KAPPSTH 25th July Written Update

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Posted: 11 years ago
Ruksat ho chale woh hamse hamein panchvin tak ka path padha kar Cry
Na bhool payenge kabhi hum unhe unse itna gyan paakar
Zindagi mein agar kabhi bhool jayein kitna gyan hai hamare paas
Toh Shahrukh Khan ke jaise hum bhi khel lenge Panchvin Paas
Dur hone ki ghadi jab paas aa gayiCry
Yun hi baithe baithe hamein unki yaad aa gayi
soch rahe the kaise karenge unko hum yaad
Phir khayal aaya yaad toh kiya jaata hai kisiko bhulaane ke baad.Cry
Sorry I am being a bit poetic because it is time to say Good Bye. Yes it is the final week of Panchvin paas and yes the final penaltimate episode for the contestants. A sad moment for all of us because is week ke baad Panchvin Paas nahin hoga and aap sab ka toh pata nahin but I hate good byes and I will miss Srk and Panchvin Paas a lot.CryCryCry
As for todays show here it goes.
The kids enter in the dresses of the caste they are from and along with srk who is in a pathani dress a  kurta pajama and a half jacket he looks damn handsomeEmbarrassed, they dance to the song of Phir Bhi Dil hai Hindustani. Along with Shreiya, Dheirya, Milanjeet, Anubhav and Sreeparna today there are the other kids of Panchvin Paas Devansh, Makran, Danish and Taruni.Clap
The first contestant is 23 year old Tarun Chug from Hanumangadh junction Rajasthan who is a software engineer and used to stand first till 5th Class. He was also a sports champion.Tarun had also promised to lose weight before coming to Panchvin Paas and on asking by srk whether he did or not he said he has made one pack ab. Lets see how our very intelligent and champion Tarun Chug faltersConfused
The first classmate is Punjab da puttar Milanjeet
Q) Class 2 Animal Kingdom
The picture of a lizard is shown and the question is " Identify this animal the world'd largest lizard.
Ans Komodo Dragon
A 10 ft long lizard very fearful which according to Tarun he has seen in his college campus and is known as GO though it is not at all found in India.LOL He wasent sure of the answer and used Taak Jhank Milanjeet gave the answer and Tarun went with it.
Q) Class 2 English
Which two words complete the sentence often used to teach English typing  " The quick brown fox jumps over the ................................."
Ans Lazy Dog
He doesnt know the answer and uses the cheat copy. Milanjeet gives the right answer and in turn makes Tarun do 7 push ups. Serves him rightConfused
Milanjeet departs and in comes Sreeparna
Q) Class 4 Astronomy
True or False A black hole does not emit light.
Ans True
Q) Class 4 Health an Human bodies for 100000 rupees
Which Pigment is chiefly responsible for the color of our skin
Ans Melanin
He doesnt know the answer and gives an abstract answer and Sreeparna saves him by giving the right answerConfused
He does break in girlish style which looks very funnyLOL
Q) Class 1 Measurement for 200000 rupees
True or False  If 25th February 2004 is a Wednesday the 4th March 2004 will also be Wednesday.
Ans False
Our intelligent Tarun doesnt know whether 2004 or 2008 were a leap year or not and he gives the answer as true. He later asks SRK to change the question and give a question whose answer is true. How funny He earns no money and after admitting that he is not tez than a Panchvin Paas he goes away.Ouch
The next contestant is Rinki Sarna from Jhansi who is a bathroom singer but is ready to dance , sing do anything if shahrukh does it with him.
The first classmate is Milanjeet
Q) Class 3 Indian Geography for 10000 rupees
Which of the three Indian states extends the farthest East
a) Tripura B) Mizoram C) Manipur
Ans Manipur
Rinki is confused and uses his cheat Taak jhank and after seeing Milanjeet's answer gives his answer as ManipurSmile
Q) Class 2 Computers for 20000 rupees
Which of the following is apt for a modem
a) Communication b) Power supply c) Printer
Ans Communication
Milanjeet departs and in comes the cutie pie whom i m gonna miss loads Dheirya. He makes a side deal with Rinki that if he helps Rinki, Rinki will have to do uthak baithakLOL
Q) Class 4 General Knowledge for 50000 rupees
What discovery is celebrated as national science day on 28th Feb
Ans Raman effect
Rinki dint know the answer ans uses his cheat copy. Dheirya gives the right answer and as promised Rinki does uthak baithak  for Dheirya.LOL
Q) Class 3 Indian History for 100000 rupees
Which Mughal emperor ordered the construction of Buland Darwza
Ans Akbar
Dheirya departs and in comes the bengali girl Sreeparna
Q) Class 2 Monuments and Places for 200000 rupees
What gift from France to US now stands in New York Harvard
Ans Statue of Liberty
Rinki says that his wife is a big fan of Srk and that DDLJ is his favourite film. So it is for all of us and we too are big fans of SRKEmbarrassed
Q) Class 2 Hindi for 500000 rupees
" Fenugrik" ke Paudhe ko hindi mein kya kehte hain
Ans Methi
Rinki gives the wrong answer as Dhaniya and Sreeparna saves him by giving the right answer.
Rinki and Srk dance on the song Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna as srk is wearing a same kind of dress and Rinki gives Srk three times in the show. Kaash Rinki ki jagah main hoti.EmbarrassedCry
Q) According to the rhyme Ba Ba Black Sheep what does the sheep offer to the master and the dame
Ans 3 bags full of wool
Rinki sings the rhyme and gives the correct answer.
The chutti bell rings and for the first time in Panchvin Paas since it was a penaltimate episode were there will be no rollover contestant a contestant goes home without saying that he is not tez than a Panchvin Paas. He is the first person to be saved from saying this.Big smile
The show ends here but with a promise to meet Shahrukh's good friend Priyanka Chopra and harman Baveja coming tomorrow who are shown to be ultimate confused in giving the answers and Shahrukh saying Kalvida.Cry
The MOMENT OF THE DAY is shown as Rinki and Shahrukh dancing on Mehndi Laga ke rakhna.Clap
All in all a good show with loads of masti gaana bajana nachna and all. Since it is the last contestant episode i wont give it nothing less than 10/10 only for Shahrukh and his masti.ClapClap
Thats all for today and heres me Anu saying tata, bbye, good night, saiyonara, shabba khair, chao and Phir milenge.Smile
See you all tomorrow for the second last episodeCry.
Love you loadsHug
Aapki dost
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Posted: 11 years ago
Thankss!!!! I am going to miss KAPPSTH so much!!!  Cry
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Posted: 11 years ago
I am going to miss the show a lot. (not shah rukh so much) sorry not a big fan of his
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