How Ranbir-Deepika fell in love: In their own word

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Posted: 14 years ago
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How Ranbir, Deepika fell in love: In their own words

This fortnight, People captures the young romance of Ranbir Kapoor [Images] and Deepika Padukone [Images] in its pages. The couple speak candidly about their five-month old relationship that started on the sets of their first film together, Bachna Ae Haseeno [Images], in Syndey.

Here's an excerpt from People's exclusive cover story:

Your first date.

Deepika Padukone: This goes back to when we were shooting for our respective debut films [Om Shanti Om [Images] and Saawariya [Images]] and we had just heard about each other. We had common makeup artists -- Bharat and Dorris. Dorris is really fond of us, and she told me that he [Ranbir] is a really sweet guy and we should meet up. Dorris had once called him when she was with me. She said: "Why don't you guys talk?" That's when we first spoke and exchanged numbers. A few days later, almost around the same time [July 2007], he asked me out for lunch. He came and picked me up and we went to Celini at Grand Hyatt [Mumbai] for lunch.

Ranbir Kapoor: We just happened to spend the day together.

Deepika (laughs): It was meant to be only lunch; but lunch became coffee; coffee became cheesecake; and cheesecake became movie.

Ranbir: Mr Bean's Holiday is the movie we watched at PVR Cinemas in Juhu.

Deepika: That didn't end there. It became a long drive and then he dropped me home. We started seeing each other on February 23, [2008]. It has been a year since we have known each other.

What did you two wear on your first date?

Ranbir: I clearly remember she was wearing a white ganji and white linen pants. She had her hair tied up in a bun.

Deepika: I don't remember really. He was wearing layered clothes: a T-shirt and a half sleeve shirt on top of it. Oh, how can I forget the ugly shoes that he had worn? What are those shoes called?

Ranbir: Hmmm... Timberland.

Deepika: Now he has changed, he wears these really cool shoes. But at that point the couple of times we met he wore this pair of ugly shoes. I remember complaining about the shoes to him then.

Ranbir: I only wear them now when she is out of town. But they are a favourite pair of shoes.

Deepika: The boots don't suit him as his frame is so small and the boots are so huge.

Text, photographs: People magazine

'I pursued Deepika'

Who pursued whom?

Ranbir: Of course, I pursued her. I'm quite orthodox that way. I feel a man should always pursue a woman.

Deepika: Even if I was interested I wouldn't have [made the first move].

Ranbir: But she was a hard nut to crack. She is someone, who is not that transparent. She is quite poker faced that way and I didn't know what she was thinking.

Deepika: The pursuing started from Sydney.

Ranbir: It so happened that we spent the entire month of January together while shooting for Bachna Ae Haseeno [Images] in Sydney. Once we got back, we spent time together while working on the Pepsi commercial. Gradually, we started meeting a lot, hanging out, going for dinners and coffee.

Deepika: He did one thing (giggles). Can I say it? He came all the way to Karjat to pick me up. I was shooting a song with Akshay Kumar [Images] for Chandni Chowk to China then, and he was free for a couple of days. He drove all the way to Karjat to pick me up and we spent the evening together.

Was it love at first sight?

Ranbir: We were attracted at the very first sight and then gradually we fell in love.

Deepika: We hit it off really well and we liked spending time with each other. And then, love happened slowly. We were friends for six months before we started seeing each other.

Did your partners then know about the lunch date?

Ranbir: Yeah, I think so.

Deepika: Both our partners at that time knew that we were going out. It was quite platonic. It was just lunch and nothing more to it.

Do past relationships bother you?

Ranbir: We do discuss it. I have a past and even she has a past. So it doesn't really matter. I'm, to a certain extent, friends with my exes.

Deepika: Even I continue to be friends with some of mine.

What was your reaction on viewing Ranbir's debut performance?

Deepika: We had just met then and we weren't really in touch at that point in time. For me seeing the scale of the film, and him being a part of it was a proud moment. I did go and watch the film.

Ranbir (interrupts): She didn't go and watch the film. I forced her to watch.

Deepika: I shouldn't be saying this but by the time I went into the theatre and watched it, it was already out of the theatres. I didn't want to watch a SLB [Sanjay Leela Bhansali [Images]] film on a DVD player, but I didn't have any other option. It was in Sydney when we watched the film together as he had the DVD. After that I have watched the film three more times. So I have watched it four times. The point is that he is extremely talented.

Ranbir: Now she has an added reason to watch the movie.  

Did you enjoy working together in Bachna Ae Haseeno?

