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aw! compliments are coming from ur side to all of us readers honey!
wow! if u will focus on veer-shera then it will be really exciting.. Day Dreaming 
waiting for it, but take ur time Embarrassed.
Luvs; Tongue
well U all deserve to be complimented yaar..U r all real sweetie pies...
Thanx yet again...Thanx for assuring to me that u'll wait..thank u sweety......
btw whats u'r name sweety..hope u don't mind me asking..
Love ya sweet pea.....t.cccccccccc
                      -Ur's Ever Madhu

PRT 5  **_A_**:


"Rajkumar.." She said the umpteenth time as she saw him literally off saddles nearly abt to fall…

" Sone do humein.."

" Offo na jane kaise namune se pala pada hai…" she thought… " Dekhiye apka ghoda.. she corrected herself as she recalled last nights incident b/w Toofan n Andhi which indicated tht his horse was a mare.. humara matlab hai Ghodi kitni der apko aise sambhalegi..app zara dhang se baith jaiye warna kaal raat ki tarah niche gir jaenge.." she said wiv a teasin note evident in her voice…

"Hmph na baat karne deti hai na sone deti hai..Jalim Hasina.."

As she saw him murmering to himself she knw she had been a lil too strict and here she too was getting bored…

" Hmm..Kuch kaha apne.."

" NAHI..Nahi toh.." Na jane har baar kahan se sun leti hai yeh..shayad hum kuch zyada zorr se bol rahe hai…

" Acha waise toh app pehle hi haar chuke ho..par phir bhi..abhi bhor hone wala hai..aur thodi der mein gaon ko jane wali dagar bhi nazar aney lagegi..Toh kyun na hum apko phir haraa de.."

" Hmm..Iss baar nahi harenge apse.."

" Humara Toofan bohot hi tezz daudta hai..harna toh apka nischit hai.."

" Andhi ko kuch kam matt samajhiyega app.."

" Toh thik hai..Shuru karein.."

" Hmm…" and b4 he cud finish the sentence he cud see her givin instructions to her black beauty..

" Andhi.." he bend onto his mare and stroked her bac.. "abb toh inhe haara kar dikha do.."


Both the horses stood side by side in position, nostrils aflare as they silently waited for their riders instructions or action for pulling into the running stance..The Stallion was particularly excited, which was shwn by his pushing bac the sand from under his hooves..whereas the mare sniggered and fidgeted all the while..

             They both luked at each oder for a lng moment, his brown eyes piercing thru her black ones..She challenged him thru the eyes and luked ahead all set to go…

As he lightly pulled the mare's rein, both the horses broke away, trotting for a while and then breaking in a run..both of em leaned mre and mre into their horses to avoid the fast winds tht pierced their eyes..Both were nearly at an equal distance..one moment it was Shera ahead n the oder moment the Prince took ova.. As he moved his face onto her sides, a silvery shiny fast flying object caught his eyes..and in a moments time Andhi was nearly touching Toofan as Veer pulled away the the stallions rider..



Suddenly, she felt herself going up in the air, feeling vry light ova the air, she loved the feel of the cold winds brushing past her rosy cheeks..and just as she was abt to strech her arms open, she was pulled back, and reality dawned on her..why was she up in the air n why was she being pulled down now.. As she felt the strong warm hands slowly trailing their way back, leaving her waist..she gasped, as his fingers curled away touching her bare waist .She turned around to look at him and question him for such a behaviour and for the reason..buh as she turned wiv her face full of anger, she felt sum of it go away as she saw his eyes close as her hair brushed past his face and a tenous smile appeared..

"RAJKUMAR…" she nearly shouted out..asked demanding now..for past two mins she had been seeing him lost sumwhere, and hadn't opened his eyes ever since..buh then she got annoyed as her hair kept flowing onto his face and here when she was struggling to keep her hair from cumin on his face, he was jus smiling.. " Urgghhh..Bigade Rais.."


" Huh..Kya??"

" Hum itni der se dekh rahe hai, apko kuch samjh nahi ataa..jaldi sun na toh chahiye..Urghhh" and she jus dismissed tht thought by waving her hands and said " Apne humein Kyun khicha..Kya zara bhi sharam haya nahi reh gayi hai apmein..na jane kya samjahte hai khud ko..Ainda agar humein haath bhi lagaya, toh haath tod kar alag kar denge..aur tab hum yeh nahi dekhenge ki app ek rajkumar hai, aur ek aryawrath hai...."

" Khud mein toh kuch lajj-sharam hai nahi..na jane hum bhi kyun inhe saath le aye..chod atey inhe khud ke haal par..zara sa muskura kya diya, thoda bol kya diya yeh toh sar hi chad gaye.."… She had half made up her mind to thrw him off then n there..


" Voh wahan se apki taraaf em kattar aa rahi thi.." n he pointed towards the source..he said luking at her, seeing her anger evident on her face..

She then luked ahead, to luk at where the dagger had landed..

" Ohh toh yeh yahan bhi humare piche aa agaye.." She murmured still angry ..

" Kaun.." He leaned 4wrd to have a clear look at the dagger..

"Bichoo Dakko.." she jus turned buh then she directly faced him, and as he kept luking at her expectantly she kept givin him information abt the famous group of Thieves, lukin straight in his eyes.. As she finished and saw him still luking at her, she suddenly felt too close to him..there she was sitting on the same horse as his, nearly sitting on his lap, wiv flesh a hair's breadth away..

He luked at her and knw she was feeling uncomfortable and thus gently moved back.. "Isliye humein apko aise uthana pada.."

" Hmm sirf bol dete toh bhi samajh aa jata aur agar lag bhi jati toh koi bohot bada kaam nahi ho jata...."

"Apke jaisi nazook.."

" Thik hai..Shukriya.." she said damn irritated..she thought of getting rid of him sn..she was tinkin of thrwin him away buh cudn't..as he did tht for her " Ya shayad jaan-bujhkar.." Whteva..she was goin to dump him in the nxt village..she was damn irritated by now..

