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When you share a personal bond with co-actress, it reflects: Kanwar on pairing with Alice for 'Pandya Store'

Kanwar Dhillon who plays the character of Shiva Pandya in 'Pandya Store' talks about being paired opposite Alice Kaushik aka Raavi in the show.

Published: Tuesday,Sep 27, 2022 08:29 AM GMT-06:00
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Kanwar and Alice

 Shiva and Raavi played by actors Kanwar Dhillon and Alice Kaushik are loved immensely by the viewers. The fans are in the awe of their chemistry. While the fans love their on-screen chemistry, they also admire their offscreen camaraderie. They are fondly called as #KDICE by their fans.

We asked the handsome lad if he thinks that their onscreen character Shiva-Raavi is getting the love because they also share a strong off-screen bond together as well, he said, “That might be the case. But, let me tell you, Shiva and Raavi have been acknowledged from day one! The day we got introduced on the show, we started getting positive feedbacks from fans stating that they like the spark between Raavi and Shiva. Shiva and Raavi have intriguing back story which surely connected pretty well with the viewers. #Shivi’s nok-jhok and cute fights are always appreciated. We’ve got some brilliant scenes to perform and a variety of scenes to perform as actors and thus the audiences connected with ShiVi already before Alice and I bonded personally”.

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He added, “Having said that, it is obvious that when you have a personal bond and that reflects onscreen, people get to see more of two people together and the love and adulation does double up. I’m really happy that I’ve got a co-star like Alice Kaushik. She’s such a pretty actress and people love seeing both us together. Of course, we’re close to each other and that reflects on screen. So, yes, people love us together and we both love each other together as well. We would like to thank our audience and fans for so much of love and adulation. We promise to deliver good scenes in the upcoming episodes of the show.”

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VNuts 8 months ago Kanwar Dhillon & Alice Kaushik may be dating, but they managed to grab the attention of audience well before their personal equation developed. And this is simply through their hard work, their sincere & impressive performances and their ability to live & breathe the characters so stupendously.
Wish them all the best, and loads of love & success!
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spdp 8 months ago Pandyastore picked up with Entry of #ShiVi. Being one of the viewers who have watched this show from ep.1, can tell you: there was dead forum , zero SM buzz preleap.

Kanwar Dhillon & Alice Kaushik brought life to this show with their unique equation & some magic from very first scene! They grabbed attention! And that connect just grew!

KDice as ShiVi are treat to watch! Even with comfort of real life: their reel troubles & trials were portrayed by Alice & Kanwar with SO much conviction!
That’s why people love them & want to see more of KDice as ShiVi.
Sadly ShiVi’s good stories are still untold. Their next stage of life: from Bachpan to Shaadi to divorce to Bhabhi manipulation misunderstandings to Shaadi again … now Showing ShiVi as strong unit is what is needed. Education track (IF reported it) , Shiva speaking up against partiality & manipulation by elders, Shiva demanding accountability from Dev, Raavi supporting Shivas education & Shiva supporting Raavi’s influencer work.
So much to explore, and ShiVi will never disappoint!
Wish Starplus pushes PH to focus on USP of the show, KDice as ShiVi!

Beyond Pandyastore, wish Alice & Kanwar best always! Stay blessed & Thrive!
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BaAZiGar0 8 months ago ahem sumbul and fae….
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mkc12345 8 months ago Kanwar Dhillon and Alice Kaushik are amazing as Shivi and are wonderful actors. I don't like it when people equate the love they are getting on screen to the fact they are dating in real life because that takes away from their performances as Shivi and the chemistry they shared from the very beginning of the show. People love KDice no doubt but they have always connected with Shivi first and that shouldn't be belittled.
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mpks1 8 months ago Kanwar Dhillon and Alice Kaushik, you both are doing amazing job as actors. Keep shining and hope you go places in your career. May all your dreams/wishes are fulfilled.

As for the article, like Kanwar Dhillon said, Shiva- Raavi’s chemistry/nok-jhok was talked about even before they both together in real life. Let’s not take away the credit that they are indeed splendid actors first.
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NidhiMittal1111 8 months ago So sweet they r.
They always love each other
Live audience as well.
Love thie fans and always admire them.

God bless them together and protected from the evil eyes
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SejaI 8 months ago Love this Jodi so much Kanwar Dhillon and Alice Kaushik, their chemistry is one of the kind. They create magic on and off screen which is extremely rare. They are lucky for each other 🧿 Only still watching the show because KDice is on it. God bless you both.
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deeps07 8 months ago The chemistry between Kanwar Dhillon and Alice Kaushik is amazing. And the personal bond of Kdice made kdice compliment each other so well and effortlessly..theur body language, eye chemistry..everything clicks..The only good thing about this show is Kdice .
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Saakshi2k 8 months ago Kanwar Dhillon and Alice Kaushik aapke liye toh love love and only love❤️💗😍
I hope we fans get to see many good scenes in upcoming episodes ☺️
KDICE ❤️🧿♾️

Also, I have started watching the show only and only for ShiVi, it was their nokjhok and onscreen chemistry that made people love them, not their offscreen equation. So better stop asking them such questions 🙂🙂
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Shradha.08 8 months ago Kanwar Dhillon & Alice Kaushik ❤️
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