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heyyy guyzz...thnx sooo much 4 all ur supportive comments...whoa!! 2nd thread!! never thought i wud get such a response!!! luv u guyzzz!! n ya...herez part 24...hope u'll like it!!!

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                                                                          PART 24

Riddhima followed Armaan into the club and a quick glance around told her the party was in full swing. The place was packed to say the least. Even in the dim light, she could make out the variety of colours of the different outfits which everyone supported.  The music had apparantly changed to some slow beats on popular demand and the dance floor was filled with couples dancing arm in arm, lost in the music.
Armaan looked around..the place seemed pretty decent..in the dim lighting he could make out that practically all the residents of the hotel had gathered for the salsa night...there were so many people!!
'C'MON LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!' the dj shouted on the microphone, 'I WANT ALL OF YOU'LL ON THE DANCE FLOOR!!'

Armaan looked at Riddhima and then held out his hand ,'May I?' he asked gently.
'Armaaan!!' Riddhima protested 'I don't dance,'
'Oh c'mon!' Armaan scoffed, 'I saw all your kajrare moves on the dance floor at the b'day party!!'
Riddhima looked horrified...kajrare moves??!! omigod!! she panicked, had Armaan seen her?? the lighting had been dim and under eveyones encouragement and influence she had decided to dance-for a change..but she really hadn't thought anyone was looking at her..everyone was to themselves...everyone except Armaan, apparently...and hey!! I couldn't help it, she defended herself, it's one of my favourite numbers!!
'That was different,' she said, blushing crimson at the very thought that Armaan had seen all her 'jhatkas and matkas' on that song.
'And why is that?' Armaan grinned knowing how embarassed and uncomfortable he was making her feel.
'Because..I mean..that was because Rahul, Muskaan and the others forced me!!' she said, looking angrily at his grinning face, 'it's not funny!!'...why was he laughing?? she thought, getting all self conscious again..was he dance so funny??
'Well...OK..today I'm forcing you,' Armaan said firmly and caught hold of her hand.
'Armaan no!!' Riddhima tried freeing her hand from his grasp without making it too obvious to everyone around them but it was hard considering he was about TEN times stronger than her!!
'C'mon Riddhima...please..' Armaan said, making a puppy face as he looked at her.
Riddhima's heart melted as she saw his face...what was the big deal with one dance??!! the lighting was so dim that no one would even notice..actually even if the lighting was not dim, no one would have noticed!! everyone was too immersed in themselves to even care!!
'O-ok' she said, uncertainly.
'Cool,' Armaan said smiling deeply and looking at the deep dimples that set in, she couldn't help smiling too.
Armaan led her to a corner of the dance floor as he knew she probably wouldn't be comfortable dancing in the middle of the dance floor even though he was sure no one would even notice...but if it made her comfortable then that's what he would do...he was surprised at how suddenly every small thing that he did somehow seemed to revolve around Riddhima and her likes and dislikes...even if it was a small thing such as choosing where to dance on the dance floor!!
He gently placed his hands around her waist and she tentatively placed her hands on his shoulders.He gently started swaying along with her to the new song which the dj had started..it was one of his personal favourites and even though he didn't know it, one of Riddhima favourites too.

I still hear your voice,
When you sleep next to me.
I still feel your touch,
In my dreams.

Forgive me my weakness,
But I don't know why.
Without you it's hard to survive...

'Cuz every time we touch,
I get this feeling.
And every time we kiss,
I swear I could fly.

Can't you feel my heart beat fast,
I want this to last.
I need you by my side.

'Cuz every time we touch,
I feel the static.
And every time we kiss,
I reach for the sky.

Can't you feel my heart beat so,
I can't let you go.
I want you in my life.

Your arms are my castle,
Your heart is my sky.
They wpe away tears,
That I cry.

The good and the bad times,
We've been through them all.
You make me rise,
When I fall!

'Cuz every time we touch,
I get this feeling.
And every time we kiss,
I swear I could fly.

Can't you feel my heart beat fast,
I want this to last.
I need you by my side.

'Cuz every time we touch,
I feel the static.
And every time we kiss,
I reach for the sky.

Can't you feel my heart beat so,
I can't let you go.
I want you in my life.

