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Hey all?Well some of u might be knowing me..sum of u might not be?Well I'm Madhu for all of u?..I'm not new to FF writing..I already hav many FF's of my own..buh tis is my first chance for SHERA-VEER..from Dharam-Veer..actually I wud like to make u aware of the fact that tis FF is totally based on Shera-Veer which is purely fictious?that is my thoughts n creation. I truly love RT-MC (Rajat Tokas-Mughda Chapekar)?n well b4 tis serial Dharam-Veer they used to cum in PRC (Prithviraj Chauhan)? n their was lil scope of FF writing there as we all knew PRC-Sanyo will meet at the end?buh here as there is more or shud say much of a scope of FF writing I've thought abt writing a FF on SHERA-VEER?




So here I am presenting to u the story of two fateful, star-crossed lovers, who r on the quest of knowledge, seeking perfection, pursuing their dreams and striving hard to make them cum true.

        On their way in this perilous journey, will they be able to accomplish their tasks along wid fulfilling their dreams, or will they hav to sacrifice one of these.

Will they ever feel the sense of completeness, the spiritual bliss or will they live in anguish 4ever???

Who will becum abate? What will happen to whom???


Here there's no space for good, better or bad?

U only taste the BEST or the WORST and savour the taste of whatever is that?


In this conquest full of dangerous adventures, full of compassion n passion of one's belief.

Will the two fateful, star-crossed lovers meet or will they remain adrift 4ever???

Will their spiritual energies meld? Will they feel the flame of creation move thru them like the ocean on a hot summer's day or will they be so cursed in love that they never meet.


Full of unexpected twists n turns which lead them to the BEST or the Worst. What will be the end???


"Whatever happens one thing seems to be sure, their life wud never-ever be the same again?"



Sweeties I'm all new to Dharam-Veer forums n don't know any of u sweet Barbie puns..I'd love to make friends wid u darlings jus like I hav in Fan-fic forums n from around?


I respect all of u'r comments n compliments darlings?All criticism, appreciation n all u'r suggestions r welcum?


If I get a good response I'd update the character sketch sn?Do reply or click the 'THANK YOU' button?will be waitin?..


Love ya all?..t.cccccccc


                 -Ur's Ever Madhu




Here's the intro of VEER:


He's one of the greatest hero's of all the time.

He's the able-bodied, dashing, dynamic, charming, appealing, amusing, gracious, sensual, sophisticated, awe-inspiring, the perfect bachelor of all the times.

                            He may seem adamant, aggressive, cocky and the one who works on his own accord buh all of this instead of becumin his weaknesses are what make him the outstanding, ace awe-inspiring macho man.

                                He maybe the arrogant, rude and even haughty buh still deep down he's exuberant. He is quiet mature, a scholarly lad who loves doing onerous tasks. He is a big mouth, who doesn't just keep on blabbering buh helps him seek justice n speak against injustice being the bold, the courteous, the chivalrous. He's the eminent, esteemed, famed prince of Aryanagar, He's VEER.


Even though he's a prince, he never differentiates b/w the Shramiks/shudra's (the lower caste) and an Kshatriya (from the royal family). He is an anarchist, he respects all alike n fights against injustice. He's as courageous as a lion, as strong n dedicated as a bull and is highly passionate abt his beliefs. He has a dexterity in working wid swords. He is the master archer n an compassionate n dynamic speaker. His one voice can get millions of people out of their sleep. He has a air of command, he has the ruling authority like voice, which turns soft when it cums to talking to children, women or elders. He gets angered easily n at times is aggressive. Buh usually he remains calm n cool how distressful situation cum may..His bravery n valour r the talk of the town n he is a very famous prince. Buh still he doesn't like boasting abt himself n believes that 'Work Proves All.'

                                 He loves being praised ( n is used to it..thanx to the looks, qualities n skills) buh highly distastes flattery.

                                 Most of the gals n even women go drooling over him n he's loved by one n all alike..buh he's not into sum dream gal matters, coz he's not the one who wants sumone to enter his life n change him. Buh when told that he's a Prince n wud hav to marry one day n raise a family to continue the generation..n when probed n asked, he has a perfect gal in his mind who has to excel in evrytin she does n is as beautiful as Aphrodite..This poem describes VEER's Dream gal better?..


