Woah! Zain Imam to make his ENTRY in 'Ishqbaaaz'

Stakes just got higher...

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Star Plus' Ishqbaaaz witnessed a retribution of sorts recently, where the show entered the Top 10 last week after a really long time.

And capitalizing in the same, the show is planning to introduce a thrilling track ahead, where the entry of Mandana Karimi has already been reported about.

And now, let's just say, the stakes are about really high as none other than actor Zain Imam will be seen entering the show.

Yes! That's right. Zain is best known for his leading stint in Tashan-E-Ishq and Naamkarann, where the actor will also be seen in Khatron Ke Khiladi - Jigar Pe Trigger soon.

And now, Zain will be seen in Ishqbaaaz in a pivotal role, where he will be paired opposite Mandana, and will play her on-screen husband.

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Comments (13)

Hope, IB givs some logical track now.
Don't understand y Zain agreed to this, but excited to watch him back in Evil avtaar..

5 years ago

My point was clear. Some people were having wrong notions that Zain is making entry because IB is not having sufficient trp or popularity or whatever which is not less than a joke. IB has had many such cameos. Don't divert the topic. No actor comes to a flop show. That too such famous actor. Got my point ?

5 years ago

@spqrshitha Naamkarann was in top10 while it was going off air. But you remain in your delusion that Naamkarann went off air because of low TRPs lol

5 years ago

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5 years ago

Like OmG! Why are people so obnoxious and rude here? Ishqbaaz might not be the no. 1 show but in terms of quality, cinematography, make-up and wardrobe and content it's way better than many so called "TRP gaining shows. People who are commenting negatively are just jealous.

5 years ago

FYI am not despo as u can see the comments some people were having false notions.. I just cleared it.. It doesn't matter if IB isn't number one.. As I can see what number one shows are showing..

5 years ago

This content is hidden.

5 years ago

People who are saying Gul is bringing Zain to gain trp should think why naamkaran went off air first.. Besides many such cameos have happened earlier also. Trp ke liye lol Get a life haters. By the way don't forget to watch your favorite Zain in IB very soon @ 10 pm..

5 years ago

If Zain enters the trp will rise for sure bcoz right now Zain is the hottest thing but Zain doesn't gain anything by it he already has online popularity which ib offers don't understand y he said yes to this project Wen he is not gaining anything out of it

5 years ago

Ishqbaaz trp me top 10 me to aa gaya, lekin gul ko pata tha ki jyada din tak ye show trp me nahi tikne wala, iss liye gul ne kya idea lagaya, Zain imam ko hi apne show me le liya. Agar Zain imam iss show me aata hai to definitely iss show ki trp badhegi.

5 years ago

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