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'Your Crush on Indian Idol will Crush your Dreams' Annu Malek

Annu Malek yet again in Action, as he accuses Deepali of getting distracted and that her priorities have changed!

The Gala tonight in Indian Idol will make all hearts thump faster. The Evening will sure be a Memorable one with ‘Love’ as the theme and the mood all around set for Romance.

Talking about one such happening, the Gala was going Perfect with some great performances and Music till Deepali got to the stage and sang her song. There was no surprise in store as Annu Malek was again in the thick of things as he blasted Deepali openly. In a very harsh tone, Annu warned Deepali that her crush on Indian Idol will crush her dreams of becoming the Indian Idol…

As shock and panic caught on everyone, especially Deepali, Javed Saab quickly came to the rescue of Deepali and hit back at Annu saying, "Love can only make a person do the right things. One should be inspired to sing all the more better if he lives with an emotion like LOVE."

Well said Javed Saab!! Afterall, Love Brightens up Life and gives one the strength and inspiration to achieve a lot of things, isn’t it? So why blame Deepali of losing her direction?

Come on, let us all live Life King-Size and spread the fragrance of Love all over so that it inspires all to do better!!

Author: Srividya Rajesh

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A&K_4Evr-S 2007-08-04T10:40:26Z anu malik needs to take a hike....he shudnt b in indian idol hes alwayz fighting gawd....first with sonu ji in indian idol 2 and now talking abt deepalis affair LIVE on t.v thats just harsh and disgusting....y should he care abt some1z PERSONAL life....gawdd hes bull****
hiral_anju0930 2007-07-27T22:48:58Z very well said javed sir.... love can only make you do the right thing... and as for anu mailk.. well, if he just wanted deepali to concentrate more on her singing, he could have said it in a better way.. oh well...
Tani91 2007-07-27T22:26:25Z Anu malek is just deaf..he is pure deaf..he cant her pure talent!
naturalbeautie 2007-07-27T21:11:36Z i dont think that it is love .. Chang wanted to perform .. he had rose on his hand and deepali was the closest girl contestant sitting on the couch.. i think that is why he gave the rose to her.. Seriously they are taking this out of proportion..
april19 2007-07-27T17:55:45Z hmm... maama kuch serious lagta hai.. shayad pyaar is suvaal ka answer nahi hai....

it was wrong for anu malik to say that to deepali, but then deepali shouldnt have broadcasted her crush..

the topic itself is very contreversial.. but its deepali's life.. not mine, anu malik's, or anyone's.
pUnJaBiAn_KuRi1 2007-07-27T17:24:54Z Anu Malik is a Simone wanna be..
thats what my brother says.

Put Anu Malik seriously needs TO GO EASY on the kids..

such mein..
simpleL0VE38 2007-07-27T16:51:32Z yea! i don't watch this indian idol, but i can imagine this anu as simon cowell!! = ]....sry it's more like= [
smartc 2007-07-27T16:46:11Z Anu Malik's Comment doesnt surprise me in the least.. What else to expect of him.. *scoffs*
contingency 2007-07-27T16:29:00Z wow! anu is being way too hars kinda like simon :D
bugs_bunny 2007-07-27T16:16:40Z anu is really a wannabe simon cowell
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