Ranbir: When I had started working on this film, we were not seeing each other. So I was just looking forward to working on another movie, and also her being in the film. Our first schedule together was in Australia [Images] and we used to shoot and hang out together. Eat at McDonalds and Starbucks. She used to always order two mocha frapuccinos everyday at the shoot. So that was quite sweet.

Deepika: Yeah, that's where you made me put on weight. He would order burger for himself and also get one for me.

Ranbir: It all started over a burger and coffee (laughs).


'I hate that Deepika is an actress'


Did your off-screen chemistry enhance your performance?

Ranbir: There's a very fine line between the real and reel. I think what you do in real life is separate. I don't think that just because you're a couple in real life it enhances your performance on screen.

Deepika: For me, personally, yes it helps. I'm far more comfortable working with him compared to my other co-stars.

Ranbir, who are your top five onscreen pairs?

Ranbir: Raj Kapoor and Nargis [Images]. Amitabh Bachchan [Images] and Rekha [Images]. My parents Rishi Kapoor [Images] and Neetu Singh. Shah Rukh [Images] and Kajol [Images]. And me and her.

Would you like to comment on Nargis and Raj Kapoor as a couple, both onscreen and off it? Also, what kind of a relationship do the Dutts and Kapoors share today?

Ranbir: Off screen, I wouldn't like to comment on it, as I don't know the facts. When they were on screen, they could burn down screens with their sheer passion. It was lovely to watch them, as there was no ego or negativity. They only oozed goodness, which was always accepted by the audience. Their love was simple -- only about feelings and emotions. I respect Sanjay [Dutt] sir a lot, and his two sisters -- Namrata and Priya -- tie rakhi to my father. So we are very much in touch.

And speaking of family, how did your parents react to your relationship?

Ranbir: They are extremely normal. If I have a girlfriend and she has a boyfriend, they respect that. We are starting out a career, and we are not thinking about the future too much. It's not that we haven't discussed marriage but that's at a later point in time. We are enjoying our time together and we are happy.

Deepika: Our families knew way before it appeared on newspapers and television. It is very important for our families to know what's happening in our respective lives.

Ranbir: We are actors and we get written about. So it is important for them to know what's happening before it gets written. Of course, they see their child happy and they are happy.

When did you meet them?

Ranbir: I have met her parents [Prakash and Ujwala Padukone] even before I had known her. They were in Mumbai and lunching at Royal China and even I happened to be there with my family.    

Deepika: I have met them [Rishi and Neetu Kapoor] a couple of times and then I have worked with uncle in Imtiaz's film. And while I was shooting with uncle in London [Images], aunty had accompanied him. And that's where I got to spend some time with them. I have gone out for dinner with them a couple of times in Mumbai.

When did you first kiss?

Ranbir (straight-faced): Not kissed yet.

Deepika (maintains a dignified silence before adding): We told you we never kissed.

Ranbir: I was meeting her after a month at the Bangkok airport. I just hugged her and gave her a peck. I didn't realise there were cameras around. The news channels made a big deal out of it, and it was kind of hard. We are private people and it's hard to see that moment repeatedly being flashed on screen. It was weird, wrong and unfair.

Tell us about the first gifts that you exchanged.

Deepika: He bought me a piano. I haven't started taking lessons yet, as I want to make sure that I have some free time and I also get a nice tutor. I'm really fond of music. During one of our conversations, I had generally mentioned that I would love to learn playing the piano and the guitar. The next thing I know is that a brand new piano is sitting there in my new house.

Ranbir: She bought me a MacBook Air. She buys me clothes and she got me an ultra-cool pair of golden shoes [from Bangkok], which she feels looks cool on me. But I'm a little shy to wear them when she is not around.  

Deepika: But you have really used them. Every time I was in a mall [in Bangkok] I would stop looking for myself and start looking for stuff for him at the men's section. The gold shoes are at least better than that ugly pair of Timberland shoes.

Do you make Deepika sing for you?

Ranbir: I really have to coax her to sing. But whenever we are in the car, she hums along with the track that's playing in the music system. She has got a very melodious voice and she should pursue it.

What games do you both play?

Deepika: I prefer badminton.

Ranbir: She kicked my a*** in badminton once. I had ventured out to play with her and she, being the great Prakash Padukone's [Images] daughter [had beaten me]. I was in my trainers and bandana, warming up to play.

Deepika: He was literally doing ankle rotations.

Ranbir: She beat me 11-0.

Deepika: Poor thing, he didn't have the stamina to pull through.

