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Winner Abinas Nayak on His Masterchef Journey: My Dadi Coming in for Finale Was The Best Moment!

In an exclusive conversation, Masterchef India Season 6 winner, Abinas Nayak, spoke to us about his journey, judges, his most challenging task, best moment/s and much more….


Masterchef India Season 6 which was a huge hit amongst the fans witnessed some of the most interesting and challenging tasks. Fifteen contestants from all over India came together to compete for the coveted title and Abinas Nayak from Odisha laid claim over it at the end. The sixth season of the show was judged by the trio of  Vikas Khanna, Vineet Bhatia and Ranveer Brar.

In an exclusive conversation, Abinas Nayak spoke to us about his journey, judges, his most challenging task, best moment/s and much more…

First of all, congratulations for winning the title of Masterchef, so when you first entered the show did you expect that you may actually win?

That could have been the wildest dream but yes, when I entered the show I just wanted to get into it, meet the judges, get the apron and be into the Top 15. Winning was like the biggest dream. 

How important was the role of the judges in the journey?

They were the guiding force and they guided us in three different directions. Chef Ranveer always used to say put in your heart, Chef Vineet was always about technique and Chef Vikas was always about new ideas. But the one thing all three said that was that you should do what makes you happy. 

What was the most difficult thing that you had to cook there?

It was the 15 Ft thaal. That was like the deadliest and the second I think was during the finale challenge where we cooked for eighteen people and that too, a three course meal.

Did you make any friends in the show? And did you guys give advice to each other related to cooking?

Yes I made a lot of friends and we had a group. We used to practice and read, talk about food and what we should and should not do, when the cameras were off. But once we used to be in front of camera, we were fully competitive because all of us were there to win that title.

How was the entire journey?

For me I think, the graph has been full of ups and downs. But yes, the overall journey feels like a dream.

Any particular moment which you will forever remember?

Yes, I think my dadi coming in the finale and cheering me up, smiling throughout was the best moment I would say. 

Were your family always supportive or did you have to fight back?

My family was always concerned and they were like do whatever you want to do but don’t leave the job. But when I actually came into Masterchef and when they saw me cooking, they were like do whatever you want. 

What’s next now, have you thought about your future projects?

I want to document things in form of shows and books and eventually I want to open a restaurant. 

Any message for all your fans?

I am so overwhelmed by the response and the love and support that I am getting and especially from kids. I would just like to say that if you love something, if you are passionate about something, whatever your age is, just pursue it and believe in yourself. 


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