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Will Parmeet's truth be exposed in front of his family members?

Colors’ Bani - Ishq Da Kalma will see a major twist in the tale in tonight’s episode of the show…

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In today's episode of the show Bani - Ishq Da Kalma on Colors the viewers will get to see an interesting twist in the tale as Rajji (Neha Bagga) finds the man who had helped Parmeet (Gaurav Chaudhary) to kill Bani (Shefali Sharma).

Rajji is successful in her attempt to trace the person behind Bani's accident and brings the man who killed Bani to Parmeet's house in front of all family members and asks him to recognize Parmeet. She will ask that man to tell everyone the truth behind Bani's death and who is main culprit.

Well as seen earlier in the show, Parmeet who hates Bani to the core is successful in executing his evil plan and pushes Bani in the lake and she dies due to suffocation. Rajji plans to trap the culprit and hence exposes Pameets truth in front of the family. Will Parmeet manage to escape this situation once again or will he be jailed?

To know more about the same tune in to watch Bani - Ishq Da Kalma and keep reading this space for more such news.

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asha-love3 7 years ago Boring for this track!!!
When we see only soji romantic scenes!!??
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BullsEye777 7 years ago Well, he escaped for now. Hope he gets caught soon
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Stark_Wolf 7 years ago hima really hope ur prediction turns true...then it will b open war bw rajji nd parmeet <3 i love them man...they have awesome chemistry !! neha bagga love u as rajji !
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deejagi 7 years ago Guys it would have happened (accusing Sohum and him being sent to Jail only If Bani was dead. They might even try that trick but since Bani is alive, she will testify against Parmeet, if she still not feel the pativrata stree dhrma and allow Sohum to eat the jail food.
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-Hima- 7 years ago @Saila - Soham is not the killer but I am saying Parmeet might have already bribed the guy to point at someone else.. most likely Soham. Otherwise, what would be the reason for Parmeet to see the sketch of the guy?
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sailuja 7 years ago [email protected] wat a predication..wat did u say sohum is da killer..can't beieve It how can sohum kill bani.?.bani is his wife sister and his ex-lover also..but Is it true? Diz news ..
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-Hima- 7 years ago Don't know! From yesterday's episode, I have a feeling that is what will happen. Scar-face may point Soham as the killer. But obviously since it is not Soham, he may be arrested and Rajji may have to find more proofs to get him out and Parmeet into jail. Rajji's troubles seem never ending!
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BullsEye777 7 years ago So soon? Wow. Look forward to this.
Hima, Sohum in jail for murdering Bani - that would serve Rajji's jasoosi right:-)
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Theta14 7 years ago @ hima : ha ha ha .. what a prediction
if it's happen then bani will come forward to save sohum
and rajji knew that very well sohum never kill someone and bani is his e lover also
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-Hima- 7 years ago What if the guy shows Soham as the person trying to kill Bani and not Parmeet?!
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