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Yashraj Kapil's Indian Idol dream shattered

Following the eviction of two girls in past two week it’s a guy who’s caught in elimination clutches this time…

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Losing a talented singer every week is the only predictable scenario persisting on Sony's Indian Idol 5. Though the aspirations splinter every week but it would have been much harder for Yashraj Kapil as he couldn't utilize the second chance that he had received in the audition round.

A Little birdie informed us that, "This week turned out to be unlucky for Yashraj Kapil after his elimination; who was confident about being one amongst the top singers of Indian Idol. The other bottom 2 singers were Shashi and Arpita."

Our source also added, "Yashraj Kapil has been the winner of Sitaro Ko Choona Hai on Real TV but his performance in the audition round didn't appeal to the judges that much but on the request of his father Yashraj was the only one who received a second chance and that is when he got selected and since then Anu Malik has been very supportive towards him and was equally confident that he would make it to the Indian Idol finale."

Also this week the show didn't witness any celebrity guest on Indian Idol.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Pooja Shenoy.

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savu 10 years ago jo howat hai achay k liye hee howat chillll!!!!!
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sunandshine 10 years ago Why does TB article report SPOILERS in the title?
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c00l_girl 10 years ago yayyy!!! im very very happy 2 c this... i hate him very much.... he is not a good singer...
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smallwonder 10 years ago Dhol bajao... His fakeness failed to fool the public... Yayyy!!!
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Ozymandias 10 years ago ughhhhhhhhh i HATE IF for giving away spoilers EVERY SINGLE WEEK before the show airs. why the hell are they giving it away on the title itself?

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sejal719 10 years ago awwww this is sad but ye i agree that they should of putted spolier in the title :(
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shahir 10 years ago Thank God, he is gone. He was the most horrible singer so far on Indian Idol - 5
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hindu4lyf 10 years ago I don't watch this show but c;mon guys, at least put SPOILER in the heading! Members get warnings and get banned if they don't put spoiler in their heading when creating a topic. In fact, they even get bashed so the least you guys could do is not be so hypocritical and put SPOILER IN THE HEADING DAMMIT! :@
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rahman2005 10 years ago GOSH!!!

India-Forums, where are the mods/admins???

Are you guys f**king stupid or what??? You post spoilers for Zara Nachke dikha and now for Indian Idol!!!

Is it that difficult to post SPOILER in the title for people who DO NOT WANT to know the result before the episode airs??????????

How should it be explained to you???
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-Sonya- 10 years ago Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
This is not fair!!
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