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Posted: 15 years ago
hi shumi di!!!!!
wats up????i am having my exams so wasn't here for the pat few days and today i saw u started a new ff....i am very happy...hope this 1 would be fantastic.....i'll write more comments from next week and i will start reading it next week becasue of my exams.....sooo gooooooooooooood luck.....
luv u
Posted: 15 years ago
hostel room:

evening 6pm.kasturi and teejay were getting ready to go out for shopping.

kasturi:'what do you want to buy now...??'while combing her hair she asked.

teejay:'cell phone...'she answered bluntly.

kasturi:'cell phone??...two months before only you purchased one...'

teejay:'aray yaar ..it is out dated now..i want to go for a new one...'she grinned at her.

kasturi:'tu bhee na...'she shook her head.

electronical shop:

teejay was looking in to the new model cell phones.the sales man who was showing the features of the model to them all of a sudden left them half way and went to invite an other customer.kasturi and teejay got irritated and turned towards the person who enter the shop just then.

salesman:'ayee yeah na saab...kya chahee yeah aap ko...'he gave a big welcome to  non other than robbie.

robbie removed his big brown goggles while entering and hold it in his left hand.he was wearing light blue jeans and chocolate brown plain short sleeve Tshirt with out collar.the Tshirt was bit tight for him ,which showed him more hot.

he too came to buy cell phone.so the sales man took him to cell phone section were kasturi and teejay were standing and staring at him.

robbie:'hi..teejay..thum yahaan?...'


robbie:'ho ga yaa thum log ka purchase...'he looked at kasturi indirectly.
she was in a simple dark pink cotton salwaar with light pink dupatta spread on her both the shoulders.except lipgloss no make up on her face.she back combed her hair and put a small black clip in the middle leaving all other hair flowing free.front short hair moving both the side of her ears made her face more cute.

teejay:'almost done...'she told the salesman to pack up the cell phone.

kasturi:'shall we move teejay..'she want to get away from that place at the earliest.

robbie:'why don't you have a drink with me...my club is near by..'he invited them looking at kasturi.she turned her face away from him.

teejay:'why not...?'she looked at kasturi.

kasturi:'muchay kaheen nahee jana hai...😡'she got angry with teejay and said in angry tone.


kasturi:'i said NO...i don't want to go to the place where there is no human respect...'she did not wait there for further talk .
her talk and act made robbie wild.first time in his life a girl rejected his offer.his body went up in flames.he want to smash some thing.he ground his teeth.

night around 9pm teejay came out of the club along with robbie.she was drunk.could not walk properly.she was not aware that kasturi was waiting out side the club for her...to take care of her.as soon as teejay came out kasturi rushed to her.

kasturi:'are you ok...?'she hold teejay's left arm to support her.

robbie surprised to see kasturi there.he was not drunk.

robbie:'ummm...good friendship...i am impressed...'he gave a weird smile.


robbie:'come i will drop you...'

kasturi:'thank you soooo... much sir😡....we had enough of you.now leave us...'she waved her hand and stopped an auto.
pushed teejay in to it.she too sat beside her...left the place leaving the angry young man behind.he kicked his foot against the wall and yelled out in pain...'ouch..'

next day teejay got up from her bed at 10am.by the time she fresh up kasturi made two minutes noodles for the breakfast.they sat on the bed with the hot noodles in a bowl and fork.


kasturi:'sorry kahanay ki kya zaroori hai thumai...😡'she was not angry with teejay but with robbie.

teejay lowered her gaze to hide her tears.kasturi kept the bowl on the bed,took teejay's left hand in her right.

kasturi:'teejay...tu shaadi karlay...'she said with concern.

teejay:'shaadi....aur mai...muchsay koon karay ga..?'

kasturi;'wahee...wo koon ...robbie say karlay...if you want i can talk to him...'

teejay:'robbie say?😲...'

teejay:'i am his hi..hello friend...he has lot of friends like me...'

kasturi:'hi hello friend kay saath tu sharaab peenay gayee...😡'

kasturi:'do you know?...yesterday he was not drunk ,but you were...😡'

teejay:'yaar he knows his limit...'

