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Published On: 2021-11-25T23:12:37Z

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tournesol 1 months ago I love how you have written this track. 😍 It's heartbreaking without a doubt, but I hated to watch Khushi showing indifference and creating more misunderstanding. Waiting for the next part!
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MafiaQueen 1 months ago I was surfing mindlessly and stumbled across this. The title is certainly captivating. I'm new to IPKKND. I succumbed and bought the subscription to watch it on hotstar and loving it.

I loved this and can't wait for the second part. I'm still trying to catch up with their myriad of feelings running through this part. There's so much emotions and heartbreak that each of them are going through. I feel for all of them, especially Khushi. It seems she has her choices taken away and no one considers asking her anything before making such decisions that impacts her life. And the impact on her life has been negative so far. Her tears are heartbreaking. I would want her to take control of her life and make a choice for herself. Not considering others but her happiness. It is the least she deserves for the pain she has gone through.

In the show I hate Shyam and I hated him here as well even though he wasn't physically present lol. Even Payal's mother in law sent a string of curses whirling around mentally, hello, hi bye bye haha. The mention of her brings the scenes of her dramatics and always accusing the two sisters.

I feel for each of the characters here, but I don't know who I sympathise with more. Arnav only believed what he saw and actioned in the way he only knew how. Which meant forcing Khushi to marry him. I wished Arnav had confronted them and beat Shyam up. So I undersand from his point of view and his reasonings, but it doesn't justify his actions. He hadn't just hurt Khushi, he had hurt both families and continued to taunt Khushi throughout bringing her to the edge and wanting to kill herself.

I'm assuming more heartbreak is coming with Anjali learning the truth. Gosh, I don't even know how she would come to terms with such a truth. She won't only be hurt by Shyam. She would be hurt by Arnav's actions which 'ruined' Khushi's life. Looking forward to the second part! Continue soon.
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oye_nakhrewaali 1 months ago It's so good... Love it🥰
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