" Arey doston ke beech kaisa sukhriya.."

Seeing him getting back to his normal self, the one which irritated her for now, she asked him to stop his mare..

"Joh bhi ho apki Ghodi ko rokiye.."

" Haan..Voh..Par kyun..??"

" Isliye Kyunki abb khatra taal chuka hai aur hum toofan ke saath bhi jaa sakte hai.."

" Haan..par voh phir se vaar kar sakte hai.."

" Baat toh sahi hai, par hum kayaron se aur peeth-piche vaar karne walo se nahi darte..joh samne aa kar vaar nahi kar sakte, humesha chup kar hi vaar karte hai unse kya darna..aur unse dar kar hoga bhi kya..apke saath baithe chale ya phir akele..Vaar toh dono hi baar ho sakta hai.."…

She jumped ova to the ground finishing saying wht she had to..she then mounted toofan n said.. " Par Rajkumar.." he luked at her wiv a don't say tis.. " Abb toh apki jaan ko bhi bohot zyada khatra hai..kyunki unhone apko humare saath dekh liya hai.." this thought struck her now..n she knw he was in danger..

" Haan..par koi baat nahi waise bhi yeh yatra toh apke saath hi karenge..chahe kuch bhi ho.."  "Apke liye toh kuch bhi.." he said tis softly..

" Nahi humein lagta hai gaon jate hi humein raste alag kar dene chahiye.."

" Nahi..hum apke saath hi yeh yatra puri karenge.."

" Dekhiye rajkumar apki jaan ko bohot khatra ho sakta hai.."

" Shayad apne suna nahi..humne kaha ki hum yeh yatra apke saath hi karna chahte hai toh hum apke saath hi yatra puri karenge.."

" Par hum nahi chahte ki app humare saath chale.." she let out a sigh..so she finally said it..she hoped it didn't sound rude..buh his presence was disturbing her and she was vaguely conscious of him being wiv her all the time..It was quite different from usual coz she had traveled wiv many male companions b4 buh his mere presence seemed challenging enuf..and she wanted sum space and time for herself and afterall he was just a stranger, so he musn't feel bad she concluded..

" Kya??" He luked at her straight in the eyes..

" Umm..voh.."

Seeing her getting uncomfortable he just asked her straight.. " Kya app sachi humare saath nahi jana chahti.." He didn't pay heed on masking the lil disappointment in his voice..He didn't knw why did he feel low and wanted her answer to be no..

" Voh humare kehne ka matlab yeh hai ki apki jaan ko khatra bhad sakta hai na..isliye.."

" Hum apna dhyan rakhne mein purn taya saksham hai, aur shayad sirf yahi voh vajah nahi..agar apko humara saath chalna acha nahi lagta toh hum apko pareshan nahi karenge.."

" Nahi voh..koi baat nahi Rajkumar..app zarur humare saath chal sakte hai.." She knw she had a perfect opportunity to say no to him, buh the way his face had hung down and the lil pout of his lips she knw she didn't need to be rude and afterall she too did get a companion.. she tried to convince herself of tht fact.. And As it is It wasn't her nature to hurt anyone, she didn't like to see sumone hurt coz of her, and she found herself comparing abhi and the prince as they were so much similar, cute, innocent, kiddish and had such a charm…

" Sachi.." he enquired..

" Jyada baar puchenge toh shayad badal jaye.." she gave him the haughty-naughty luk..   " waise bhi humein nahi lagta ki apke saath yatra karne se humein kuch milega..ya yeh yarta kuch khass hogi.." She rilli thought tht the whole trip might not be an adventurous and fun filled affair..she thought it might be plain boring and if he continued flirting, he might not be able to return in a Gd Shape…She was already feeling sorry for him..

" Acha.." He moved his mare closer to her stallion.. n said in a soft tone.. " Par humein toh yeh yatra abhi se hi itni khoobsurat lag rahi hai, hum toh bass yeh chahenge ki yeh yatra chalti rahe..aur haan hum apko ashwasan dilate hai ki app yeh yatra kabhi nahi bhul paengi…" n said in a even small, unhearable voice.. " Kyunki hum iss sey iss kadr hasin banaenge ki app isey bhulana hi nahi chahengi..aur chahe bhi toh bhula nahi paengi..aur yeh yatra apke jehen mein iss kadr bass jaegi..ki app humein kabhi bhula bhi nahi paengi.."


"Par voh dakoo..abb toh unhone apko humare saath dekh liya hai, isliye apki jaan ko aur bhi jyada khatra hai.."

" Hmm..apke saath dekh liya hai, iss sey kya khatra ho sakta hai..aur apko bhi kyun hai khatra.."

" Voh hum baad mein bataenge..abhi ke liye humein yeh sochna padega ki apka kya karein.."

" Huh..!!" he got confused..she was being way too secretive..

"Par phir bhi hum ek kaam kar sakte hai..hum apna bhes badal lete hai.."

" Haan..par uske liye pass hi ke gaon mein jana padega.."

" Toh thik hai..derr kiss baat ki…."


Okies..so here's a smaller update..which will be updated in prts dearies..

This is **_*Prt-A*_**

Plzzz do comment n yes I noticed sum new members..like sum new readers...Welcum dearies..em so sowie was nt able to interact wiv u like all the oder readers..buh yes..wud surely love to..My PM's on the way or u may get em by mrning..
Love ya all loads...t.cccccc
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Originally posted by cute_madhu

Originally posted by Girl_2007

aw! compliments are coming from ur side to all of us readers honey!
wow! if u will focus on veer-shera then it will be really exciting.. Day Dreaming 
waiting for it, but take ur time Embarrassed.
Luvs; Tongue
well U all deserve to be complimented yaar..U r all real sweetie pies...
Thanx yet again...Thanx for assuring to me that u'll wait..thank u sweety......
btw whats u'r name sweety..hope u don't mind me asking..
Love ya sweet pea.....t.cccccccccc
                      -Ur's Ever Madhu
aw thanks! Embarrassed
my names Archana, some ppl here call me Archu, others Archi, others Ashu, uhm.. watewa u want LOLTongue
shall i call u Madhu? Embarrassed
take care dear Big smile
luv ya
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Lovelyy madhu.. I love ur Veer Tongue Cant wait to read Ananyas character sketch !
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Originally posted by bhuvana3

