01-23T14:43:54Z
goood oneeee!!!!!
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Posted: 2009-01-23T17:06:26Z
Awesome work eagerly awaiting for more story....plz plz post soon
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Posted: 2009-01-23T18:49:33Z
awesomee intro! update soon cant wait to read how this story forms.
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