Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Charu's words hurt Armaan, Abhira comforts him

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update, 1st March, 2024: Charu hurts Armaan and says hurtful words. Abhira takes a stand for him.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Charu's words hurt Armaan, Abhira comforts him

The episode begins with Armaan and Abhira having an argument. Armaan believes that in a joint family, decisions made affect everyone, while Abhira questions whether suffocating Charu's dreams is fair, as Charu wants to pursue a job. Armaan doubts Abhira's understanding of his family's dynamics and feels she wouldn't support Charu's career aspirations. Abhira argues that it's time for the elders to understand the younger generation's needs. Charu feels devastated, believing her life and career prospects are ruined. Ruhi tries to calm her down, assuring her that Armaan will talk to Dadi once she's in a better state of mind. Abhira arrives, wanting to speak with Charu, but Ruhi requests her to leave as Charu is upset. Abhira clarifies that she's not trying to impose her dreams on Charu but wants to understand her situation better.

Charu refuses to engage with Abhira, accusing her of trying to control everyone's lives and being jealous of her. The confrontation escalates as Armaan and others intervene. Armaan's emotions overwhelm him, and he leaves in tears as Charu accuses him of not supporting her. Madhav and Vidya console each other, while Abhira tries to comfort Armaan. In the midst of the chaos, Ruhi guides Charu inside, attempting to diffuse the situation.

Madhav encourages Abhira to go to Armaan, recognizing his need for support. Abhira agrees and heads to Armaan's room. Upon entering, she finds Armaan wrapped in a blanket, tears streaming down his face as he replays Charu and Dadi's harsh words in his mind. Determined to uplift his spirits, Abhira vows to mend his broken heart. The next morning, Abhira prepares kachoris for everyone, a gesture of love and reconciliation. As she serves breakfast, Armaan enters, greeted warmly by Dadi. Abhira offers him kachoris, but he politely declines, expressing his intention to have breakfast at the office. Undeterred, Abhira follows him outside, determined to confront him face to face.

Meanwhile, Ruhi attempts to persuade Charu to communicate with Armaan, but Charu, feeling isolated and misunderstood, seeks solace in the television. Ruhi, recognizing the need for dialogue, switches off the TV, urging Charu to express her feelings. However, Charu, feeling unheard and unloved, breaks down in tears.

Abhira reaches out to Armaan, urging him to open up about Charu's situation. Armaan defends Charu's outburst as a product of anger, but Abhira challenges him, insisting that Charu's words were hurtful and should have been addressed. Concerned about Armaan's swollen eyes, Abhira encourages him to communicate with Charu, emphasizing his importance to the family. Ruhi intervenes, recognizing Armaan's love for Abhira, which prevented him from arguing with her. Despite Charu's stubbornness, Ruhi's departure leads to a confrontation between Armaan and Abhira. Armaan apologizes for his outburst, and Abhira reassures him, acknowledging the complexity of sibling relationships and his commitment to their well-being. Despite Armaan's resolve to handle the situation his own way, Charu's distress deepens as she confides in Dev about her family's opposition to her internship. Dev encourages her to fight for her career, but Charu feels alone and defeated, believing her dreams are shattered.

Dadi hesitates as Manisha insists on bringing her younger daughter-in-law, Abhira, to an event. Realizing Ruhi's absence, Dadi questions how Abhira can go without Ruhi. Vidya suggests accompanying Abhira, leaving Dadi with no choice but to agree reluctantly. As Dadi departs, Vidya wishes her well, advising her to maintain composure and avoid complaining. Abhira's heart weighs heavy as she recalls Akshu's words, prompting Vidya to inquire about her distress. Seeking solace, Abhira seeks Vidya's blessings, eliciting a smile from Vidya, who wishes her luck.


Abhira shares a poignant reflection with Ruhi, contemplating the possibility of love and its enduring nature. With a sense of conviction, she emphasizes that while circumstances may evolve over time, true love remains steadfast. Addressing an emotional dilemma, she urges someone to return to their beloved if genuine feelings persist. However, the response shatters Ruhi's expectations, revealing that the relationship is irreparable, leaving her stunned.

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