Raja Choudhury 'ransacks' Zulfi Syed's boutique

Posted: 15 years ago

Raja Choudhury 'ransacks' Zulfi Syed's boutique


Published on Sun, Dec 07, 2008 at 12:37 in Entertainment section

TROUBLE FOR REAL: A TV grab of the reality show Bigg Boss.

Mumbai: TV actor Raja Choudhury has landed in fresh trouble. Days after he was booked by police for allegedly molesting a woman and an eunuch, Raja allegedly ransacked Zulfi Syed's boutique in a drunken state.

A livid Zulfi has said he will file a case against Raja.

"He came to my boutique at Oshiwara on Saturday at around 3.45 p.m. I was not there. In my absence, he misbehaved with my staff, abused them and went away with some clothes," said Zulfi, who was with Raja in the second season of the reality show Bigg Boss.

Zulfi alleged Raja had visited his club at Sahara Star on Friday evening and misbehaved with women there.

"He visited my club and misbehaved with women there. He was later thrown out. Now it is enough. I will be filing a case against him today," he added.

SOURCE: http://ibnlive.in.com/news/raja-choudhury-ransacks-zulfi-syeds-boutique/79920-8.html
Posted: 15 years ago
bas ab ye hi baki reh gaya tha...😔
Posted: 15 years ago
wayyyyyyyyyy to go raja...........
go raja go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go until u get an unbailable arrest for a lifetime...
Posted: 15 years ago
Something's seriously wrong with him😕,One trouble after another since he's been out of the house?It's like as if he's totally totally lost it.He clearly needs help!
Posted: 15 years ago
Arre wah! Ek aur kissa ! Raja.. yeh aap ko kya hogaya? 😕  Lagta hai Raja is ensuring that he remains as the prime topic of discussion in IF !  😆
Posted: 15 years ago
raja on the rampage.
i blame the IF fans who called him and gave him so much bhaav that he's FLYING since and totally refusing to come back down to earth. as if calling was not enough, they even sent him sms and emails forcing him to come to IF and read the myriad of raja threads. even if he just read the raja appreciation thread, that would have been enough to keep him flying over a week. ab nateeja sab ke saamne hai😛
i thank my stars for my restraint in not calling him and adding to his agony!!
Posted: 15 years ago
on a more serious note, i saw the flash news on aajtak about this and thought 'what now?😕' sab uske peeche pad gaye. now don't jump on me yelling that he is pure as driven snow and everyone else is evil. something is seriously wrong with him losing his head like this so soon after gaining all that fame. isn't there anyone at all to help him out of his misery and ensure he checks into rehab or a counselling centre? wonder what kinda friends he keeps. obviously his poor parents have no influence on him.
today aajtak's 'saans and the city' had a half hour special on raja and shweta interspersed with sad songs and bits and pieces of their old and recent interviews. kya story banayi wah wah! shweta was talking about her new tv serial 'jaane kya' and raja's video was from the phamous ramp walk media sound byte episode. then they showed clips of shweta's new serial and insisted it was her autobiographical story. this after she has categorically stated it isn't!
in this serial she plays a devoted housewife to an ambitious businessman with a mistress. IRL, it was raja who was the apparently the devoted house husband! so if its autobiographical do they mean to say that ST's husband in the serial is playing ST's real life role, and ST is playing ex-hubby raja's role???😛😆
Posted: 15 years ago
It is kinda getting irritating now to see some or the other news about Raja every alternate day or should I say each day..😕 this man has gone totally bonkers.. seriously.. he needs to mend his way soon.. if not alreay late...
If this continues he may lose everything he has gain so far in BB..
aare Manali... aapne deewane ka kuch toh karooo... 😛😆 nahin toh log sach much main usse pathar se maarenge... 😉😆😆

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