'Cuz every time we touch,
I get this feeling.
And every time we kiss,
I swear I could fly.

Can't you feel my heart beat fast,
I want this to last.
I need you by my side.
Riddhima was floored by the wordings...it was as if it had been written for her and Armaan..even though so much had happened in their relationship, she couldn't deny the fact that deep down, she still loved him...even though her mind constantly kept nagging her to keep her distance from him and repeatedly told her that he was a fake, her heart truly felt that all the emotions she had felt when they had been together before Vivek had come into their lives, had not been one-sided...she truly wanted to give their relationship another chance..she really did...it was not as if all his efforts to please her and get her over the depression of the whole Vivek thing, had gone unnoticed...yes, she knew how hard he was trying to mend their broken relationship..and in the past few weeks all she had done was crib and make a fuss...she had NEVER EVER done that with anyone in her life...she had always been desperate to please all her so called 'loved ones'...she had been always tried to be at her best behaviour in front of them..tried to never give them a chance to compain or find fault with her..and yet...even after all the efforts she had put in, things had always been the same...she had never recieved the love she had so desperately craved since childhood...then what was so different about Armaan??  if it was her papa or even Anjali di, she knew she would have just supressed her emotions, her depression and acted as though nothing had happened...but it was different with Armaan...she had never had to pretend in front of him..she had always acted as she had felt..if she felt angry or upset, she had shown it and never even cared once about what he thought of her...if it was anyone else, he'd have probably got fed up with her and ditched her by now...then why wasn't Armaan doing that?? she had been herself with him because she had been convinced that eventually he would leave her...just like everyone else in her life always had...but today in the room, he had said that no matter what she did or how she behaved with him, he would never leave her!! did her really mean that?? did he really love her?? if not, then why was he putting up with all of this?? no sane guy would tolerate all the tantrums she had been throwing for the past couple of weeks...and yet, he had not only tolerated her behaviour but been as gentle as he could with her...he had truly been there for her...when she needed to cry, he had been there to lend his shoulder...when she had wanted to just vent her frustrations and shout at someone, he had been therer to bear the brunt...when she just needed him to hold her and take care of her, he had been there...somewhere deep down, she knew he loved her...just as she loved him...and his love was not an obligation..he didn't love her because he HAD to since she was his wife and all...he just loved her..plain and simple..without a reason...without expecting something in return..just like how she loved him..and that's why she had never pretended to be someone else in front of him..she could just be herself and it was OK...he had never tried to change her or she had never felt the need to change herself for him..THAT was what love was...to accept the person just as they were...Armaan had redefined the word 'love' for her..sure, he had made a mistake...he had hurt her...but hadn't he been hurt himself?? Vivek was supposedly his best friend...his actions must have hurt Armaan too...but he had never let it show...he had always just taken care of her...and forget Vivek..hadn't she hurt him too?? in the past couple of weeks, she lost count of the number of times she had said hurtful words to him...and yet, he had just taken it in..had given her the needed love and support to overcome the incident...they had both made mistakes...they had both hurt each other..maybe it was time to stop pretending to be 'just friends' when they both knew what they had was so much more than that...maybe it was time to forget the past and concentrate on her future with Armaan...
Riddhima felt her eyes moisten with all the emotions she was undergoing...she wanted to give him a chance...she wanted to trust him..but she was scared...she couldn't take another heart-break...that would just totally shatter her...
'Riddhima,' Armaan said, softly as he saw her eyes glistening with tears..
Riddhima looked into his eyes and felt the tears streaming down her own...
'Armaan,' she said, choking on her words, 'I'm sorry,'
'Sorry?' Armaan said, looking quizzically at her, 'about what?'
'About the way I have behaved over the past couple of weeks...I know I've given you a really hard time..I'm sorry...' Riddhima said, sobbing softly.
'Hey..come here...' Armaan whispered and he pulled her into his arms gently. She laid her head on his chest and sobbed softly...the feeling was overwhelming..she finally felt as though she had someone who she could call her own..
'Riddhima...c'mon...no sorry and all...it's all cool,' he whispered, stroking her hair gently..
'No  Armaan....I know I've really hurt you these past couple of weeks..really acted mean and insensitive...and you just put up with it all..' Riddhima was finding it hard to talk between her sobs.
'Hey..that's what love is all about,' he said gently, cupping her face in his hands, 'a little bit of compromise..a little bit of understanding..being there for each other without expectations...isn't that what love is?'
Riddhima just looked into his eyes, 'I don't know,' she said uncertainly.
'It is,' Armaan said, firmly, 'you are the one who taught me that...if you can put up with all my crazy behaviour initially the can't I put up with a bit of your tantrums??'
Riddhima smiled through her tears...'maybe' she whispered.
Armaan gently wiped her tears, 'I love you Riddhima' he said softly, 'I was a jackass not to realize it before..but I've realized it now..and I can't lose you...'