Lovelyy madhu.. I love ur Veer Tongue Cant wait to read Ananyas character sketch !
yes same here bhuvi Embarrassed
i can imagine RT  sd our veer...Day Dreaming
now plz post anu's character asap Tongue kyun bhuvi WinkLOL
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Originally posted by Rash2cool

Originally posted by bhuvana3

Lovelyy madhu.. I love ur Veer Tongue Cant wait to read Ananyas character sketch !
yes same here bhuvi Embarrassed
i can imagine RT  sd our veer...Day Dreaming
now plz post anu's character asap Tongue kyun bhuvi WinkLOL
yeah Anu Embarrassed  we eagerly waiting for her Tongue 
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it's lovely will wait for shera...
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aw thanks! Embarrassed
my name?s Archana, some ppl here call me Archu, others Archi, others Ashu, uhm.. watewa u want LOLTongue
shall i call u Madhu? Embarrassed
take care dear Big smile
luv ya
U'r welcum sweety..I shall call u Ana di...or Archu di..I hope that's kkk wid u...n as for my name I don't mind u calling me nytin..Like madz, maddy n...whateva u like..Well madhu is g88888...
Love ya hunni-bunni.....t.cccccccccc
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Cont Prt 5 (Anjaane Tasveer)
They had been trotting for sum time now..well the time cud be estimated by the hot rays of the now blazing sun..or even wiv the hot air breeze..The road seemed completely deserted..and actually he quiet liked it..who wud want to face the blazing sun…well he wud hav faced tht too..only if his so beautiful companion broke the silent cocoon she had formed around her..He knw he was actually intruding her privacy coz he knw like him she too loved traveling alone..doin her childish antiques..buh he didn't knw why buh he felt tht he must go wiv her..and afta seeing her get rid of all her body guards..he was sure he had to accompany her..and then how she was in danger..had he not got her away from her horse..the dagger wud hav slashed thru her porcelain white skin. God..who was she..and why was she so secretive..he knw it wasn't tht she didn't enjoy his company..afta all the oder day when they were close she too felt it and cudn't control her feelings..buh then the fierceness in her..Damn..The way she didn't let him even touch her..He had seen how she got hold of the dagger and was ready to kill him when he had caught hold of her trying to save her from the dagger (bichoo Dakoo)..and all the mre how nave she was..Buh then the question remained who was she..seemingly a Princess.. " Ya ek Pari.."..he smiled.. Gosh all the while he cudn't help wondering abt her..n of course cudn't deny how beautiful she was…and then he kept givin her the names of beauty..he was so taken by her..


" App yahan pehle bhi aa chuki hai..?"


Shera who was in a daze and was scheming of how to throw tis man who made her loose control..and made her feel so feminish wiv those chocolaty brown eyes bored into hers.. and tht small smile on his slim lips and wiv tht one touch of his big, rough..so manly hands..the way he lost it when he saw her..Gosh..She didn't like the feelings his touch, his eyes, his intent arose within her..She was so ready to kill him wiv the dagger..she jus hoped tht he didn't notice it..buh she rilli had gotten so angry on him..How cud he jus touch her like tht..she found anger risin again…


" Ji Rajkumar.." she said toning down a bit..

" Hmm..apse kitni baar kaha hai Rajkumar nahi Veer..khair.. Kya app yahan baar baar atti jati rehti hai..?"

" Haan..par kyun..apko kaise pata?" she felt no harm in talking..well she too was a chatterbox and cudn't keep quiet..so she too did reply..

" Voh apko yahan ke saare raste pata hai aur sab apko jante hai isliye.."

" Hmm..humara toh yahan aye dinn ana jana laga rehta hai..aur waise bhi humne toofan ko yahan khoob daudaya hai..so Toofan ko bhi saare raste yaad hai.." she smiled patting the horse..

" Ohh..!! Par app yeh bataiye apne itni achi talwaar-bazi, nishaane-bazi aur ghud sawari sikhi kahan se.." it clicked in his mind the moment she said abt horse-riding..

" Shukriya Ra…" He gave her the don't say tht look..and so she didn't..buh she didn't say wht he wanted to hear too.. " Humein toh yeh sab humare Baba ne sikhaya..aur kuch cheeze toh hum khood hi sikh gaye..jaise ki ghud sawari..Darasaal toofan humare saath hi bada hua hai..so isliye..ek din hum yun hi toofan par baith gaye jiss tarah pitaji dusre ghodo par baith te the..aur uske baad humne aur toofan ne itni lamba safar tai kiya.. Uss waqt Baba itne pareshan hue the..lekin humein toh kuch yaad nahi tha..humein aur toofan ko toh samay tak ka bhi andaza nahi raha..Uss din pehli baar jab humne ghud sawari ki thi aur toofan bhi itna tezz bhag raha tha..par uss samay jo hawa ke thapede pad rahe the na muh pe..usmein humein itna mazza aya ki hum apni uss chot ko bhi bhul gaye jo humein toofan se neeche gir jane par lagi thi..Derr raat Ghar laute the hum log.." she giggled caressing the horse..

She luked in his direction and saw him smiling wide lukin at her..She asked.. " Par apne aisa kyun pucha??"

" Voh bass isliye Kyunki app itni sab cheezon mein parangat hai..log toh salon saal Gurukul mein rehkar bhi nahi sikh pate.."

" Haan..baat toh bilkul sahi hai..par apne toh kissi Gurukul se hi apni siksha prapt ki hai na..waise app bhi bohot achi talwaarbazi karte hai.."

" Hmm..humne gurukul se hi siksha li hai..Sandipani Gurukul..Aur nacheez ki tarrif karne ke liye shukriya..waise hum toh apke samne kuch nahi.."

