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Women's Day special on Boogie Woogie Kids Championship!

Catch the fun filled episode of Sony TV’s Boogie Woogie Kids Championship as the show will celebrate Women’s Day in its upcoming episode.

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On the occasion of Women's Day, the contestants dedicate the episode to all the women they respect and admire.

Abhishek dedicates his performance to his mother and performs a stunning dance on the song O nadan pareindey'. Later, Abhishek surprises his mother by humming few lines of the song Maa from the movie Taare Zameen Par'.

Aryan's performance on Sari raat dedicated to the contestant coordinator wins everyone's heart and compels the judges to give him a BOO ring. Mumtaz's aerial performance on a Sugarcane stick took everyone by surprise. His stupendous performance earned him a BOO ring and a standing ovation as well. Later, Rakshit and Mumtaz have a ganna eating competition where Sachin jumps in to help Rakshit while Abhishek lends his support to Mumtaz. Finally, Rakshit's team emerges as the winner.

After weeks of chasing, Sagar finally gets Mathura ka Petha for all the judges. He dedicates his performance to lord Ram and later mimics all the kids which leaves everyone in splits. Sachin's dance on Signal pyar ka signal on the trampoline earns him two BOO rings. After the performance, Sargun and Rakshit too try their hand on the trampoline and amuse everyone.

Lastly, Priyanka's special performance on the song Pani da dedicated to the dancing diva Madhuri Dixit impresses one and all. In the end, judges Ravi Bahl, Javed Jaffrey and Naved Jaffrey wish Sargun, Smrity and Priyanka a very Happy Women's Day by gifting them a bouquet.

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Ultrachic 9 years ago Deepika is really very beautiful...she is the most gorgeous girl in Bollywood and she looks fab in this magazine...she has a great future ahead!!
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MysticalRealm 9 years ago Deepika may have come in witha terrible film such as OM shanti Om but with her great personality and acting skills she has grabbed my heart. She is not only a deserving actor but a great human being. She is down to earth and not one place have I seen her with attitude compared to Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra, and the foolish Kareen Kapoor.

Among Aishwarya Rai, and many talented actresses she is one as well.
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-Sonya- 9 years ago I am not a fan of her, but I don't know why i really think she is the Prettiest girl in Bollywood.
Awesome Cover,
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miggie 9 years ago Her acting is terrible, don't think she is pretty either...
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Prachi.. 9 years ago deepika is true rockstar.
love u alot...
and also luved ur mit jaaye gum song luk. you lookkkk HAAWWWWWWWTTTTTT......
waiting for ur movies....
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Fari.Kashian 9 years ago I dont really like her. Shes a good actress but I dont think shes pretty.
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xx-Rai-xx 9 years ago wow Deepika looks really pretty in the cover
simple yet beautiful
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