"Sweet stream that winds through yonder glade, 
Apt emblem of a virtuous maid 
Silent and chaste she steals along, 
Far from the world's gay busy throng: 
With gentle yet prevailing force, 
Intent upon her destined course; 
Graceful and useful all she does, 
Blessing and blest where'er she goes; 
Pure-bosom'd as that watery glass, 
And Heaven reflected in her face."



Now abt Shera:


  " Her eyes are the black-bees buzzing thru the white lotus,

  Her lips are the rose blooming/ cherry blossom,

  She bathes in moon-light & is a lush in beauty,

  She smells malmsey, her pace is as soft and smooth as a

  creep of ice over granite,

  The crust blooms flowers at her each step,

  To her do the morning glory opens, fanning their inky robes,

  Around her, flutter the butterflies from the dusky sky.


She the Luscious walks b/w 'the candle and the dark."

She is the heavenly angel of innocence. She has a radiant face, a face which glows due to her souls purity n innocence. She's the all bold, bizarre, at times babyish, babbling young gal. Well it'd be better to call this charming , chirpy, breezy, happy, nave beauty as a Dakoo Rani:~ SHERA.

                               She's a dazzling delicacy. A desirable, divine, ravishing beauty. She's as elegant n gawzuj as a princess. She is a Dakoo Rani, buh still she carries herself wid such a grace, even in her simple clothes she's  as glamorous as an empress. She is emotive n eloquent. Her voice is as mellifluous as the sound of the jingling bells in the nearby temple. She is very very captivating, charming n charmed (lucky). This flawless beauty has forever been a Dakoo Rani  n thus has a dexterity in working wid swords, is a master archer n is a real gd athlete. She's very courageous n risks her life n herself in her job. She's very compassionate for oder people n is highly passionate of her believes. Though she loves to lead a normal life, behaving like an exuberant kiddo, she has composed herself well n knows very well how to mask her feelings. 

                                                     She's a typical feminist, who believes that there is notin in this world a women can't do...n doesn't like those men or shud say distastes those men who think that women (gals) can't do onerous tasks n that sword-fighting, kickboxing or horse riding r not a gals (women) cup of tea?She puts thousands of male chauvinists to shame with her abilities, skills n dexterity in all these tins?

                                                      She's the Dakoo Rani, who's the BEST in whatever she does..She is an angry young woman, who gets agitated real sn. She is quiet ballistic n seeing her atrocity people fear to hav lost the innocent, nave gal in front of em jus moments b4..She fights against injustice n treats all alike..may it be a prince or a beggar?She never harms the innocent.. She is against cast-system..whereby people r discriminated according to their casts..like Brahmans (Priests) ? Kshatriyas ( Royal people..like Prince) ? Vaishyas (Merchants) ? Shudras (Shramiks)..she doesn't like the difference in the behaviour n respect given to the people lukin at their castes..she seriously hates men dominating n saying that women can't do nytin oder than decoratin emselves n being dominated by males..she seriously hates that..n more so she hates the way women take all the pain, suffering, injustice, insult n tolerate the vulgarity of those men who think women r a use n throw material..used to seek pleasure,,to toy wid..to hurt mentally, physcologically n even physically?she seriously hates those men who think women r a machine to give pleasure..hurt n produce off-springs?She hates the sati pratha and jauhar?(two social evil of those times..if u don't know what they r..do ask me..I'd love explaining to u..) n child-marriage?[ thus she has a deep respect n gratitude for Maa Nivriti ( Sister of the King ) as she wrks for the welfare of women n doesn't discriminate amongst castes..]

This jungalli billi ( the name given by sumone..*ahem ahem* )?is very bitter n sarcastic at times..

                                                       This riveting beauty is highly immature and nave..she has a chota sa bacha, captivated inside her, who wants to love n be loved..buh coz of her passions she wears the fake faade of being the cruel, aggressive Dakoo Rani (only for those rich, spoilt brats not for the shramiks?as she is kinda messiah for em?why will be disclosed later..)The child in her is in deep need of love..her mother had died as sn as she was born n though her father loved her soooo much, she misses n craves for her mothers love n lap..She faced all the difficulties a gal faces, widout any one to help her out..sooth her when she was heart-broken n to know her innermost thoughts n secrets.