" Hmm..Tarrif karne mein apse badkar koi nahi..' she smiled at him.. "Aisa kuch bhi nahi..Humein lagta hai app jaan bujhkar humse puri tarah mukabla nahi kar rahe the.." she said as a matter of factly..

" Pehle toh hum yahi soch rahe the ki apse puri tarah nahi ladenge..thoda dhyan se karenge..par phir baad mein humein bhi bohot mehnaat karni padi.."

She was surprised..Had it been sumone else they wud hav grabbed the opportunity to praise emselves or boast to satisfy their ego..Buh he was so straight..

She flashed him a genuine smile.. n said.. " App sachi ek aryawrath nahi lagte..humara matlab hai..ki apke vastra aur chehre aur tez ke alawa app kahin se kahin ek aryawrath nahi lagte.."

" Hmm..aur voh kyun.." he asked surprised..

" Kyunki app na toh bina matlab ka raub jhadte hai, Jhoot bhi nahi bolte.., bina matlab ki shaan nahi rakhte.. aur dusron ki madad bhi karte hai.."

" Aur app dusron mein galtiyan khojne ke bajai unki chand achaiyon ko itna bada banake bolti hai.." he smiled humbly..

" Aur itne pyaar se har kissi se baat karte hai..aur tarrif bhi.." she was now in awe as tis guy was so humble and down to earth..

"Arey app jitni pyaa..he corrected himself immediately..achi ladki agar kisike bhi samne chali jaye toh voh aur kar bhi kya sakta hai bhala..aur app hai hi Kabil-E-Tarrif..so sab ki tarah hum bhi apki tarrif kar rahe hai.."

" Ufff!! Bass bhi kijiye.." she tried to make the irritated or angry sound as she felt blood creeping to her cheeks wiv the pyaa he left out in the sentence.. he was givin her too many compliments to handle..

He smiled seein her diverting the topic..she was so cute..

" Aap kahan ki Rajkumari hai.."

" Ji.." she stopped to look at him..he seemed so certain..He didn't even bother to ask if she was a princess or not…

" Voh humne pucha ki app kahan ki Rajku…" he stopped as she heard her giggling..then she luked at him wiv a damn serious expression..

" Apko aisa kyun lagta hai ki hum ek Rajkumari hai.."

" Kyunki..kyunki app ek Rajkumari jaisi lagti hai..ek bohot hi sundar rajkumari.." he added softly..

" Haan hum ek Rajkumari hai.." she maintained the serious expression..

" Kahan ki.." he asked eagerly..so he had been right..well he had to be such beauty was rare..and on top of tht her mannerisms, way of walkin, takin, and all her skills of all kinds of weapons..she must surely be sum princess..

They continued for a few steps..silently..he was waitin..

She nearly halted..took in a deep breath and said.. " Hum..

He waited patiently for her to speak sumtin..his eyes lukin into hers..he was sure he saw a gleam in them..buh then he let it subside as he waited for her to speak..

"Hum.." he frowned a lil..

He frowned deeper as he heard the tranquil surroundings being filled by her merry laughter..he luked at her incrediously..as if she was sum mad person..the look of bewilderment on his face was such tht..she laughed harder..

After a few moments she held her stomach to stop herself from laughing..buh the luk on his face..God..Tht was jus incredible..As she saw his frown deepen..she fought hard and finally her laughter subsided replaced wiv her voice as she said..

" Hum.." n as she saw him lukin at her wiv don't u dare say tht again..and wht's so funny irritated look..she smiled and pulled toofans reign..moved forward 5-7 steps away from him..n then luked bac at him.. n said.. " Hum..Iss Jungle ki Rajkumari hai.." sayin so she streched her arms wide open…and smiled to him..

He too smiled..so the gleam he saw was the naughty gleam..God..Hmm..so she wasn't a princess afta all..or was she hidin it from him..

" Sach keh rahi ho.."

" Haan pakka sach.." he still didn't believe her..

" Kuch chupa toh nahi rahi ho.."

" Nahi baba.." she replied now in shock..

Seein tht luk on her face he said.. " Voh kya hai na kabhi kabhi Rajkumariyan jab kahin bahar jati hai..toh voh..kissi ko yeh jan ne nahi deti ki voh unn sab ke beech ek Rajkumari hai..isliye.."

" Nahi hum pakka koi Rajkumari nahi hai.."…

" Par..par phir..t..app kaun hai..aur iss ghane jungle mein.."

" Hum yahan ek Khazane ki Khoj mein aye hai.."

" Kaunsa Khazana…Kya wahi wala jiske liye hum jaa rahe hai.."

" Aap..Aap bhi..Hmm..Yahan toh sirf wahi ek khazana hai..so shayad.."

" Wahi Khazana jismein panch tatvoh ke pathar chahiye.."

" Haan wahi…"

" Hmm toh hum ek hi Khazane ki Khoj mein jaa rahe hai..yani ek hi manzil aur ek hi rasta.."

" Nahi..ek hi manzil par alag alag raste.." she said confidently..

" Kya matlab.." he questioned..

" Iska matlab ki humein alag alag raston se jana chahiye.."

" Bilkul Nahi.."

seeing her luk at him askin thru eyes..he sighed n said "Hum kamjoor hai, apni raksha karna nahi jante..yahan ke raste nahi jante..isliye.."

She was shocked first..like as he tuk it upon himself instead of repeating the same old things..and then she flashed the triumphant smile to him..again..

" Haan haan..Muskurao..Hason..jitna chahti ho utna haso.." He sighed seeing her smile..he wasn't letting her go…

A look at his face and she giggled..afta all he was the one who got involved..she hadn't asked him to..buh poor fellow he was so sweet..tryin to protect her..


After a few minutes of silence..she said..

" Rajku…"

" VEER.." he said irritated and gave tht luk to her..

She smiled.. " Aap iss khazane ki khoj ke liye kyun aye.."

" Kyun mera anna itna kharab laga..??"

