Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Abhira earns 'half toffee' from Dadi sa, embraces her

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update, 7th February, 2024, episode no. 1192: Dadi sa will be seen giving half a toffee to Abhira for her efforts in cooking lunch for her friends.

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Samridhii Shukla, Anita Raaj and Shehzada Dhami

The episode commences with Vidya acknowledging Abhira's role in reconciling Manisha and herself. Manisha agrees, acknowledging Abhira's unique approach. Abhira expresses gratitude, emphasizing that blessings come without negotiation or bargaining. However, Dadi interrupts, commending Abhira's efforts but cautioning her against straying from the right path, symbolized by a half toffee. She challenges Abhira to earn the other half through commendable actions. Despite this, Abhira graciously accepts the half toffee, prompting smiles all around as she embraces Dadi, leaving Armaan visibly pleased. The scene is accompanied by the melodious tune of "Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai." Dadi, however, warns Abhira that she's not easily swayed, hinting at future challenges.

Krish suggests a pyjama party following the success of the lunch gathering, and the family joyfully engages in quality time together, enjoying each other's company. Amidst the harmonious atmosphere, Abhira's thoughts drift to Akshu, evoking tears. She retreats, with Armaan following her.

Meanwhile, Vidya contemplates Ruhi's capability to take over household responsibilities, while Aryan discusses Abhira's potential to manage the law firm. Manisha inquires about Sanjay's whereabouts, learning that he's in Mussoorie, leaving Madhav observing silently.

Armaan confronts Abhira, who vents her frustrations inwardly. Unperturbed, Armaan requests a head massage from Kiara, who accidentally spills oil, leading to a playful interaction. Ruhi steps in to relieve Armaan's tension, earning his gratitude and sparking a momentary misunderstanding between Kiara and Ruhi.

As Armaan comforts Abhira in her sorrow over missing her mother, he encourages her to cherish her memories and continues the massage, lightening the mood with humor. Abhira's laughter breaks through her tears as Armaan affectionately teases her, bringing solace to both of them.

Meanwhile, Manish receives a call from a friend, prompting an impromptu visit. The friend arrives, fostering a heartwarming reunion filled with nostalgic camaraderie.Later, Abhira, preoccupied with daily chores, struggles with ironing Armaan's shirt, sparking a comical yet tense moment. Ruhi intervenes, offering assistance.


Yuvraj's unexpected arrival in Udaipur promises new developments and potential conflicts, hinting at forthcoming drama.

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