kasturi:'when a man is able to keep himself under limit why don't you?...😡'

teejay:.....she could not answer

kasturi:'you better try for a job.you can't live like this...'she advised her.

teejay:'i think i have to.when you talk about the job i remember...'

teejay:'dad has a small branch office in Dadri which is running in loss.you join that office.they may pay you very very less.never mind.you need work experience.it is going to be taken over by some one soon.till then you work there to gain experience.

teejay:'from here that office is hardly 5 km away....'

kasturi:'i will...'

soon she joined that office.it was a very small office with maximum of 15 staffs.the office was running on the first floor of three story building.no lift facility.
there was no portfolio for her.she was doing all kind of jobs.she slowly used with that work and work atmosphere.all her colleagues are very cooperative with her.

reena:'patha hai this office has been taken over by an another company..'

kasturi:'it was expected one isn't it?'

reena:'true...hope the good from the new company...'when they were talking there was a sudden silent.

kabhir entered along with the people who took over the company.

reena:'think of the devil..the devil appears...'she whispered.

kasturi:'ushhh....' she stopped her.
her eyes open wide.'i am dreaming?...reena is right..he is not less than devil to me...'the thought flashed in her mind when she looked at robbie.

'she is devika sabarwal ,her elder son mr.nikhil sabarwal and younger one robbie sabarwal...'kabhir introduced them.

reena:'sounds like a family parade...🤣'she chuckled

kasturi:'keep quite for a while...'

kabhir gave a quick introduction of his staff to them.

robbie looked at kasturi with a secret and mischievous smile across his face.

soon after they went to the MD room for further discussion.

evening 6.30pm:

kasturi and teejay were having tea with potato chips.

kasturi:'i have a hot news for you...'

teejay:'kya huwa...?'

kasturi:'the company taken over by non other than your hi hello friend..'

teejay:'what!!!!!😲..is it robbie???...'she was surprised.


teejay:' for sure it is a hot news.i think i should also join this office...😉'she winked

kasturi:'mazaak math kar...'

teejay:'i am serious...'

teejay:'what you are going to do now...'

kasturi:'i don't know...my fate is chasing me...what should i do now???'she asked her suggestions.

teejay:'don't take hasty decision and leave your job.till you get another job you better continue there....'

kasturi:'i think that is what i have to do...'

next day in the office:

around 4pm robbie was sitting in his room and studying the files.kasturi pushed his room door and said 'excuse me'.

robbie raised his head  and said 'come in..'

robbie:' i was expecting you from the morning...'he leaned back on his leather revolving chair.his left hand fingers were playing with pencil.

robbie:'give me that..it is your resignation...isn't it?'he smirked.

kasturi:'for your kind information i am not going to resign...'


kasturi:'i want to learn how to work with people like you...'

robbie:'ummm hoonn...i am impressed...'he blinked and said
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Originally posted by LAHORIKURI

hi shumi di!!!!!
wats up???? i am having my exams dear exams are always first study well so wasn't here for the pat few days and today i saw u started a new ff..take your own time..i am very happy...hope this 1 would be fantastic...hope so ..i'll write more comments from next week u r welcome and i will start reading it next week becasue of my exams.....sooo gooooooooooooood luck.....thank u
luv u.luv u too
Posted: 15 years ago
so finally ROKA are working together......looking forward to their time in the office.....😛......its interesting how robbie was expecting kasturi to resign but she totally stumped him........😉
Posted: 15 years ago
I just caught up with your FF. It's so cooool.
Plz update asap!
Posted: 15 years ago
da last 2 parts were absolutely awesome... it will be sooo interestin to see ROKA working together!!!!!! cn wait to read more...love ur ff!!!
Posted: 15 years ago
loved this part robbie is soooo cute i love how he's teasing kasturi hopefully they will start getting along soon Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update soon plzzzzzzzzz
Posted: 15 years ago
wowwwwwww robbie is really short tempered. thank god kasturi didnt leave that job. now they can meet daily. i hope that both will try to understand each other. update soon

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