Riddhima hugged him...she was scared with all the affection and love she was being showered with by Armaan..no one had ever done that for her before...she was almost scared that this was all a dream and any minute now, her eyes would open and she would realize that Armaan and his love had just been a figment of her imagination.
'Armaan..you won't leave me na?' she asked hysterically.
Armaan was a little surprised...he was over the moon to finally get the much needed break through in his relationship with Riddhima...was overjoyed that finally after all the weeks of bitterness between them, they had come back together, stronger than before...and more confident about their feelings for each other..h had expected her to say 'i love you too' after his short but heartfelt confession..her response had surprised him..why did she think he would leave her?? did she still feel he would ditch her?? he didn't know why she felt this way...but seeing her vulnerably condition he knew that now was not the right time to probe her feelings..hopefully with time, he would come to know why she was soo insecure about herself and their relationship...why was she so quiet...why did she always hide her feelings and put on that fake mask to the world...he knew she loved him..she was just scared of admitting it for some  unknown reason..but that was cool...he would wait..after all, hadn't he waited all this time?? he could wait a lifetime for her..he wanted her to say the three magical words to him only when she was 100% sure about her feelings...he was now confident about his own feelings..no more running around and beating roung the bush..he loved her..that was a fact..and he was willing to wait for her to realize it too.
'Ofcourse I won't leave you,' he said, hugging her back..he didn't know why but he felt it was important for him to reassure her about this..for him to convince her of his love for her and the fact that he would never leave her..it was a gut feeling he had that it was extremely important for him to do this..
'LET'S ROCK AND ROLL!!' the dj yelled over the microphone, breaking the intense moment between them and playing an extremely fast number.
Riddhima broke away from his embrace and quickly wiped her tears...she had gotten a bit over-emotional after listening to that beautiful song...she didn't regret whatever had happened between them few moments ago but she still felt that atleast she needed a bit more time before she could totally commit herself to him...she needed little more time to trust him..believe in his love and his promises..
Armaan understood her confusion and her emotions..her getsures, tears and broken words had spoken volumes..even though she hadn't said much, he knew she loved him..that's all that he needed to know..if she needed more time, he was cool with it...he was willing to give her the space she required...
The dance floor was suddenly filled with people grooving to the fast beats of 'Pump it' by black-eyed peas.
'Can we just sit for sometime?' Riddhima asked Armaan..after the sudden emotional breakdown she needed to gather herself and sort out her emotions..
Armaan nodded gently and taking her hand, he led her away from the dance to a stuffed couch nearby. Nearly all the people were either at the bar or the dance floor and so the corner where they were seated was pretty deserted.
'You OK?' Armaan asked her, once they were seated.
Riddhima nodded to reassure him. She glanced at the bar..if she ever needed a drink, now was the time!! she was sooo confused and overwhelmed with all the crazy feelings inside her that she needed a strong hard drink to just free herself from over-analysing everything and just forget everything for the moment.
'I want a drink,' Riddhima said, looking at the bar.
'Riddhima,' Armaan said, gently, 'I don't think that's such a good idea,'...it was true, he'd asked her to drink before but that was just a phase..where he'd wanted her to loosen herself a bit..to have fun...he wasn't too sure about it this time..she was an emotional wreck at the moment and allowing her to drink in this state..he wasn't sure if it was right..
'I want a drink!!' Riddhima said more insistently, frowning slightly..look who was telling her to not have a drink!!
'Riddhima...I just don't think it's right for you to have one now..' Armaan explained, gently..he knew that the sudden breakdown and somewhat-close-to-a-confession was not going to change her overnight..she was still going to be moody and have her mood swings...he just had to handle her as gently as possible and try to reason out with her..
'Fine!' Riddhima snapped, getting irritated again, 'I'll get one myself,'...she herself didn't know why she was getting mad at him again..but it had been like that the past couple of weeks..one second she'd be happy and the next second, she'd want to murder someone...mostly Armaan!!
'Ok Ok...fine..you sit here...I'll get you a drink,' Armaan gave in...she was the queen of tantrums!! he wondered how long she would continue being this moody..it was hard sometimes...to be gently and understanding all the time was NOT easy...there were times when he wanted to pull out his hair in frustration..or rather pull out her hair!! it was all very well to read in books and movies about unconditional love...in movies and books it was nice to see the greatness of the hero and heroine wherein they would never get bugged or hurt or frustrated or any of the feelings which Armaan had been undergoing in the past couple of months...that was just a two hour movie in which they'd show two perfect people falling in love who did not feel things like anger, frustration etc.....but this was reality...and he was human...he loved her, no doubt but there were times when he too felt angry and frustrated...only thing was unlike her, he never expressed them...always convincing himself that this was just a phase and they would get over it..that things would get better..he just hoped it was soon enough...
