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Zoya misunderstands Aditya; offers to HELP Aditya confess his love!

The lady royally misunderstands the entire scenario.


Colors' Bepannaah recently saw the epic moment that fans of the show were waiting for since a very long time- Aditya's (Harshad Chopda) realisation of his feelings for Zoya (Jennifer Winget).

And the upcoming episodes will also see Aditya making up his mind to confess his feelings for Zoya. He will also prepare an ideal setting for a romantic proposal and write down his feeling on a piece of paper.

However, before he can say Zoya's name aloud, she will land up in front of him, much to his shock.

And when a flustered Aditya will try to find words to justify his actions to Zoya, she will tell him that she heard his confession. To his relief and distress at the same time, Zoya will tell Aditya that she is very happy with him finally moving on and finding love (clearly misunderstanding the situation).

Then Zoya will declare that she will help Adi confess his feelings to the girl he loves and asks him about her.

How will Aditya get himself out of this mess now?

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Maryam2 2018-10-14T12:21:32Z hahaha never happened
best show atm no doubt
Bepannaah a unique show
Harshad Chopda
Harshad Chopda
Aaliya_Fizz 2018-08-14T07:07:57Z Harshad Chopda
zeekhan1983 2018-08-10T07:12:18Z Looking forward to the new twist
VandyP 2018-08-09T22:42:14Z Harshad Chopda Jennifer Winget
The best thing ever
jacknjill03 2018-08-09T21:40:23Z God..kuch bi..the episode s already over.and none of the s u mentioned happnd
Supi94 2018-08-09T10:47:26Z Harshad Chopda & Jennifer Winget you both are phenomenal performers in Bepannaah
ramisaaAli 2018-08-09T09:00:42Z Bepannaah love for Harshad Chopda and Jennifer Winget. You guys are the best
anjaanichudi 2018-08-09T06:54:09Z Adiya n Jennifer Winget r awesome in Bepannaah
nayantara. 2018-08-09T06:44:04Z Harshad Chopra is a very gifted actor
Vumika 2018-08-09T06:40:21Z Harshad Chopda and Jennifer Winget are doing wonders in Bepannaah.Such a perfect and good looking couple.
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