This time it's forever

This time it's forever Ongoing

Chapter 9~ The Contract Matured

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2111_shweta 3 months ago Seriously? How rich is Taani?😳 That house is GORGEOUS!😍 Okay W-H-A-T?????? This was the least expected contract!!🤯 Why did she force it down on them? I mean I get why, but come on she could have made them sign voluntarily. I like this boss lady avatar of Taani!! It's very intriguing!😎 I also like this Shruti. She is keeping Taani rooted and most importantly sane with all the things going around her. Also what is the deal with shrinks and meds and one night stands? I mean what terrible happened with Vishesh that led to all this anguish? This can't be just Rey's doings! Rey killed it with his monologue! He's back!🤩 Funnily as soon as dance got back to him! See meine kaha tha, he can and should never give up dance! The moment he started coming back to himself he got his mojo back!😂 Those looks he passed at her and that little tease.👌🏽👌🏽 I'm fascinated to know what happens with them. Looking at Taani's recent past, she might soon need someone to warm her bed and I'm hoping that person would in turn warm her heart. It's a little cold in there.
princess_ishu 3 months ago I am gonna update in 2-3 days max but, am not getting much comments so make sure you all do comment if you want the next (which is ready) to be posted ASAP. ❤️Ishani
Maduri_99 3 months ago When r u updating? 😥 Waiting... waiting
Maduri_99 3 months ago Please continue! Eagerly waiting for your update
TaaReyNjal 3 months ago Awesome chapter.... Taani is so attached to SwaRon I love her gift.... Rey threatened Kriya he is still in love with her... Finally D3 is going to be back.... Taani's businesswomen and fierce attitude is really awesome... Shruti is really nice friend of Taani.... TaaRey sharing same room it's interesting.... Keep updating
sreeja_rox 3 months ago Whoa... What an amazing chapter and so many things happening. I am seriously in love with this string Taani. Always a treat to watch her. She adores Swaron so very much . And she made it a point to get the gang together by making them sign the contract and she knows exactly how to answer back to Kriya. Rey defending Taani was love. And the Rey Taani convo was awesome.Rey is falling for her again which is so bery clearly visible.Waiting for the next update eagerly
foreverlazy 3 months ago This is literally my favourite chapter so far! I love badass boss lady Taani with all my heart, and I don't know about everyone else, but I've always thought that Taani had that businesswoman spirit inside of her based on what we saw on the show. Anyway, this chapter made me so happy, you don't even know. I'm excited to see what's going on with Taani!
1103anju 3 months ago Awesome update Taani made them sign the contract without them getting knowing smart 👌👌 Then that kriya idiot continued her stupidity but loved the way rey shouted on for talking shit about taani precisely about his taani😍 😍 and last one the way he was checking out taani🔥🔥 Will be waiting for next update and to know what happened with taani
chinudolly-Pms 3 months ago Loved the chapter.. Taani and Rey seem pretty real and natural here. I really like how you are portraying everything! 👍 Update ASAP!
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