Will Pallavi and Akash find the real culprit who snatched their shop in Aangan Aapno Kaa? Cast reacts

Samar Vermani, aka Akash Awasthi, and Ayushi Khurana, aka Pallavi Sharma, of Aangan Aapno Kaa, open up about the upcoming twist in the show. Read on to know more.

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Sony SAB's 'Aangan Aapno Kaa' narrates the tale of Pallavi (Ayushi Khurana), who has a unique perspective on marriage and wants to protect and fulfil her duties for both her father's house and her in-law's house after marriage. In the recent episodes, in Pallavi's Sasural, Kusum (Sonali Naik) and Ravi (Ankit Gulati) realise that Pappi (Ashwin Kaushal) has used them to get the signatures from Suresh (Sagar Saini) and Subhash (Vinayak Bhave) on the papers of the shop.

Samar Vermani, essaying the role of Akash Awasthi, said, "When Akash gets to know that his own family member Ravi is involved with Pappi and has tricked his father Suresh, he is boiled out of anger. The thing that adds to his frustration is that there is one more person from the family who is supporting Ravi in this scheme. He tries to contemplate who that person might be with Pallavi but he is very upset with the fact that his loved ones are the ones who are responsible for such a situation of his father. It would be interesting to find out how Akash and Pallavi make a plan to catch hold of the real culprits."

Ayushi Khurana, essaying the role of Pallavi Sharma, said, "Pallavi remains firm on her commitment towards protecting both her families. While Akash struggles with the emotional fallout of this revelation, she refuses to let the emotions cloud her judgement. Instead, she focuses all her determination on finding the truth, determined to uncover the lies that have trapped their family."

Akash and Pallavi suspect someone from their household is helping Pappi. They check CCTV footage at the Awasthi shop, where Pallavi disguises herself with a veil while Akash distracts the bouncers. They find out Ravi's involvement. Meanwhile, Kusum and Ravi also sneak in, with Kusum disguising herself with a sack. Pallavi retrieves the CCTV footage, and in the chaos, she encounters Kusum, grabbing a lace from her shoe. Akash and Pallavi realise someone from their household is aiding Ravi and plan their next move.

In the upcoming episodes, viewers can see how Pallavi and Akash join forces and attempt to make a new plan to find a solution to this problem and protect their family.