He sighed and got up, making up his mind that he would get her a light drink...something like a breezer...if she was so hell-bent on drinking, the least he could do was see that she did not have something too strong..it just didn't feel right to let her drink in this vulnerable state of hers..he knew he was there to take care of her...but still...he would feel better if she just stuck to snapping and yelling at him...as if that wasn't enough, he now had to handle a drunk Riddhima!! he remembered the last time was drunk...invariably, a smile played on his lips as he remembered the crazy night they had...her innocence...her sweet behaviour...god!! he really loved her!!...it was times like these when he would think about past memories and all his anger at her would just vanish...he loved her soo much!!
'I want vodka!' Riddhima declared.
'WHAT?? NO!!' Armaan said, looking at her incredulously...vodka??!!! 'You're having a breezer and that's it!!' he said firmly...he knew he sounded like one of those over-protective husbands but he didn't care!!
'Fine!! I'll just get it myself,' Riddhima said, getting up.
'OK meri ma!!' Armaan said exasperatedly, holding her shoulders and making her sit down again, 'I'll get you're vodka!'
He walked towards the bar and placed her order...he didn't order any drinks for himself..he knew that in order to reach back to their room, atleast one of them had to be in their senses!! it didn't seem likely that she would be in her senses and so for a change he would have to be the responsible one and keep away from alcohol tonight. Taking her drink, he walked towards where she was seated....she was scanning the people on the dance floor, with a slight smile and she tapped her foot to the music.
'Here you go ma'am!' Armaan said, handing her the drink. Riddhima smiled as she took it..for just one night, she wanted to forget everything...for one night, she wanted freedom and peace...something she had not achieved since that whole incident with Vivek...
Before Armaan knew it, she had gulped down her drink and was demanding more. Man!! was she fast!! he thought...Initially, he refused to get her more drinks but everytime he said no, she would get up herself to get a drink..and so Armaan had no choice but to fulfill the wishes of his demanding wife. After around 5-6 shots of vodka, Armaan finally put his foot down.
'No more drinks for you Riddhima!' he said sternly...shit!! he almost felt like his dad when he said that...he could remember the numerous times, his dad had used that line on him.
Riddhima, on whom the drinks had already started showing thier effect, wasn't in a condition to argue with him.
'I want to dance!!' she said, happily....Armaan smiled slightly..he couldn't help it!! she looked so damn cute and innocent!! it was like he was falling in love with her all over again...
She tried to get up but couldn't steady herself...she was feeling pretty light headed after the drink..Armaan placed his hand around her waist to hold her steady because he was pretty sure if he wasn't there to support her, she would fall flat on her face after too steps.
He led her to the dance floor, taking care that she didn't trip or fall on the way..Man!! he thought, this was gonna be a loooong night!!
heyyy...i found this video on youtube of the song which i have mentioned in my part...I HAVE NOT MADE THIS VIDEO SO PLZZZ ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE MAKER OF THE VIDEO: ASMA06X..i think the person's done a fab job!!! plzzz watch it...itz awesome..herez the link:
heyy guyz...okk..that's it for now...will continue the party in the next part...thank you all for all ur love and supportive comments...hope u'll lik the part...!!
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hey, I am the 1st one. see i am soo fast just after a minute u posted it i started reading it LOLLOL ) congrats on new thread Clap
happy that ridz realized that it was not only she who was hurt but also armaan. ur FF is soo natural and that is the best part  of it. one more thing is AR speak through eyes in ur FF and that is my favorite.
queen of tantrums!! LOL- funny to see ridz doing it to armaan
" to be gently and understanding all the time was NOT easy...there were times when he wanted to pull out his hair in frustration..or rather pull out her hair!!LOL it was all very well to read in books and movies about unconditional love...in movies and books it was nice to see the greatness of the hero and heroine wherein they would never get bugged or hurt or frustrated or any of the feelings which Armaan had been undergoing in the past couple of months...that was just a two hour movie in which they'd show two perfect people falling in love who did not feel things like anger, frustration etc.....but this was reality...and he was human...he loved her, no doubt but there were times when he too felt angry and frustrated...only thing was unlike her, he never expressed them...always convincing himself that this was just a phase and they would get over it..that things would get better..he just hoped it was soon enough..." - this was the best. soo funny and looks soo natural. i hope armaan dosent get too bugged up
waiting to see what ridz does after drinking vodka. you never replied me though i always comment. i can understand, you might be getting many comments. but i hope u reply me this time.
 CONGRATS ON UR NEW THREAD      Clap                                  
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great part barkha...wow this woman is a handful, good for her loved ones she was supressed so far...haha....i mean wow...for someone who has been drunk jut once she had 5-6 vodka shots at that pace n dint pass out...incredible....woman of substance n poor armaan...god save him!!!
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Firstly a huge Congrats for the second thread.....honestly the way your taking this ff....you mite have to open many more.Big smile Great going!!

