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Zain Imam FINALLY opens up on rumours about quitting 'Naamkarann'

An official staement has been given..


Star Plus' Naamkarann has been in the news for the roller coaster ride the show has been going through recently. From the show being an entrant in the rating charts to the sudden demise of actress, Reema Lagoo, the show has made it to the news more often than not.

And once again, the news brigade is lit up by the rumours about the lead actor of the show, Zain Imam quitting the show.

Lately, there have been reports of how Zain is pondering on whether to continue being a part of the show or not. 

However, deciding to make an official statement, Zain posted a video on his instagram saying-

It couldn't be more crystal clear now, can it?


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Alikhan2158 3 years ago Love Zain Imam. He has rocked in every role he has played so far. Love him lots
tanyashah0110 3 years ago Zain Imam ur adorable as Neil in Naamkarann. Glad u shall be a part of the show.. looking forward to the upcoming episodes...
sandhir.candy 3 years ago Lol that was one crazy rumor. Try as you may people were not listening at all that there is nothing to panic about & Zain is not quitting. Now they all can relax.
tanyashah0110 3 years ago Zain Imam ur a rockstar in Naamkarann.. loads if luv n luck.
sammy17 3 years ago Finally people can stop thinking about this. I knew that Zain Imam wasn't leaving Naamkarann, and it was just a rumour, but too many people were believing it to be true. Love Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore.
Stark_Wolf 3 years ago Zain Iman love u as Neil<3
Nobody could play noel better than u n u are niel for me n thank god u are nt leaving d show:)
Affinity 3 years ago So happy that he will be continuing on as Neel
Girl_InMedicine 3 years ago Love u Zain Imam..You are doing great job as are the jaan of the show..
Acnavneil 3 years ago It's really a good thing that you came with a official statement... Zain Imam you are the best...! You are doing a great job in Naamkarann...!Zain Imam rocks..!!!
tanyashah0110 3 years ago Love u Zain Imam in Naamkarann. Keep shining always...
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