" Nahi..Raj.." she bit her tongue.. " voh humara matlab yeh nahi tha..hum kehna chahte hai ki app ko iss tarah kissi khazane ki khoj par jane ki kya zarurat apko toh.."

" Hmm voh isliye Kyunki humein iss tarah Ghumna bohot pasand hai..iss tarah ke jokhim bhare kaam karna..aur Mahal mein rehta toh maa na jane kaun kaun si Rajkumariyon ki tasveeren dikhati rehti.." he murmered the last one..

" Phir maharani ne aney kaise diya.." she giggled seeing him lukin at her suspiciously as if she rilli were a cat..

" Voh bass unse wada kiya hai ki wapas jane ke baad voh joh kahengi voh karunga.."

" Hmm..toh matlab app jate hi jaldi se apne liye koi Rajkumari pasand kar lenge"

"Kya??" He had such a dumbfounded luk on his face.. " Matlab app aisa kaise keh sakti hai..voh bhi itne yakeen se.."

" Hum jante hai ki Nivriti Maa ne apko issiliye bheja hai..taki apni man mani karne ke baad app unke liye ek achi bahu le aye.."

" Zaruri nahi ki voh ek Rajkumari hi ho..Koi bhi..Chahe koi bhi..agar achi lagi toh us sey kya faraq padta hai ki voh kaun hai..Jab voh mill jaegi tab khud le jaunga ussey Maa ke pass..sirf tasveer dekhne se thodi na kuch hota hai..humein unke bare mein sab kuch pata bhi toh hona chahiye na… aur humein humesha se yahi laga hai..ki bahar ki duniya mein aur bhi zyada khoobsurat aur achi ladkiyan mill jaengi..aur humara yeh baat toh bilkul sach nikli.."

"Hmm!!" she jus nodded buh she was lukin else where..sumfin was distracting her..

" Puchogi nahi kaise??"

"Hmm!! Haan Kaise??" she returned her attention to him..not wanting to make him feel left out..

" Shramikon ki basti mein humane apni zindagi ki sabse khoobsurat ladki ko dekha tha.."

" Acha.."

and then when he didn't say nytin for sumtime she luked at him studying her..

"Kaun??" she guessed tht he wanted her to ask tis..and well she had always believed tht the Princesses were always all the mre beautiful..so why did he say sumone mre beautiful...?? she wondered

"Humne apko joh dekha tha wahaan pai.." he muttered slowly..

"Ji??" she thought she had heard sumfin..

" Hmm..sachi jan na hai..??" he questioned

"Haan Kyunki humne suna hai ki Rajkumariyan bohot hi sundar aur achi hoti hai..isliye..toh shramikon ki basti mein kahan se mill gayi apko sabse khoobsurat ladki.." She stated as a matter of Factly..

"Humara man na hai ki..khoobsurati andar se hoti hai..sirf dikhne mein khoobsurat hone se thodi na sab kuch hota hai.."

" Hmm toh matlab app kissi bhi ladki se vivah kar lenge joh mann ki achi ho..sab ka khayal rakti ho..aur matlab har tarah se mann se bohot khoobsurat ho.."


" Aur agar voh..dikhne mein khoobsurat nahi hui toh??"


" Toh bhi shaadi kar lenge..koi bilkul Krishna varn..ekdum moti..aur bilkul achi na dikhne wali ho..toh bhi.."

" Uhh..voh.." he was flagbustered..well if she had said not beautiful it wud hav been ok..buh the way she described it sounded real ugly..

She went 4wrd giggling..

" Humein pata tha ki app issi tarah.."she kept giggling..

Buh then all of a sudden sensing the quietness in her tone..he trotted towards her..

b4 nytin she said.. "Rajkumar..Apki jaan ko khatra hai..apko yahan se chale jana chahiye.."

"Huh!!".."Kya..Kyun??" " Hum apko chod kar kahin nahi jaa rahe hai.."

"App samajhne ki koshish kyun nahi kar rahe hai.." she said irritated..

"Dekh….." and B4 he cud say nytin..he saw her lukin behind..Her eyes widened to the full extent..then in a sudden swift motion she turned to him and motioned him to cum wiv her..he just nodded and pulled on his mare's rein..She lightly pulled the stallions rein..and Looo..in moments time they were gone..again...in a full speed they ran away from there...


Okies..yet anoder smaller update..will be updating the nxt one sn..jus one mre prt left and then we'd complete the Fifth prt as a whole..and yes dearies do temme..Like r u confused ova sumfin in the storyline..Do U tink tht there is sumfin missin..I feel so..Plzz jus temme..It'd help me improve..

This is **_*Prt-B*_**

Will be waitin..Will update RL sn..

Love ya loads darlings….t.ccccc




                             -Ur's Ever MadhuEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by bhuvana3