Her baba loves her more than his life n she loves him just as much or shud say even more..buh there r times when u need u'r mother ..may be very less times..buh there r times when u cud only talk to u'r mother..when only she cud support u..as she has been thru what u r goin thru?.. n she had no one to talk to at those times?

                                                        She's very secretive n never let her baba know that she missed her mother rilli badly. She acts all bold n firm ( n she is!!!), buh the child inside her..dominated n covered by her fake faade, wants to be recognized n loved.

                                                         She's a highly sophisticated, scholarly gal, who's a very compulsive n passionate reader. She has g88888 passion for readin n learnin n thus loves books. She loves undertaking onerous tasks n is very quick at solving them?


This angel of ours has never dreamt of a Prince Charming, coz she thinks, she may never be able to fulfill tis fantasy. She knows that if she will have sumone in her life..she'd love him more than her own life..wid all her heart, body, mind n soul?buh what if he left her??? These kinds of questions appeared in her mind wheneva she thought abt sumthing like this..

              She LOVES herself n thinks that she's complete in herself?.. buh is she rilli what she thinks??? Is she rilli complete??? For Her it is YES n for DESTINY it is.......???




So now the character sketch of Shera n Veer both has been posted..I'd love to give u a prt sn..exams gonna end on 12th Nov...yipppeeeeee..then will give ya all more updates...


Hope u like the Character Sketch..will be waitin for u'r replies...plzzzzzzz pllllzzzzzzzzzzz post u'r compliments/comments..they mean a lot sweet peas....plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz n Do criticize....I wanna know where am I making mistakes...plzzzzzz comment or compliment..will be waitin..n if (only IF)..u r rilli busy u can Press the THANK YOU button......will be waitin...


P.S : I may be late in sending PM's..plzzz if by chance u read this don't kill me for not Pming..I'll be late......


Till then.....here is a thought to nurture your mind..:


A meeting between two beings
who complete one another,
who are made for
each other, borders already,
in my opinion, on a miracle..................



Love ya all....missin ya badly



                               -Ur's Ever MadhuEmbarrassed        


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Two Lives:



Rage of Angels: Instant Attraction



ANight to Remember - A (i)



 ANight to Remember - B (ii)


Anjaane Tasveer - Prt *A*_n_*B*



All I want: U'r Friendship
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Posted: 2008-10-11T10:43:26Z
seems interesting do continue madhu
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Posted: 2008-10-11T22:40:32Z
Originally posted by starpisces123

seems interesting do continue madhu
Thanx Nisha di (hope can call u that)..Thanx a lot sweety.WinkTongue.will cont asap...
Love ya hon....t.ccccc
                        -Ur's Ever MadhuEmbarrassed
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Posted: 2008-10-11T22:53:54Z
hey madhu...
first of all welcome to DV family....Hug
n yes ur ff sounds cool..
i mean i am also a RT -MC jodi fan...Day Dreaming
i would love to read some story...where i can imagine them...
wow n u seem to do d same..
so plzz plzz do continue with d story...dear....Big smile
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Posted: 2008-10-11T23:00:41Z
hey madhu
welcome to dv family

ur ff sounds interesting
do continue
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Posted: 2008-10-11T23:46:09Z
Originally posted by Rash2cool

hey madhu... Hey sweety
first of all welcome to DV family....Hugawwwwieeeee thank u soosooo muchhh
n yes ur ff sounds cool..Thanks sweetzzzz
i mean i am also a RT -MC jodi fan...Day Dreamingwoahh...I knew I'd meet sum RT-MC jodi fans..buh sooo sn..well as it's said everytin happens for the best......
i would love to read some story...where i can imagine them...
wow n u seem to do d same..yh..I will try my level best to help u imagine all what I've imagined
so plzz plzz do continue with d story...dear....Big smileThanx....now I know that I'll hav a g8888 time in DV forums..
Love ya sweetz....t.ccccccc
                 -Ur's Ever MadhuEmbarrassed
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