Ragini aur Ranveer ka dastaan fanfic

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Posted: 2008-10-15T22:15:24Z

Hey guys im more of a listener but i thought i would try my hand on a fan fic dedicated to Both RR and well i hope you all enjoy it as people have enjoyed my fan fic in Kis desh mein hai mera dil soo please show me your love and support.....

So iam gonna start  it off where ragani  finds out that her Anmol is none other then Ranveer and she is forced to go on stage and dance, when she is dancing she lifts her chuni  and ranveer  sees her and starts leaving the taj Mahotsuv....
Ragini has finished her dance and she looks up to see that Ranveer has left she is shocked and is controlling her tears. Ragini runs off the stage and her mom looks upset and follows same with Sadhna...Kaushalya tries to calm a very shocked and hurt Ragini....Kaushalya" Ragini beta maath roo yeh aansoo kis kaam ka jub us Ranveer ko koyi fikir nahi tu tumhain kyun dokh ho raha hai"  A surprised Ragini looks at her mom but doesnt say anything and just starts to cry....Sadhna "jiji maath roo ranveer ji athay hogay jiji agaar app ka pyaar sachaa hai tu phir who zaroor ayengay" Kaushalya" BUS SADHNA BUS yeh jho tum jhooti tasaliy day rahi ho na mujhe maloom hai ka ranveer kitna Ragini ko chahthay ab chali jao" Sadhna leaves and is very hurt and the take Ragini Home.... the next day ragini wakes up and is all sad and doesnt smile she is lost in her thoughts of how she called a wrong number and how she never realized that her anmol could ever be Ranveer..... On the other hand the song jag soona soona lage is playing and Ranveer is walking with tears " Chhan Se Jo Tute Koi Sapna, (Jag Soona Soona Laage
 Koi Rahe Na Jab Apna, Jag Soona Soona Laage Jag Soona Soona Hai Toh Yeh Kyun Hota Hai Jab Yeh Dil Rota Hai, Roye Sisak Sisak Ke Hawaayein, Jag Soona Laage...wind is blowing and Ranveer is in total shock.. Ragini hi meri Anamika hain yeh nahi hosakthay nahiiii..... yeh kaisa mazaak hai yeh kaisa mazaak hai he points to the sky crying and the song is still playing Roothi Roothi Saari Raatein, Phike Phike Saare DinViraani Si Viraani Hai, Tanhaayi Si Tanhaayi HaiAur Ik Hum Pyaar Ke Bin Har Pal... sadhna is worried about how ranveer is taking it..... Ranveer goes to a bar and starts drinking and remembers all the times he spent with Ragini and all the phone conversations.... he is totally out of it he starts to see Ragini and goes up to this shadow thats in his mind "Ragani tum na yeh achcha nahi kiya mujhe andaaray main kyun rakaa kyun mujhe baatiya nahi ka tumhi Anamika ho Kyun mera saath yeh ghanda mazaak kiya KYUN" He throws the bottle at Ragini but sees that was just his imagenation and leaves.......
Thats all folks tell me how u liked it
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Posted: 2008-10-16T00:55:02Z
that was great....just try not to put the name of the character and then what they are saying........
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Posted: 2008-10-16T02:58:13Z

Different interpretation than the serial. Please do continue would love to know how ragvir end up meeting.

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Posted: 2008-10-16T03:11:12Z
Nice part waiting for next part!!


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