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Zeeshan Khan: Bigg Boss 15 has become an akhada; my favourite so far is Umar because he's a lot like me

Zeeshan Khan spoke to India Forums about what he feels regarding this season, the violence existing in the house, and more. Read the conversation here.

Published: Wednesday,Nov 17, 2021 13:50 PM GMT-07:00
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Zeeshan Khan

Actor Zeeshan Khan stood his own ground when he took part in Bigg Boss OTT. Initially considered an underdog player, Zeeshan shocked one and all with his strategic game play and with the hard work he put in for doing his tasks. However, his journey in the BB OTT house was cut-short when he got involved in a huge blowout with Pratik Sehajpal

However, what did not go down well with his is how this season, Bigg Boss 15 has been witnessing a lot of violence and no action is being taken regarding the same. Khan spoke to India Forums about what he feels regarding this season, the violence existing in the house, and more. Read the conversation here.

First, what do you think about the games of contestants so far and who is your favourite?

Are the contestants even playing a game? Because what I am seeing from Day 1 is that the same old story is going on where they want to destroy the task, the material, all of that is only going on - hide this, don't do task, physical violence, that's all that is going on. I don't understand if you've gone to play this game or fight in the game, Bigg Boss 15 has become an 'akhada'. So far, my favourite would be Umar Riaz, I wish I could take anyone else's name, especially people from OTT. I feel that guy is a lot like me, he tries to play the game fair and square, he is not artificial and not doing anything for TRP, if you like him good, if you don't he is who he is. 

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You were ousted from BB OTT without a warning but this season, there's barely any conversation about the physical violence? Do you think it's unfair and partial this season?

The reason I maintained my calm was because though it was clear I wasn't the one who initiated the physical violence, I was just trying to make the task happen, I was being instigated and the push also I gave was so that we do the task and not get into physical violence. But I don't know for what reasons, I was the only one who was punished, but I took it with a pinch of salt because I was like certain rules, and they saw it from a different angle. But I don't know have the rules changed for other contestants or the rules different for Bigg Boss 15, because I don't understand that violence in this house happening on an everyday basis and why was action taken against me and only me, and there's no action being taken against others, whatsoever.

All we see in the Bigg Boss house is violence. When Bigg Boss announces the task, I don't see tasks getting completed, all I see is them being 'radh' because all we see is violence and therefore, Bigg Boss' decision. So, what should we expect in terms of entertainment? When I got evicted from the house, people were like we want him back, so if we are making a show to entertain the audience, I think we should listen to them but I don't think that is the case anymore. No matter how much the audiences voice their opinion anymore, I just think it falls on deaf ears. So if this is the case and we are just making a show for our friends, might as well just take them.

Would you want to go back to the show given contestants are all making entries?

Having been a fan of the show, yes, I would like to go back, but not without my self respect. The biggest reason I would like to go back to the house is the people because I am an entertainer and I am for the people and if we make shows to entertain people, why is it happening that we aren't listening to them? Clearly, the people wanted me back, they still want me back, so why aren't we listening to people anymore? 

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