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Zaira Wasim takes a Sly Dig at PM Narendra Modi

After calling it quits from the movies, Zaira often makes it to the headlines for posting her opinions over socio-political issues on social media. In her recent tweet, she has taken a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi. See her tweet below...


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Zaira Wasim had taken the whole film industry and fans by shock when she suddenly announced her disassociation from films saying she was not happy with the line of work citing that it interfered with her faith and religion. She had made her decision public and shared a long detailed note on her social media. While some head honcho’s from the industry respected her decision and showed support, some others criticized her for letting go of the golden chance.

After calling it quits from the entertainment business, Zaira often makes it to the headlines for posting her opinions over socio-political issues on social media. In her recent tweet, she has taken a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

“The question should’ve been ‘Aapko raat ko sukoon ki neend kaise aajati hai’. NOT ‘Aap aam kaise khate hai’, Zaira tweeted, and she ended the tweet with an emoji of a broken heart.

For the unaware, this tweet is a reference to PM Modi’s recent interaction with actor Akshay Kumar, and their discussion over “How do you eat mangoes?” This had even sparked a number of memes online.

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Earlier, Zaira had expressed her view over Article 370 and the situation in Kashmir. She had shared her views in a lengthy post on Instagram as she wrote, 


“Kashmir continues to suffer and see-saw between hope and frustration? There’s a false and uneasy semblance of calmness in place of escalating despair and sorrow? Kashmiris continue to exist and suffer in a world where it is so easy to place restrictions on our liberty.”“Why do we have to live in a world where our lives and wills are controlled, dictated and bent? Why is it so easy to have our voices silenced? Why is it so easy to curtail our freedom of expression? Why aren’t we ever allowed to voice our opinions, let alone our disapprovals, to decisions that are made contrary to our wishes? Why is it that instead of trying to see the cause of our view, our view is just condemned ruthfully?“What is so easy to curb our voices so severely? Why can we not live simple lives without always having to wrestle and remind the world of our existence? Why is that life of a Kashmiri is just about experiencing a lifetime of crisis, blockade and disturbance so abundantly that it has taken away the recognition of normalcy and harmony from the hearts and minds?”


Meanwhile, Zaira was last seen in the film, The Sky is Pink, opposite Priyanka Chopra, and Farhan Akhtar.Based on a love story of a couple, who lose their daughter to pulmonary fibrosis, a serious immune disease, the film released in 2019.


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Mahisa22 2 months ago India is one of the most respected nations in the world. We fought the British and got independence. We are one of the top exporters of software around the world and have the third largest army. We also top in producing several medicines. Hinduism is the most liberal religion in the world, we discovered the zero, the decimal system and surgery. Bomb blasts and rapist pedophile Prophet Muhammad is the only thing Pisslam is famous for. Lol.
Mahisa22 2 months ago Cshafkat: India is and will remain one of the greatest nations on earth. Filthy Islamic terrorists from hellholes (like Pakistan) will forever dream of "destroying" us but will only end up destroying yourselves and your shite pedophile-worshipping religion Islam.
ChickenSoup 4 months ago @Mahisa22 I don’t care about Pakistan or what happens to it you triggered little turd! I’m just waiting for India’s destruction which has already begun. And you narrow minded urine drinkers need to stop labelling every India hater as Pakistani because they aren’t the only ones who hate your filthy cow worshipping nation!
ChickenSoup 4 months ago India will burn to ashes one day. These hindu nationalists will die a dog’s death. They and their fascist prime minister will burn in hell! They can enjoy their temporary victory for now.
Stark_Wolf 4 months ago WTF is ppl here accusing her of ruining that molesters life😑when court did give verdict in her favour because they got video evidance... Wish her peace n love
Dabhyun11 4 months ago What she did with the molestation case was wrong but Can't believe there are blind idiots hating on her for standing up for humanity I guess they are the overly religious type who thinks killing and hurting in the name of religion is fine those type of people are the most illiterate and uncultured bunch... more power to people like Zaira for standing up against these blind extremists I can't grasp the idea that India has people with such backwards mentality.... I won't be surprised if these blind idiots support Trump too.. open your eyes guys rest of the world are criticizing ya'll for a reason...
-Nina- 4 months ago She might have ruined a man’s life but she did not kill A TONS OF PEOPLE on the name of religion ! She IS NOT destructing a religious place ! People are blinded by hypocrisy... this so called effing country is full of hypocrites and killers ! And what’s the harm in supporting the neighbours ? The country besides us isn’t making so many people suffer for nothing ! People are becoming full of racism and shit ! I think the moment a population elected an highly UNEDUCATED man... that particular moment says a lot about the country and it’s population... egoistic dumb useless sh** ... shame on you INDIA.. you are a big time FAke and disappointment ! I am ASHAMED...
Deb07 4 months ago Get lost woman........ kuch jada lambi jaban. Control your tongue (sensord)
.mOSAIc. 4 months ago Who cares about her opinion!!
Ranjali 4 months ago You ruined a innocent man's life with fake molestation insta video & your mother openly supports pakistan when this country gave you fame and everything.
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