Reema Vohra smiles away for miles!

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Posted: 15 years ago
Reema Vohra smiles away for miles!

by Vidhya Krishnan

Sep 02, 2008, Bangalore  

Reema Vohra really does have a million dollar smile!! Reema Vohra aka Lajjo of Zee Tv Saath Saath gets a teeth job done.
Recently the actress spent a fortune getting her teeth made perfect so that she could play the coy bahu in Zee TV's show Saath Saath.

Reema is cast opposite Gagan Mallick in the show and plays the character of the demure Lajjo who is a beautiful village girl. The production house were not happy with the two protruding teeth that seemed to cause a bit of a disconnect with her character every time she smiled. And when the viewers started sending the channel letters asking for the fair Lajjo to get a teeth job done, the production house had no option but to suggest a treatment and also pay for it!!

We got in touch with the Reema to get her quotes on this and she said, "It is true that I got a teeth job done but the fact is that I am bearing the expenses for it and not the production house. I nearly spent a lakh for it. And it is also not true that the channel has been getting letters regarding the same".

She adds, "Though I went through a lot of pain, the results have been fabulous. I am using invisible braces unlike the regular ones; these braces cannot be seen since it is worn inside. It has been about three to four months that I started using them and I need to continue to use it for another four months. I was thinking of getting a teeth job done for quite sometime but since I was a lot busy with shows, I didn't get the time. And then I finally planned to take a treatment.

I feel the braces and it hurts my tongue and gums. Initially it was difficult to manage but now I am quite used to it. But the treatment has been really good. I forget about the pain when I think of the results. The saying 'No pain No gain' goes well in this context".

Needless to say, the results have been spectacular and the shy Punjabi kudi is smiling all the way up the charts as far as the show is concerned!!


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Posted: 15 years ago
I'm so happy that TV stars are getting their teeth done now!  I've had braces, and they suck but well worth the results...there quite a few tv actors that should get teeth work done, good job Reema!