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World's Sexiest Man 'John Abraham.'

John among 'World's Sexiest Men.'

Actor John Abraham is one among those successful actors who has made his way in film industry through modeling. It's not only Bipasha Basu, but every girl falls for him.
His hot looks in his upcoming film "Dostana" is the buzz of the town. By the way, John's fan list will see more appraisal as now he is amongst "World's Top Ten Sexiest Men".

According to one abroad channel's list, John derived this position. A list of 25 well-known faces was made. John was the only Indian to be a part of it. Apart from him, this list also includes David Beckham, Johnny Depp, Dane Carter and Jonathon Riss etc.

This is real feasting time for all you John Abraham fans there. However, the real credentials are all his fans internationally who have bought him this honour.


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