Lovelyy madhu.. I love ur Veer Tongue Cant wait to read Ananyas character sketch !
Thank u bhuvi di..awiiieee don't fall in love wid him yaar..sambhalna mushkil paad jayega iss bagede rais ko..hehe....well will post Shera's character sketch sn...
Love ya sweetzzzzz.....t.ccccccc
                     -Ur's Ever MadhuEmbarrassed
Prt 5 C:   Dashing past the swaying trees, he cudn't help but wonder, how did he get involved in all this..He was a Prince and cud hav easily defeated them all, buh then he had to fled as they wudn't cum out and attack front to front..They jus sumhow wanted to catch his beautiful companion abt whom he himself didn't knw..                        She silently, suddenly halted her stallion and signaled him to do so too, he again wondered how tis gal knw each and every place in tht vry forest…As soon as they had tied the horses to the trees and collected those green leaves from the fallen trees in a heap leaving the couple of horses wiv enuf fodder..she started moving away..down into the valley..   "Suno!!.." " Itni jaldi jaldi kahan jaa rahi ho.." " Dekho lagg jaegi.." she suddenly turned around so tht they stood facing each oder only a few centimeters away..poiting a finger at him, she lashed out, " Agar app humare saath nahi hote toh hum kab ka unn dakuon ko sabak sikha chuke hote.."   " Ohh haan haan..pata hai mujhe.." and he slowly brought his hand to catch the small finger tht she had pointed towards him, buh b4 he cud do so..she pulled away moving back tilting a lil.." Apko nahi pata ki inn dakuon ne kitni masumon aur bakasuron ki jaan li hai..Aas pass ke gaon mein kitni lut patt machai hai..ajj apki wajah se itna acha mauka haath se nikaal gaya.." She said grimacing..   " Arey toh humne kahan apke haath pakde the.." He folded his hands onto his chest.. " Apko toh yeh pata hi hai ki app ek 'RAJKUMAR' hai..so apki jaan ko jokhim mein dalne ki pyaari bhul hum kar hi nahi sakte the.." " Maana ki mein ek Rajkumar hoon..par shayad app bhul rahi hai ki apni khud ki raksha karna toh humein atta hi hai.." He too felt his temper rising now..why was she blaming him to tht..n why cudn't she say tht straight tht she didn't want him to be wiv her..buh he remained normal.. She jus rolled her eyes and walked ahead..   " Agli baar jab voh humein milenge toh..hum unka khatma kar denge.." " Ji..Par iss hum mein app shamil nahi hai.." " Kyun??" " Kyunki yahan se nikalte hi app ek alag zyada surakshit raste se chale jaenge.." " Mein kahin nahi jaunga.." " App jaenge.." " Nahi jaunga.." " App pakka jaenge.." " Nahi.." " haan.."  " nahi" " haan" " NAHI" " nahi" "HAAN"… she gav him tht gotcha luk.. He luked at her miserably, he didn't knw why he felt tht he just wanted to be wiv her..talkin to her was so easy..and gd and interesting..He cud go on wiv her praises for days..buh howsoeva much he tried to make her understand, she remained adamant abt him leaving the place asap..                             It was even when his last attempt went futile did he get rilli pissed off..as he saw her walking away giving her final statement..He stood there watching her go..His heart, chained by her curly locks was mre than eager to follow her, while his mind had anoder crappy story of self-respect and she doesn't want U to go wiv her and ruin her time..so it's betta if u go away…Jus don't tag wiv her wivout a reason..if she doesn't want u to…   ******************************* " Dekhiye Rajkumar humein pata hai ki iss tarah apse baat karna humare liye uchit nahi tha, par chunki apki jaan ko khatra hai, isliye hum uss samay ghbra gaye the…Agar humara jaan ki baat hoti toh koi faraq nahi padta lekin Aryanagar ke bhavi samrat..ya phir Rajkumar hi sahi..Humein apke jeevan ko jokhim mein dalne ka koi haq nahi hai..aur agar apko kuch ho jata toh..Hum jante hai ki app bohot hi ache yodha hai..par phir bhi..ek Rajkumar ke prati humara yahi farz hai ki hum unhe har jhokhim se bachaye.."   " App samajh rahe hai na Rajkumar.."   She paused hearing not a single wrd from behind..Jus the rustling of the green leaves tht were shining golden-yellow due to the colourful dusk sky.. " Raj.." she fell silent the moment she turned..He wasn't behind her..   " Ohhh!!" " Na jane kahan Gayab ho gaye.." she said to herself.. " Agar app humein darane ki koshish kar rahe hai toh yeh sab bekar hai..humein aisi cheezon se darr nahi lagta.." she stated as a matter of factly..she was not at all scared..like Heck..wht was there to be scared on..So she moved ahead..returning to the track from where she had begun..   ******************************* " Rajkumar…" " Rajkumar…Dekhiye bahar aa jaiye.." " Kahan hai app.." " Rajkumar…" she kept calling his name whilst looking for his jooti's print or for possible directions and clues..It had been an hour she had set in search of him..and he was nowhere near..She was jus a few miles away from the clearing..   ******************************* He was all set to take his the route bac to the village..buh had to wait as he had seen those dakoos still searching for them..A slightest hint and they wud cum down to him..no her..and tht's why he didn't jump in action and strangle them all alive..He wud hav to wait for anoder opportunity to do so.. then he heard the same voice..in a moments time the tranquil surroundings ( she's still down the valley) were filled by the respectful prefix she always used.. He had listened to his brainy brain and had cum bac here and rested for a while...trying to figure out his feelings, his thoughts, his actions, his journey so far..and mst of all abt her..and then wht now..wht wud he do now..   As he heard the voice calling out again n again..He had to rush..the dakoos were just nearby and if by chance they hear her..They might be in danger..and he made a mentle note of telling her to stop calling him by tht respectful suffix..not coz he loved the way she said his name buh coz if those dakoos came to knw he was a Prince they wud be in even mre danger then they were in now..and he didn't want her to risk her life on such a small tin as a respectful suffix for the to be Yuvraj…he scowled.. Buh then as he saw the rustling of leaves he knw leave now or neva..he knw tht one of the Dakoos had heard it too..as he saw him cumin around..He carefully, wivout making a noice slipped away from tree to tree..and then finally once out of earshot he broke into a sprint..As he ran the voice sounded louder and louder..He kept running towards the source..until ofcourse he bumped into it..   ******************************* She was abt to scream buh had anoder idea..It wud take time to becum steady afta the sudden bump and so she quickly took the dagger and along wiv the still blunt cover she poked the person in the ass..   " Ahh…ahhhhhhh…awwwww…." He bit his tongue and pursed his lips in order to not let out anoder howl..It had been five mins since she had actually..poked him..no a Rajkumar in statement at a place he was so vulnerable…and she said she cared.. ( as she had asked him to leave n all..as it was dangerous for him..)   She didn't knw wht to do..laugh or be embarrassed for wht she did..as she saw him still literally jumping up and down turning around holding his ass.. Finally she gav in to the urge to laugh… " Haan haan..hason hason..bohot hasi aa rahi hai na.." he said wiv pearls shining in his eyes..still facing away from her..tryin to get ova the fact tht she actually poked him there.. " YEH  kya tha????" She becam quiet all of a sudden and then vry embarrassed abt wht she had done..she said.." Voh humein laga ki app koi..aur.." " ISs tarah se.." He cud hardly control the amusement in his tone..Gosh she cud do tht wiv nyone.. " Voh..maaf kijiyega..voh..Uhh.." she shifted her weight uncomfortably.. " Zyada zorr se toh nahi lagi..uhh" " Tum..urghh…Apko is sey kya.." " Voh humne hi toh..humein sachi nahi pata tha ki app hai..Humein laga koi aur hai so..isliye.." " Itni zorr zorr se kyun chilla rahi thi.." He tried to get away from tht topic..man he was here in middle of the jungle wiv tis wild cat and her deadly daggers..He thanked god for givin her enuf sense of not taking out the dagger or else..he shuddered at the thought.. " Voh..hum apko hi dhundh rahe the.." " Kyun..app hi ne toh kaha tha ki chale jaiye.." " Voh..par..humne yeh kaha tha ki baad mein.." he cut her off again.. " Itni derr baad yaad aayi.." " Hum toh bole jaa rahe the aur humein laga app sun rahe hai..isliye..par phir jab koi awaj nahi ayi toh humne piche mud kar dekha aur phir app nahi mille toh.." " Unhone apki awaj sun li thi..so shayad voh yahan bhi jald hi pohonch jaenge.."  and so they both broke into a sprint..and ran away from there..   ******************************* " Yeh lijiye" " hmm..Kya hai yeh.." He luked at the odd thing she was offering him.. " Yeh kuch jade(roots) hai.." " Haan..yeh toh mijhe bhi pata hai.." he said a lil irritated..did she tink he knw notin.. " Apko bhook lag rahi hogi isliye.." " Nahi shukriya.." " Humara gussa khane par kyun nikaal rahe hai..Kha lijiye.." " Pehli baat mein kisi se bhi gussa nahi aur dusri baat mujhe yeh sab nahi khana..mujhe koi bhook nahi.." saying so he closed his eyes and leaned back on the tree trunk.. " Thik hai hum samajh gaye..Par yahan par iske alawa khane ke liye kuch nahi hai Rajkumar.." " Maine kaha na..mujhe kuch nahi khana..aur haan..mujhe yeh Rajkumar sambodhit karna chod dijiye.." " JI…par.." " Isliye Kyunki agar koi apko mujhe Rajkumar kehte hue sun lega toh meri jaan ko AUR bhi khatra bhad jaega.." sayin so he closed his eyes again.. " Ji..Raj..Uh..voh..App..app humse abb bhi naraaz hai.." she said gazing at him timidly.. She had noticed he was not the sweet n cool prince now..he appeared a lil angry and hurt and..she didn't knw..It was like she didn't like tis change..She knw it was coz of her..She shudn't hav been so rude and bossy..afta all who was she to tell him wht to do n wht not..He had been sweet n she had actually forgotten tht he was a prince himself who wasn't used to an attitude as hers and was equally able to save himself from any kind of harm..So she shudn't hav fused ova tht thing.. " Ji nahi.." came the shrt reply..he didn't knw wht happened to him..buh he jus didn't knw..why was he feeling restless..wht was he angry at..at her..or at himself.. " Toh phir yeh kha lijiye…" " Jab ek baar keh diya ki nahi khana..toh phir kyun puch rahi ho baar baar.." he snapped at her buh then lukin at her face he softened.. " Baad mein khana hoga toh kha lunga.." " th..thik hai.." she said in a small voice..even though they weren't so close as to mind whether the oder ate or not..It was in her nature and she had always learned tht U shud always offer u'r food to u'r companion..and also she wanted to satisfy herself tht he felt right at home and didn't remain hungry n all coz afta all he was in her territory..her domain..and so it was her responsibility to make him feel all in place.. She placed the big leaf on the ground and covered the small roots she had been picking up all the while she was down the valley and had thought he was right behind..   " T..app nahi kha rahi.." " Agar app nahi kha rahe toh hum kaise kha sakte hai.." " Kyun.." " Kyunki Attithi ki seva karna humara param dharm hai..aur app toh ek Rajkumar bhi hai..aur waise bhi apke pehle khaye bina hum kaise kha sakte hai.." " Acha.." he smiled..then picked up the a lil piece and was abt to eat it when she stopped him.. " Kya hua.." " Yeh thodi na khate hai..Yeh toh sirf bahari kavach hai..issey kha lete toh pura muh kharab ho jata..Apko iske undar se yeh guda (pulp) nikaal kar khana hai..iske undar hi toh sab kuch hai..yeh undar se thoda mitha hai..." she told him.. " Bohot mithi hai.." he said as an understatement.. " Ji.." " Voh app nahi kha rahi.." he immediately changed the topic..god if she heard tht.. " Humein nahi khana..isliye Kyunki abhi bhook nahi hai.." she added b4 he asked.. " Pakka.." " Haan.." " Toh phir hum bhi baad mein hi.." " Nahi...vishwaas kijiye..jab humein khana hoga hum kha lenge.." " Hmm.." then he luked at the root in his hand and started peeling of the upper hard cover..buh then his finger just dipped in the pulp and it fell out..he just cudn't eat it.. " Issey thoda pyaar se hi chilna padta hai..warna sab gir jata hai.." He tried to do so..he tried to peel it vry slowly and carefully.. " Itne pyaar se bhi nahi..warna puri zindagi nikaal jaegi aur app issey kabhi nahi nikaal paenge…laiye humein dijiye.." she asked him He handed ova the root to her and she slowly peeled away all the root and gav away the pulp to him.. As he ate it..he just wanted to savour the taste..It was sweet and also gd at taste..he was hungry and even though he didn't tell her she seemed to understand..so she peeled anoder of the roots.. Feeling his eyes on her she said.. " Aise khane ka mazza hi kuch aur hai.." " Hmm.." " Aur apke haath