Moving on

Moving on Completed

Published On: 2021-02-04T11:58:14Z

eye 3337 star 7 book 14

Armaan,Ridhima both lost their love in the battle of life. But when they were given another chance To live life they ignored the present and choose the past. Shilpa, sid Who were left with broken hearts choose To move on and choose their present and future rather than wallowing on the past. Armaan on realsing his love again lost it but when time brings them together will armaan Shilpa forget their bitter past and move ahead or will the holding past again break the couple apart Will Shilpa be able To love again and dare To enter armaans life after the hurtful memories. Will the sweet little gift of arsh bring them together.
Author's Note:
This story was originally started by .Suhasini. with same name moving on. Now I will continue this story. The start and concept credits solely goes To her I'm continuing it with same concept hope so the result comes out good
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