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'Young or old, all like my genre of music' - Kailash Kher

Kailash Kher, the current rage from the melody world is a name that needs no introduction to music lovers. Here is a heart to heart chat with him...

Published: Monday,Dec 31, 2007 10:46 AM GMT-07:00
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Kailash Kher, the singing hearthrob who is currently ruling the musical charts is also touted as the next Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. His voice carries the fragrance of Indian soil, touching the soul directly. He is a singer par excellence, and he has managed to carve a special place for himself in the hearts of all music lovers – young or old.

This current singing sensation of Bollywood, the powerful voice behind the song “Allah Ke Bande” has taken the industry by storm with hits both as a playback singer and also an album artiste. Now the singer is also one of the contestants in the 9X Channel new musical reality show “Mission Ustaad”.

Young or old, all like my genre of music - Kailash Kher
What made this busy singer take part in the show? “This show is of my personal liking, where I can be my natural-self, and just not curb myself to an entertainer. The best part of this reality show is its unique concept, unlike the other shows happening these days, where only entertainment holds the key. But here with an abundant dose of entertainment, the show and its concept spreads an awareness and message to the viewers", says Kailash. Kailash has not sung duet songs yet, but now in “Mission Ustaad” he has been paired with Mahalaxmi Iyer to sing duets, thus adding yet another feather to his singing cap. How is he managing with duets? “True, I never sung duets in my life and maybe first time am facing and experiencing all these things. Mahalaxmi is just not a very good singer, but a great human being also. I like her persona entirely. Maybe that’s what is helping me sing the duets with ease”, says the singer par-excellence.

Kailash – Mahalaxmi jodi is repeatedly getting highest audience votes even though they are facing maximum flak from the judges. But this humble singer doesn’t mind the reaction of the judges and takes it very casually. “The judges are intelligent and are eminent personalities. It’s just that sometimes judges think their own way. They have their own opinion about a song selection. And at times those opinions don’t match with ours. But that’s okay”. says Kailash sportingly. As to getting highest votes, he feels in the last few months his songs became huge hits and so the popularity factor is working. “Be it young crowd, college crowd or even old people, somehow everyone likes my genre of music. That could be the reason for my popularity and thus votes” , opines the singer. Kailash Kher has also launched himself as a music director in Bollywood and is happy with it. “In films, we have already launched ourselves as music directors with the title Kailash-Paresh-Naresh. This year we gave music to three films. We are really happy with this move.”

He is one person with a lot of potential and his music is surely melody to the ears. This humble, down-to-earth genius is someone worth looking out for. We wish that in his new ventures will manage to capture the hearts of his audience in a similar fashion as he has done with his singing.

Author: Barnali

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Bhaskar @Bhaskar.T 15 years ago He is really a wonderful singer. And the best is his down to earth attitude.

I loved his remark on MU where he made a point - that making such shows and printing lot on these social issues can help only when we do it in the local dialect.

How true!!! Unless we get down to their language how can we pass the message?? Myself having the roots from village completely agree with what he commented upon that day. The show producers need to look into this and give some thought to it.
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div @divzzhere 15 years ago kailash is one of my faves:P

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Shesho @Shesho 15 years ago Kailasa is a great singer and a gr8 person..it is shows the calibre of the singer when he speaks so dearly of his co singer. Mahalaxmi is a great singer too, love the jodi.
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ashna khan @mishcutie90 15 years ago i'm a huge fan or his songs
i love his unique voice just like toshi and raja
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stalejive @stalejive 15 years ago His Tu Meri Jaan Hai can send u up in the sky ! And Jhoome Re really Rawking ! I love him !
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nimrah @nimrah 15 years ago I'm a huge fan of Kailash Kher. Love his songs...!
Thnx fr the article! =)
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Dark Love
Madiha @Dark Love 15 years ago Allah Ke Bande was a very nice song, I love the song Ya Rabba especially!

Great article! =]
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