This part was fab...seriously a great update Barkha.....the flow of emotions was brilliant. The way she broke down...held on to him...saying sorry....the entire emotional turmoil was excellently displayed. He consoled her so beautifully...such a brilliant scene and u have penned it wonderfully I must say. Hats of to u girl!!Clap

Haha the drink thing was funny...i pity Armaan....lets see wat you have in store for the long night.....great part Barkha....will be waiting for more.Clap


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Posted: 2008-09-19T12:02:55Z

amazing part barkha di

loved it alot

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue sooon


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Posted: 2008-09-19T12:12:06Z

CONGO!!!Clap4 UR NEW THREAD.........Party

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congrats on the new thread....
ok what shud i ssay  as usual amazing prt n thnx u made it quite long this time
i wud like to say though in ur ff armidz talk less like they hardly converse wid each other bt th eway u write thier thoughts means each n every feeling of them u pen down so briefly n in a good way ............u write their immotions so well...............so congrtas fr that ..............
so finally armaan confessed n ridz also is ready to give him a chance .finally........poor armaan was having a hard time to convince her nnnnnnnnn she too was nt in that state of mind ...bt finally everythig seems to fall in place..........now what??????????ridz is drunk.............i am so excited to read the nxt prt yaar plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
lzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz jaldi update karna..............plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz internet quota is gonna expire on 21 or 22 so then dont know when i will get to read those prts yaar ....
bye tc n try to update early this time plzzzzzzzzzz...Hug

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hey barkha, i m soooo sorry i cudnt comment for a long timebut honestly speaking whenevr i log in i always look out for ur ff n 1 thing i hv noticed ur ff has maintained its quality...it nevr came to a point whr one wud feel bored..u have used the words beautifully to express the emotions of our beloved armaan n riddhima...the relation between them is so simple n romantic...i luv the way u have written,each line is kind of a force tht grips me to the story..how i wish i cud write like u..i cant think up words ..ur ff says it all,love every part of it n the party pert was awesome..!plz keep on uodating.regularly(i know thts tough)but i m one greedy reader here waiting for ur nxt part...tkcr..
loads of love
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