When the 'Sasural Genda Phool' team RE-UNITED and CELEBRATED..

A walk down the memory lane for all the fans..


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Reunions are the most endearing as it gives the chance for the people involved to re-visit so many memories and have an amazing time. And when it comes to television actors, who worked in a show together, coming for a reunion, it is an absolute treat for the millions of fans. 

One such endearing reunion happened when the cast of 'Sasural Genda Phool' came together. The show was a huge success during it runtime and a fan-favourite over the time. The fans still remember the show and miss the cast.

And the best part is that the cast of the show keeps uniting together time and again, giving a treat to all the fans.

However, this time the cast came together for a special cause and that was celebrating Diwali. Here are some pictures of the cast celebrating the same-

It certainly seems that the cast was in full spirits and made the most of the reunion.

Did you feel the nostalgia? Leave in your comments below.


Moon Banerjee Supriya Pilgaonkar Bhairavi Raichura Sooraj Thapar Ragini Khanna Neha Narang Sasural Genda Phool  Star Plus 

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Arshichamkili9 3 years ago It was my favourite serial too.. Everyone rocked in the serial.. Loved both Ishaan and Suhana.. Would like to see them again
OMGIshaan 3 years ago My all time favorite show...SGP rocks ''''
snehapriya 3 years ago One of the best serial. This bond offscreen is the real success...
geminipearl 3 years ago wow that was one of my most favourite shows, just loved it. and thanks for sharing their reunion pics. the whole team is awesome.
allizzwell 3 years ago Beautiful bonding...only some shows achieve success and the root of the success is the chemistry and the bonding of the unit...the warmth still holds strong...love u Sgp
infinity00 3 years ago I owe SGP a big thank you along with IF for giving me chance to meet some of the best friends I made in the forum from all over the world . The best thing about SGP was that they stopped the serial rather then dragging it unnecessarily .
21July2014 3 years ago First thing I noticed, Jay Soni is missing. Miss him so much as Ishaan!! The whole Sasural Genda Phool team rocks. This show was just so awesome!! It was a saas-bahu show, but it wasn't a crap. It was beautiful and meaningful.
Lol Moon aka Panna is Supriya ji aka badi ma's daughter when in present they're shooting as samdhan xD
Love you guys so much!
Love Ragini Khanna
Love Sasural Genda Phool, even after so many years.
sosweetsumi 3 years ago lovely to see them all together and celebrating
iPerfection 3 years ago This show was one of the best shows! I still remember when I used to watch this with my family everyday! Very entertaining meaningful and beautiful show!
I am getting nostalgic! Missing those days...
Ahaswi 3 years ago One of the best serial in the television history
Every character was so special and entertaining
Miss u sgp
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