se khane mein toh aur bhi jyada mazza hai.." he said to himself.. " Yeh dakko hai bade chalu..Yeh abb tak humein dhund rahe hai.." " Haan..isliye toh hum chahte the ki ajj unhe marr hi dale..Kyunki yeh iss kadr khule mein kabhi nahi ate..humesha chip kar kissi masum se hi yeh sab karvate hai.." " Oh..!! Par acha hai humara unse amna-samna nahi hua..warna..Apko kuch ho jata toh.." " Humein kuch ho bhi jata toh kya faraq padta..kaam se kaam bai log toh inn zalimon se bach jate…" she dropped the root and shook her head "Toh phir Humara kya hota.." She gav him tht luk wiv those killer eyes.. " Humara matlab, phir hum iss jungle meinbhatak jate, aur.." " Swarthi Aryavrath.." she smirked..buh she felt glad to see him bac in the same form.. " Ek dinn apko bhi dikha denge..app bhi kissi karan toh swarthi hongi…" " Apne toh bohot hi agey ki soch rakhi hai..par aisa kuch nahi hoga.." " Abhi toh is baarein mein kuch nahi kehna chahiye..Yeh toh waqt hi bataega.." Busy in their lil chit-chat they didn't realize it until the foot-steps sounded too near..and then when they had actually heard them..It was too late.. *******************************   "Yahan toh nahi hai.." " Lagta hai chale gaye.." " Par itni jaldi kaise chale gaye..Abhi kuch waqt pehle toh awaz aa rahi thi.." " Dhang se dekho yahin kahin honge.."   He pulled her even closer..causing her balled fists which kept their chests from touching go flat..Her hands due to the sudden pull reached up till his shoulders..buh then she cud do notin oder than getting even mre close to him..He scrunched a lil mre so tht they wudn't be noticed..His hands pulled her closer making her lean into his broad lean chest…Feeling the Silkiness of her hair he moved his hand up her back and smoothly threaded it along her silky black locks..She jus stifled anoder gasp as he leaned closer into her..taking in the aroma of her hair..                                  She let him slip his hands in and out her hair as she got intoxicated by his manly smell..Even in such a tense situation she found herself relaxing slowly in his tight warm embrace..She didn't tink of the consequences and let her body becum free accommodating in the small space b/w them..                                   He cud feel her chest rising and falling wiv his…As he felt her let loose her body..his hands slowly almost automatically down towards her small bare waist... he intended to feel her curves..he restrained himself as he heard her taking in a sharp breath and wanting to move away.. The air B/w them vibrated wiv tension from being so close.. She suddenly felt too close to him..The moment he had hauled her vry close to him when those looters were searching for them..she had felt it was needed..buh now it wasn't jus tht..She found herself loosing it in his embrace..and she didn't knw why she felt tht if she didn't get away now she'd completely loose it.. She pulled herself away from him wanting him to loosen his hold on her.. When he still didn't loosen his grip, she luked up at him..                          Knwing tht his chocolaty eyes were steadily gazing at her..she turned her face to the oder side pretending to look wether the pursures had gone away…buh in reality she was jus giving herself time to calm down her drumming heartbeats, to make the colour of her flushed cheeks go normal..finding it the best way to avoid his burning gaze..   Letting go off her was so difficult..He wanted to keep her in his embrace 4eva..feeling her shallow breath, her gasps.. Loosening his grip he smiled… He didn't knw how much time had passed by buh he felt it was jus a moment..while she thought it was ages since she breathed in such air away from tht manly smell of his… *******************************   She kept leaning back until she was dangerously close to hitting the ground..Why was he cumin so close to her..She wanted to say sumfin..well anytin..so tht she escaped this situation..from him..buh she cudn't..she felt tongue-tied..She lowered her eyes in attempt to luk away from his mesmerizing gaze..buh it was not all..She felt his hands crawling to her waist.. " Veer" She whispered for no reason in particular..   Seeing him smiling..she got confused..Why the heck was he smiling..was he mocking at her.. Biting her lower lip she luked down..Gosh he had been so damn close..she was nearly abt to fall whn his hands..and then how he tuk the roots bac leaving her dumbfounded..Wht the..Gosh and here she was imagining all kinds of things..   He looked at her..she was still avoiding his gaze..she hadn't said a thing since they started to get bac..Seeing her making those cute weird faces he cudn't help buh smile..   " Chalo unn dakuon ke aney ka kuch toh fayda hua.." He thought aloud.. " Huh...vo..voh kaise.." she said still not luking at him..she was so embarrassed to face him..buh she didn't want tht to be cumin out in open..Buh he already knw..Gosh..she didn't knw wht to do..yet again when she was goin bac to cursing him for being such a..Gosh..she didn't knw..she was so confused..evrytime she was close to him..this happened..she cudn't think properly..she wud becum shy all of a sudden, she cudn't bring herself to speak even if tht made it clear tht she was embarassed by the events B4..She cudn't blame him..she cudn't blame herself..she jus cudn't blame anyone and yet the question remained just the sme..Wht happened to her..why all of a sudden..why were things so different wiv him..why was he so gd, sweet, charming..so handsum so manly..why him..and why was he doing tis to her..   " Voh aise ki apne..mujhe Rajkumar ki bajai Veer kaha.." as she luked at him shocked he gav her tht trihumphant luk.. " Voh..uhh..Maaf kijiyega..humne galti se.." she bit her lip..She wasn't supposed to say tht..afta all he was a Prince and calling him by his name wasn't right.. " Uski koi zarurat nahi hai.. Aryanagar ke Rajkumar hone ke nate hum apko yeh adesh dete hai ki ajj se..balki abhi se app humein Veer hi bulanegi.." he said wiv loads of authority.. " Apka hukm sar-ankhon par Rajkumar.." she teased him.. buh then he got serious all of a sudden..He still didn't knw who she was… " Yeh..Yeh sab kya hai..Yeh apke peeche kyun lage hai.." " Hum sab bataenge..par abhi nahi..jab waqt ayega tab hum apko sab bata denge.." " Par abhi kyun nahi.." " Jaise hi hum yahan se nikaal jaenge..waise hi hum apko bata denge.."

" Pakka.."

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