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Posted: 2009-01-03T10:21:22Z

Please Post all Articles related to Celebrity Big Brother in this thread Only. =)

Feel free to post articles from the offical BB website but credit must be given..

Thank you
I-F Dev Team
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Posted: 2009-01-03T10:29:34Z

I Should Cocoa

Day 2 - Sat 03 Jan 2009, 03:17 AM

Ben in the Diary Room

Terry gets silver service...

Terry Christian is making a very reluctant Head Of House. Picked because he chivalrously didn't grab a bed in last night's scrum, he was delivered into the lap of luxury and bestowed with a title he didn't really want. And now, the housemates are forced to wait on him hand and foot.

Exiting the Diary Room Ben grumpily carried a plate of biscuits and a mug of cocoa. "These are for the Head of House, " he said. "We have to bring him cookies and some cocoa."

"Oh wow," exclaimed Lucy. "Are you serious?" "Shut up," said Mutya.

"So we have to wait on him?" asked Michelle.

But Terry wasn't so appreciative of his midnight snack. "I don't like milky drinks." "Well I'm not taking it back," said Ben, shoving the offerings through the door of the Luxury Bedroom. "Do you want it?" asked Terry.

"No I don't," came back Ben.

Terry took one look at the biscuits and sheepishly refused those too. "You don't want that either?" asked Ben. "So I walked all the way across there..."

Terry smiled and shrugged. "Is it going to be like this every night?" he called to Ben, who was retreating back into the bedroom. "Can you ask for double whisky?"

Talk about pushing your luck.

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Posted: 2009-01-03T10:30:38Z

Friends Forever?

Day 2 - Sat 03 Jan 2009, 15:10 PM

Enjoying lunch
Sitting down for a bit of lunch

It's so chummy in the Celebrity Big Brother House...

Just one full day in the House and so far, no arguments. And none of the celebs quite know how to take it.

Already, throughout the day, in conversations with anyone who will listen, Tina has announced that none of the housemates had yet got on her nerves.

Then Ulrika, Coolio and Lucy played nicely together in the Kitchen, with Coolio cooking up a mean chilli, the ladies helping and cleaning up as they went. What good celebs they are.

And then everyone sat politely together round the table to eat it. But between mouthfuls, Tommy set to wondering. "Is this the calm before the storm do you think? We're all friendly with one another, we're all getting along."

There were a few silent nods ands smiles of agreement, but no-one ventured a response.

"When does the madness descend?" Oh not long Tommy, not long...

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Posted: 2009-01-03T10:31:10Z

Chicken Run

Day 2 - Sat 03 Jan 2009, 11:45 AM

Where's the chicken at?

Coolio is looking for a bird or two...

The first food delivery has arrived in the House, and as soon as Big Brother announced its arrival, Coolio was first into the storeroom. But he wasn't happy.

"Where is the chicken at? I don't see no chicken. I don't SEE no chicken." The rapper started looking around the delivery of lovely fresh fruit and vegetables. "Ooh, this looks nice," cooed Michelle, spotting the goodies. "What a lot of vegetables!" smiled Latoya.

"Where's the chicken? Where's the chicken gone?" asked Coolio, still searching. "What about the chicken?"

"So is chicken a luxury in here?" asked Lucy. Oooh, don't tell Coolio. Ooops. Too late.

"Where's the chicken AT? Where's the chicken, y'all?" And then he spotted something else that was conspicuous by its absense. "What, no peanut butter? No peanut butter? And no chicken?"

But at least Latoya was happy, smiling as she left the food store carrying two lettuces. "This is good. We can do a lot things with this." Not anything with chicken though, eh?

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