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Posted: 14 years ago
Profile: Bigg Boss season two finalists

Mumbai: It's just a few hours to the grand finale of the most talked about reality show this season. After lots of controversies, bitter battles and catfights Bigg Boss Season 2 will decide who'll walk away with the rupees 1 crore cash prize this Saturday. But as the clock keeps ticking, here's a quick look at the three finalists battling out for the Big Bucks

Raja Chaudharay

He gives new meaning to the phrase "Any publicity is good publicity". While Raja Chaudhary might have tasted a bit of fame while dancing along side his now separated wife, television actress Shweta Tiwari - it was the infamous domestic abuse incident that took him to the front page of most tabloids. And the bad boy tag didn't help him much during his stay at Bigg Boss house.

Not many know that Raja has played many a villain in Bhojpuri films, including one with his then wife Shweta in Saiyyan Hamar Hindustani. But even this bad boy has friends hooting for him back home

"Raja is the most popular. I am not saying this because he is my friend, but he is the biggest entertainer amongst the three right now," says Raja's friend, Rajeev Singh.

Ashutosh Kaushik

His would truly be a 'rags to riches' story if declared the winner this Saturday. For Ashutosh Kaushik hails from the small town of Saharanpur, in Uttar Pradesh where his only source of income until six months back was a tiny dhaba. But life did a u-turn when Ashutosh won the 5th season of MTV's adventure reality show Roadies. Winning Bigg Bosswould definitely be the icing on the cake, thanks to the big moolah - that would make life a lot easier for this small towner.

"We pray that he wins the show and return victorious," says Ashu's grandmother, Rammurthy Devi Kaushik.

His shy demeanor has kept Zulfi Syed out of most controversies in Bigg Bosshouse, though facing 32 cameras might be a new experience, this model turned actor has featured in several forgettable movies including - Taj Mahal, Mr Hot and Mr Kool and more recently Deshdrohi. What has helped Zulfi stay in the race perhaps is also his traditional good looks and a steady female fan following. And this Bangalore boy has his family backing him all the way.

"Zulfi is the only person who is properly in the house without any contact with the outside world. He is completely incommunicable," says Zulfi's Brother-in Law, Sharyar Khan

May the best man win!

"I am really glad that 'Deshdrohi' is banned" - Zulfi Syed

November 22nd, 2008

The shy guy of the Bigg Boss house, Zulfi Syed is now out. The competition now runs between two people ' Raja Choudhary and Ashutosh.

Zulfi was out in the afternoon of 22nd November 2008.

We got into a candid chat with Zulfi Syed regarding his tenure in Bigg Boss, his new controversial film, Deshdrohi, and who according to him will win the Bigg Boss 1 crore cash prize.

The extra awaiting of the media and the press gave us only a few minutes to talk to Zulfi. Still that few minutes was good enough to entertain our viewers.

"I am out, finally. But I don't regret it that much, because I was able to sustain for quite long. Many came and went, many made a comeback and went back again, but I was firm at my place", says the persistent Zulfi.

Talking about a few good moments that he cherished and who according to him deserved to be the winner, Zulfi says, "I had a blast making diyas during Diwali time. That was the best task I ever enjoyed and will always remember that. I really don't want to talk anything about anyone, but yes Debojit was someone I wished who could win this show.

When asked why he wasn't attracted to any girl in the house like his other fellow mates did, the smart and ultra cunning Zulfi kept quiet and only smiled, leaving us with several questions unanswered.

That was the scene in which he preferred to keep his mouth shut, maybe to avoid unwanted media attention. But he didn't keep his mouth shut on one thing. "The day Rahul Mahajan was leaving the house, he told Ashutosh that he would make it a point and see that he (Ashutosh) wins this show", reveals Zulfi.

Zulfi says that he accepted to be on the show only because he wanted better roles in films. Talking about films then, we asked Zulfi about his latest controversial film, Deshdrohi.

"I am really glad that 'Deshdrohi' is banned. I could not gel with anyone there. It was really a pain working for 'Deshdrohi'.

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Posted: 14 years ago
Zulfi is out...so now its between raja and ashu...I want raja to win but I think ashu just might win specially having rahul's support..
here's something from biggboss.org-
Bigg Boss Winner : Bigg Boss 2 Winner : Raja Chaudhary

Zareef Ahmed November 22nd, 2008

Who will be the winner of Bigg Boss season 2. Only few hours from now it will be clear to whole world. If goes by the opinion poll on biggboss.org, Raja chaudhary is going to win this title.

Initially termed as one of the week contestant Raja emerge as one of the biggest contender of the show title.

Lets wait and watch, as always BiggBoss.org will bring you the latest news regarding the bigg boss winner this time too.

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Posted: 14 years ago
just posted this in another thread:

thanks sairu.. so finally some 'real' news!

its b/w ashu n raja now.. hmm ashu will win i know... Ouch

Posted: 14 years ago
 Zulfi is 2nd runner up...welldone zulfi....Clap
Posted: 14 years ago
[quote]The day Rahul Mahajan was leaving the house, he told Ashutosh that he would make it a point and see that he (Ashutosh) wins this show"[/quote]
Yuck!! I hope Ashu is happy winning this way. Dead Dead The needy win.........
Posted: 14 years ago
Waterlilly - he is 3rd, lol if its between ashu and raja.
Yeah i posted views in other thread, just collecting articles here.
But I wish these press people wouldnt ruin it and i know everyone is dying to know but real element of surprise is in watching the show. If you know who wins its a bit boring.
Posted: 14 years ago
Originally posted by MithiBani

[quote]The day Rahul Mahajan was leaving the house, he told Ashutosh that he would make it a point and see that he (Ashutosh) wins this show"[/quote]
Yuck!! I hope Ashu is happy winning this way. Dead Dead The needy win.........

jo rahul chahta hai...wahi hota hai..lol..whatz new in that WinkLOL

Posted: 14 years ago
@ anon...arre yaar...in 3rd place which means 2nd runner up
winner, first runner up(who will get the car) and then 2nd runner up who will get lots of luv in Zulfi's case from most of the girls...lol
I knw its suppose to be a surprise but kya kare...we are all of pins and needles...kyun zeeta kyun hara...
but I think I am ok now.....Ashu and Raja both are well desvering....

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