Zareen Khan harassed by the mob

Zareen Khan who is busy with the promotional activities of her film, got harassed by the mob

Stardom comes with it's pros and cons, you get a huge fan support but your personal life and space gets compromised. Such same incident happened with actress Zareen Khan while doing a promotion of a movie.

The second installment of erotic thriller "Aksar" hit the screens today. The lead actress of the film, Zareen Khan who is busy with the promotional activities of the film, was harassed by the mob.

Yesterday Zareen was in Delhi for the promotion of "Aksar 2". After her dinner when she went to finish her media interactions, people gathered around her, tried to take selfies. She was nearly molested by around a group of 40-50 people.

Confirming the same a source said, "Everything was going well until the last visit. After finishing various promotional activities that were committed by her, when she reached the last venue for a 15-minute interaction, she was amazed that the organizers of the promotional tour had over-committed her time. While the cast was sitting and having dinner, Zareen decided to finish her interactions and leave. When she left there was hardly any security. Zareen was mobbed by a crowd of 40-50 people that had gathered at the venue. They were trying to click pictures and forced their cameras in her face. She was almost on the verge of getting molested. And while all this was happening none of the male members from the film's team, accompanied her, or even bothered to come forward and help. The situation was completely out of control. Even though she was very disturbed by this treatment, she still managed to fulfill her commitments and took the late night flight back to Mumbai".

When asked about the incident Zareen said, "I was extremely disturbed by their treatment and hence decided to take the late night flight back to Mumbai after fulfilling all my commitments."

(Credits: Mid-Day)

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