Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Yuvraj vows to take Abhira back, Armaan vouches to protect her

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update, 14th February, 2024: Yuvraj will be seen vouching to take Abhira back. Armaan on the other decides to resolutely protect her.

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Shehzada Dhami and Gaurav Sharma as Armaan and Yuvraj in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

The episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai today commences with Manisha urging Abhira to drink milk, which Abhira declines due to the presence of malai. Manisha then delves into a discussion about the importance of friendship versus marriage, leaving Abhira pondering if she's aware of their marital status. Emphasizing the significance of marital bonds, Manisha brings up Ruhi's friendship with Armaan, prompting Abhira to question her role as a friend. Meanwhile, Ruhi notices Armaan's injury and advises him to see a doctor, to which he agrees. Abhira observes their interaction, reflecting on her own friendship dynamics with Armaan and Ruhi and questioning her adequacy as a friend. Ruhi, intending to contact Manish for a prescription, places a call, but upon learning that he's still unconscious, she notices Yuvraj. Armaan's attempt to catch a glimpse of the situation prompts him to notice Abhira, causing him to leave. Ruhi decides to postpone their conversation for a later time.

Abhira's fears:

Yuvraj regains consciousness and inquires about the recent phone call. Manish informs him that Ruhi had called to inquire about his condition. Meanwhile, Abhira receives a bracelet, triggering memories of Yuvraj. Feeling uneasy as she senses someone approaching, she becomes tense. Ruhi intercepts Armaan and questions his sudden appearance. Krish, engrossed in music, passes by, catching Abhira's attention. Upon noticing Krish wearing a similar bracelet, Abhira speculates that the attacker may not be Yuvraj since the bracelet design seems common.

Yuvraj's scary vow:

Yuvraj attempts to rise from his bed, but Manish intervenes and advises him to rest. Yuvraj, in a threatening tone, vows to take Abhira away from Armaan the next day. However, Abhira dismisses the possibility of him being Yuvraj. Armaan, curious about Abhira's thoughts, inquires, but she brushes it off. As morning arrives, Armaan contemplates the identity of the attacker while Abhira prepares for work. Sensing Abhira's distress, Armaan encourages her to stay strong, acknowledging her efforts in the situation. Meanwhile, Manish engages in conversation with Yuvraj, who declares his intention to retrieve something significant.

As Armaan accompanies Abhira to work, he remains vigilant, ensuring her safety. The melodious tune of "Baatein karo…" sets the scene as Armaan walks alongside Abhira, symbolizing his protective stance.

Ruhi and Abhira's friendship grows:

He realizes the importance of sending the CCTV footage in hopes of identifying the attacker. Suddenly, Dadi's phone slips from her hand, shattering on the ground. Abhira, witnessing the broken glass, becomes concerned. Offering to repair it, Ruhi suggests handing it over to Krish if Abhira doubts her abilities. Expressing their usual differences, Abhira and Ruhi engage in a conversation. Ruhi admires Abhira's determination to fulfill her mother's dreams and encourages her not to give up, empathizing with her struggles. Lightening the mood with a joke, Ruhi emphasizes her support for Abhira. Grateful for the gesture, Abhira accepts the phone, thanking Ruhi before leaving. Vidya observes their interaction attentively.

Armaan's commitment to protect Abhira:

Armaan retrieves the car, causing Abhira to feel anxious. Offering to drive her to the office, Armaan insists, but Abhira hesitates, not wanting to cause any inconvenience to him. Despite her protests, Armaan reaffirms his commitment to her well-being, leading to a brief argument. Acknowledging Abhira's reluctance to accept help, Armaan reassures her of his unwavering support as they depart for their destination.

In the office, Dev reprimands Charu, urging her to focus on her tasks. As she clumsily drops a file and bends down to pick it up, Dev intervenes, preventing her from potential harm. Charu, touched by his gesture, smiles gratefully before excusing herself. Meanwhile, Abhira, overwhelmed by fear, impulsively grabs a file for protection. Encountering her senior, she apologizes for her actions and is instructed to meet a client. As she reviews the contents of the file, the name "Manish Goenka" triggers memories of Ruhi's warnings.


 Ruhi suggests a Valentine's Day party, but Abhira suggests Saraswati puja, leaving the decision to Dadi. Both invite Armaan too. 

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