Why is February so special for Juhi and Sachin Shroff?

In this candid conversation with Juhi Parmar Shroff, she speaks about how she celebrated her V-Day, her wedding anniversary on Feb 15 and much more...

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Juhi Parmar Shroff has ruled the small screen over the span of almost twelve years. Juhi became the household name as soon as she bagged and portrayed the role of Kumkum in much famous Star Plus' show Kumkum-Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan. Besides this, the pretty lady has also won hearts as Juhi in Bigg Boss Season 5 on Colors.

Well, besides her exceptionally well career graph, what else is surprising is that the beautiful lady got engaged on the Valentine's Day and married just on the next day i.e. February 15. Now that she celebrated her anniversary, TellyBuzz got in touch with the damsel lady to know about how she celebrated her V-Day and how has her relationship with beau Sachin Shroff changed over the years.

In this conversation, she says, "Since we have a child who is too small, we were thinking till the day before as to where to go. It is not easy to move out anywhere with your baby. Besides this, we got married on February 15 and had the courtship period of just five months, our first Valentine's Day was extremely special. Otherwise, all of our Valentine's Day were special. It is like, whenever you are with your partner, it is special. One does not need a V- Day to be together and express love. If the feelings are mutual from both the end, it is Valentine's Day every day."

Juhi Parmar Shroff married Sachin Shroff in the year 2009. The two have been together since past six years. The two tied the knot and took their nuptial vows in the month of love. "It feels really great to have our wedding anniversary on February 15 because of the love season. It feels like everyone is celebrating our togetherness. It is not about the magic that fades or increases over the over the years. It is more about honesty after a couple of years. It is about the comfort that grows and makes you feel at ease. I still remember, on our first anniversary, Sachin gifted me with a cute puppy."

Juhi delivered her baby in 2013. When asked whether with baby coming in their lives, has Sachin ever complained of she giving more attention to her baby than him or has she brought the two more close, "No, he has not complained; at least he has not said so. Don't know if he complains in his heart *wink*.  But on a lighter note, in any case, we had made a pact long before we planned a family that the baby will be my priority and I will be his priority. We of course are sticking to it *smiles*

Well Juhi, must say, you two make a fantastic couple!

Upasana Patel

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MidnightRambler 6 years ago I am sorry but Juhi "won hearts in BB5"? Hahahahahahah When did this happen?!2015-02-16 18:47:26
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