Will Maitree be able to find the Swaran Naagmani and bring Harsh back to life?

The upcoming episodes of Zee TV's show Maitree will witness a major twist.

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Samarth Jurel

Zee TV’s popular fiction show - Maitree, which follows the journey of two soul sisters - Maitree (Shrenu Parikh) and Nandini (Bhaweeka Chaudhary), has kept the audience hooked since its inception courtesy of its exciting plot twists and engaging storyline. In fact, recently viewers witnessed how Maitree, Nandini, and Harsh (Samarth Jurel) saved their family from an Icchadhari Naagin - Jhumki (Ishita Ganguly). While they were successful in escaping, Jhumki returned to the Tiwari Sadan with a motive to kill the whole family and hypnotizes everyone. 

Jhumki tricks everyone to get her married to Harsh, however, as the rituals begin, she uncovers how Harsh was the one who saved Maitree and betrayed her. Hence, in the upcoming episodes, viewers will witness how Jhumki will kill him with a Trishul. As Maitree gets to know about Harsh’s death, she will be devastated and will try to find ways to save her husband and bring him back from the dead. She realises that she can save him only through the Swaran Naagmani, which Jhumki has.

But how will Maitree get hold of the Swaran Naagmani? Will she be able to save Harsh’s life and bring him back from the dead? Or will Jhumki be successful in killing Maitree as well?

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