World Health Day: Break The Old Habits To Find Your New Healthy

While we stay indoors in the wake of coronavirus outbreak, here are few off-the beaten ways to find your new healthy


Health is wealth. Today as the world fights the human pandemic, nothing makes more sense then this saying. We can be the richest and the most advanced nation, but powerless in front of the virus.

During this time as we all are forced to stay indoors, self-care is the only solace. For everyone who was in a constant hustle to keep up with the world, at the same time trying to be fit and healthy now is the real time to be that. And we have some off the beaten ways to help you meet the new healthy you….

Ditch The Diet

Fancy diets are best unfollowed. Kito, We've all replaced our afternoon lunches with a bowl of healthy veggies, each day thinking we are one step closer to our physical goal at the same time loosing lot of mental power. Therefore squeezing in a bowl of carbs might just help you think and feel better. Now is the time to pamper your mind with the carb signal. 

Cook Yourself

Ordering in or going out has never been an issue. However now that it is, we must learn to toss together our favourite dishes. Think Thai, Mexican, Asian or Italian, there is enough time to break the habit of eating instant food fixes. 

Wine And Dine

Say ciao to the habit of fixing yourself a sugary cocktail with a glass of goodness aka wine. While staying indoors, we all need a little fix away from the day's hustle, replacing that with wine will indeed be divine!

See The Sun

Staying indoors, we all are fixed to our couches or beds. Wake up, shake up and get some sun. Best way is from the balcony or the terrace. Make sure no-one is around. Because we are social distancing!

Experiment With Excercise 

How we all are fixed with the workouts we are comfortable doing. If you are a weight training person, get onto a yoga mat or if yoga was always our work-out jame, try some dancing. Break the old work-out habits. 

Find A New Hobby

While you are trying to change the mould, pick up a new hobby. Think knitting or embroidery, there is so much peace in stitching! Pretty close to meditating or eating your favourite meal. 

Stop And Smell The Flowers

Before you break any habit, break the habit of constantly doing something. Stop, relax and just do nothing. It is an insane way to relax and reboot for the life after this nightmare ends. 

What are you doing to break the old habits? 


Jennifer Winget Sriti Jha Sanaya Irani Surbhi Jyoti Mansi Srivastava Nikita Dutta Eisha Singh

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