When this 'Kuch Toh Log Kahenge' actress was left overwhelmed by her little fans!

But, it was for a different show..


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Actress Sheena Bajaj has been working on the tube since she was a kid and has been a part of several shows over time.

One of those shows has been Disney Channel's Best Of Luck Nikki, where she played the character of Dolly.

The show lasted over a long span with 4 seasons and becoming one of Disney's most popular shows.

And while, it may have been a long time since the show went off-air and Sheena doing multiple shows, several fans still miss her as Dolly, especially the little ones who certainly still seem to be watching the re-runs of the show.

Recently, the actress was left overwhelmed when a set of little ones came to her and started clicking pictures and talking about Best Of Luck Nikki also-

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Have we teased that nostalgia? Well, the episodes are available online. Go watch 'em and relive the memories.


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