Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Armaan calls Abhira, Rohit is awestruck looking at Ruhi

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai tonight, Rohit will be left awestruck looking at Ruhi.

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Shehzada Dhamu, Shivam Khajuria and Pratiksha Honmukhe

The episode unfolds with Armaan in tears, recalling Dadi's words. Despite the emotional turmoil, he affirms his belief in his mother's innocence. Madhav and Vidya observe his distress, while Ruhi searches for a remote, leading to a lighthearted exchange with Manish. Armaan confides in Vidya, expressing gratitude for the love she has given him, even though the pain of his mother's truth persists. Vidya reassures him of their familial bond, emphasizing that he is an integral part of their family.

Meanwhile, Yuvraj's drunken outburst creates chaos, but Jagrat supports him. Armaan, driven by an inexplicable urge, seeks Ruhi and reflects on a toy tortoise, linking it to Abhira. In a parallel scenario, Abhira receives Manish's jacket and engages in a humorous conversation with Armaan.

As Ruhi eagerly awaits Armaan's call, she is surprised by his arrival. In a clumsy moment, she drops gift boxes, revealing Rohit's presence. Surekha, Manish, and Suwarna welcome Rohit, who brings Diwali gifts from Dadisa. The atmosphere is tense, with Ruhi attempting to prevent Manish from indulging in sweets.

During the puja, Dadi distributes coins for charity, emphasizing the perpetual nature of money after giving. Rohit observes the family dynamics and plans to address the tension after the puja. The episode concludes with Armaan refraining from taking a diya during the diya distribution.


Ab emotional encounter to happen between Ruhi and Armaan, where he confesses his feelings and embraces her. Meanwhile, Abhira rejects the engagement ring, and Yuvraj issues a threatening ultimatum.

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I am not sure how old the character Rohit is in this show ... but Ruhi is 5+22=27 yrs old . Love is blind they say, but this mismatch is not something I look forwards to.

7 months ago

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