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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Abhimanyu to be shot while protecting Akshara

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Abhimanyu will be shot as he tries to protect Akshara.

Published: Friday,Sep 22, 2023 06:48 AM GMT-06:00
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Harshad Chopda and Pranali Rathod

Akshara's confession to Aarohi: 

The episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai tonight begins with Akshu pondering over Abhir's words. Aarohi approaches and asks why she hasn't eaten the ghewar and what's bothering her. Akshu questions if she's being selfish. Aarohi responds, saying parents often feel that they're lacking in what they do for their children and that they must also consider their own well-being. She assures Akshu that she won't force her into anything and poses a question: What kind of life does she envision for herself and Abhir ten years from now? Akshu admits she doesn't want to remarry, but she's torn because she can't bear to see Abhir heartbroken. He desires a family, and she's concerned about his happiness. Aarohi encourages her to continue sharing her thoughts, but Akshu hesitates. Aarohi insists, saying she wants to be a better sister and support her. Finally, Akshu reveals that Abhi loves her, which leaves Aarohi shocked. Their conversation is interrupted by a ringing phone, and they spot Manish behind them.

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Akshara's thoughts on Abhimanyu: 

Manjiri questions Abhi about his sudden trip to Delhi. She's worried that he might miss Abhir's football match and asks if he's running away from something. Abhi evades her questions, and she reminds him that both he and Akshu had initially refused to marry, urging him to talk to Akshu. Akshu, meanwhile, expresses her feelings to Manish, making it clear that Abhi's feelings are one-sided, and she won't comply with Abhir's request to remarry. Manish doesn't offer any judgment but reflects on his daughters' lives, recalling how they embraced new dreams after their childhood dreams shattered. He tells Akshu that she married Abhinav for Abhir's sake and gave him a family without him asking for it. He emphasizes that Abhinav loved her even when she didn't love him back, and now, her own happiness and love are calling her. He advises her not to make the same mistake. Despite her denial, Aarohi suggests talking to Abhi and not running away from the situation.

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A new havoc: 

Meanwhile, in a hospital, a man confronts a ward boy about his son's coma and blames Mahima for it. Anand and Parth intervene to prevent a physical altercation. The man accuses Mahima of being a fraud and questions how his son slipped into a coma after a minor surgery. Mahima is puzzled, explaining that she was assisting Dr. Kapil during the procedure, and they had provided oxygen as required. Parth realizes that the new oxygen cylinder might be the cause of the coma.

Abhi contemplates leaving the hospital, thinking it's best to run away. Akshu decides to follow Aarohi's advice and have a conversation with Abhi to find a solution to their situation. She asks a nurse for Abhi's whereabouts and begins searching for him. Unbeknownst to her, Abhi decides to leave and apologizes to Abhir for missing his football match.

As Akshu enters Abhi's cabin, she doesn't notice him leaving. Manish informs others that Akshu has gone to talk to the doctor. Abhir believes that Akshu and the doctor are planning to get married and suggests planning a surprise for them. Dadi smiles, but Suwarna questions Manish's actions, thinking that he's giving false hope to Abhir. Manish believes that Akshu will say yes, but Suwarna insists that she went to reject the marriage proposal.

Abhir and Akshara in danger: 

Akshu, still searching for Abhi, collides with a girl who is talking to her mother. Nearby, a man prepares to confront Abhi with a loaded gun. Abhi, inside his car, hears Akshu singing and believes it's his imagination, assuming she wouldn't come to see him. He starts his car to leave. The girl thanks Akshu for her kindness. Suddenly, Akshu hears Abhi's voice and asks a nurse about his whereabouts. The man with the gun approaches and spots Abhi's picture. Realizing that Abhir is Dr. Abhimanyu's son, he questions Manish and Abhir. As tensions rise, the man fires a shot into the air, leaving everyone in shock.


Akshu and Abhir will try to escape, and a dangerous standoff will unfold. Akshu will bravely confront the man, even offering her own life to protect Abhir. The police will arrive on the scene, leading to a dramatic showdown with the armed man who will then shoot Abhimanyu. 

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