"When it’s about making it big in showbiz, a lot depends on luck": Arjan Bajwa

Arjan Bajwa speaks up on the pandemic and it's effects on the world of Bollywood and his personal projects...

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Arjan Bajwa
Arjan Bajwa

Arjan Bajwa who is known for movies like Fashion, Rustom, Kabir Singh recently shared how the pandemic had an effect on his career. The handsome actor was looking forward to bagging a number of other enticing Bollywood ventures.

However, due to the pandemic that has affected our lives since the beginning of 2020, many people's professional and personal plans have been severely disrupted.

Talking about uncertainty that pandemic has caused Arjan says,

Arjan Bajwa
Arjan Bajwa

Post Kabir Singh, a lot of work was coming my way, but it kind of got stalled because of the uncertainty. The projects and dates went for a toss. It was all planned well, but gradually some of the films or web shows were shelved and the others were delayed. At the start of the lockdown last year, luckily, my digital project of Zee 5, 'State of Seige 26/11 released where I was leading the pack, so I expected that things would move much faster, but there was a six-month lull due to the lockdown. The only silver lining is that I bagged a great digital project for Amazon after that and I am looking forward to it.

- Arjan Bajwa

In addition to Kabir Singh, the actor appeared in a south project that year. Arjan made his acting debut in Telugu, and he's been maintaining his acting career between South and Hindi films ever since. Although praising Telugu cinema's scope, Arjan believes that breaking into Bollywood is more difficult than breaking into regional cinema.

He says,

Hindi films are not limited to one state. Bollywood is a much bigger industry in terms of reach as Hindi films are watched all over the world. So, when the stakes are so high it is going to be tough to make your way and stay here. Having said that, when it’s about making it big in showbiz, a lot depends on luck. Destiny plays a huge role in this game.

Arjan Bajwa
Arjan Bajwa

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Arjan Bajwa

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