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And TV is all set to bring in some extremely major changes not only in terms of its programming but also in the timeslots of its existing shows.

Only recently did the celebration s for Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai happened when the show completed a staggering 1000 episodes, and it became the first show for the channel to achieve that hallmark.

However, the channel is now rolling and ready to have a couple of new shows going on-air too. One if them is Main Bhi Ardhangini that will begin this Monday.

However, before that happens, one of the channel's important shows in the form of Perfect Pati is all set to undergo a major timeslots change.

Yes! That's right. Perfect Pati will now continue airing on the channel at 9:00 ok beginning this Monday-

So guys, adjust your time schedules accordingly.

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Comments (3)

iF you are so biased there are no words to describe what an Ambiguous way to announce Avinash Sachdev show will start
on Monday with out tagging him god forbid he bets higher ratings than your favorites who are not I any shows but boy they sneeze and u guys antenna goes up and boom there will be 2-3 articles about how the poor person is suffering

By the way why isn't s forum open yet for Ardhangini? If it was one of your favorites show starting the forum would have opened weeks ago one word disgusting

And what is this Arthangini will open on Monday but no timing is mentioned what kind of reporting is this

5 years ago

Wow big words that have no use in this context...lol... Somebody.. Quick, gift him a dictionary... Sorry couldn't resist teasing :)

9 years ago

All these news reporter needs to leave those single movie star alone. They will get married when they want to. If you don't get invited to thr wedding, just get crash thr wedding. But seriously, it's annoying how these reporters keep asking same annoying question over and over again.

I am sorry for my rude comments but someone needs to speak up! You can't always ignore some news all the time.

9 years ago

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