Ranbir: I was struggling and panting to play and she was doing her ballet and literally gliding in the air.

Deepika: No, I haven't ever challenged him at soccer. He doesn't play very often, but he is really good at it.

Finally, what are the things that you hate about each other?

Ranbir: That she is an actress.

Deepika: He tries to please everyone and can't say 'no'.

And love?

Deepika: I like the fact that he is not a complicated person. I like his simplicity. He is also very patient.

Ranbir: The best part is that there is no negativity in her. When I'm with her, I am surrounded by goodness. It makes me good in some way.

'Ranbir has had many girlfriends before this'

The matchmaker, make-up expert Dorris Godambe

Senior make-up artiste Dorris Godambe introduced the couple to each other on the phone and the rest is history. However, Dorris attributes it to destiny.

"I had no intentions of hooking them up," she explains. "But while I was working for Om Shanti Om [Images] and Saawariya [Images], I used to update them on my experiences on the film set. Also, I consider Ranbir as my son because he resembles my son Suraj, and I have this habit of talking about him to everyone I know. That's how I started telling Deepika about Ranbir."

Similarly, she started sharing her impressions of Deepika with Ranbir. Gradually, he got curious and then there came a time when they knew almost everything about each other. "Eventually, I made them talk to each other on the phone, and even before I realised it, they had started going out together," says Dorris, who is yet to accompany the couple on any of their dates.

Exuding motherly pride, she adds, "They keep asking me for lunch and dinner but I'm too pressed for time. They make a good pair and I hope they stay together forever. My blessings are always with them!"

The boy's mother, veteran actress Neetu Singh

Ranbir doesn't discuss his girlfriends with mommy Neetu Singh, but like all good mothers, Neetu sensed his relationship with Deepika. She says: "He never tells me. I always come to know about it. He has had many [girlfriends] before this."

Her first reaction when she bumped into Deepika at a suburban Chinese restaurant in Mumbai was: "Okay, she is his girlfriend."

They had just exchanged greetings then and even now the star mother and former actress never gets in the way of the young couple. She explains: "I don't interact with her much. I keep my distance with people. When the right time comes, I will." Saying so, her seal of approval definitely matters for 25-year-old Ranbir. She says: "He has not asked me yet."

Earlier, Ranbir used to consult his mother before picking gifts for his girlfriends, but no longer. "He is a big guy now," she says. She further recounts Ranbir's teenage days when he used to steal shirts and tops from Neetu's wardrobe and gift it to his girlfriends. "My new shirts used to go missing, and then one day, his girlfriend came home wearing one of my new shirts."

The girl's father, badminton champion Prakash Padukone [Images]

Deepika's father and former badminton champion Prakash Padukone is all praise for her daughter's boyfriend of five months, Ranbir Kapoor [Images]. "Having seen Ranbir in his first movie, I think he is very talented and has the potential to be one of the leading stars in future," he says.

Daddy Padukone is happy that his daughter keeps him in the loop about her professional and personal life. "Deepika keeps us informed about everything. We, as parents, advise her from time to time. We also realise that she is a mature and understanding girl and is aware of her own responsibilities."

Is Ranbir the right choice for her? "We are happy if Deepika is happy, whoever her eligible man is going to be," says her father. Does he see Deepika settling down with Ranbir in a long-term commitment? "Too early to say [anything]. It is up to them to decide. At present, their respective careers should be their focus." 


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Posted: 14 years ago
Wow what a nice interesting can see they are soo in love and both are really cute ..loved to read about there meeting and how much they care about each other. Timberlands are cool shoes whats she on about lol
Posted: 14 years ago
lol thats what i was thinking that timberland shoes are normally cool, it was interesting to fin out how they got to know each other, i think its really cute how they met because of their makeup artist because it sounds almost like the perfect love story where a guy and girl are introduced by mutual people in thier life and then they turn out to be made for each other.
Posted: 14 years ago
tat was nice n intresting interview thx 4 sharing
Posted: 14 years ago
nice interview... seems like ranbir fell hard for deepika
Posted: 14 years ago
Loll that was like soo cute.Haha she finds Timberlands ugly!
TImberlands were a rage ovah here.
Posted: 14 years ago

And yeah Ranbir ain't lyin,Deepika actually does have a melodious voice.I watched the making of Khuda Jaane and in between it she was sang a line "humko kya lena hai sabse,tumse hi sab baatein abse ban gaye ho tum meri dua" and it was very nice=]

Posted: 14 years ago

Awwwww cho chweet!!EmbarrassedLOL

They r so made 4 each other!!Day Dreaming
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