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BollyCurry has come up with a new article - What's Tweeting?, where you'll be updated on the interesting activities of our Bollywood celebrities on Twitter!

Social networking sites are a great way for one to stay in touch with their friends and family members, and can even be used as a platform to make new friends! Our Bollywood celebrities are no less and many of them have official accounts on popular social networking sites to stay connected with their fans. One such popular social networking site is Twitter and many of our Bollywood celebrities are active on this platform! BollyCurry, understands that not everyone has the time to maintain an account on a social networking site or follow popular celebs, and that is totally alright! Which is why BollyCurry has come up with a new article - What's Tweeting?, where you'll be updated on the interesting activities of our Bollywood celebrities on Twitter! Here's presenting the very first monthly edition of this new thread with the past month - February!
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And Flappy Bird continues to confound me...bumping, clumsy klutz of a bird. My excuse is I am very sleepy!!! Ok I am sleepy & klutzy.
The popular game "Flappy Bird" has taken the world by storm, so much so, that the developer had to pull it down from all the app stores on the various platforms it was previously hosted on; and phones which still have the application installed on them are fetching record bids on eBay! This game is so popular, that even the Baadshah of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, couldn't resist playing it, and tweeted a quick rant about how difficult it was for him to score on it! Well, this shows that regardless of who is playing the game, Flappy Bird isn't going to stay air-borne for long!

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Kudos to @AnushkaSharma for addressing unfair criticism head on, have always admired her as an actor and now I def admire her as a person.
" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Feb 11
Anushka Sharma is a powerhouse of talent and the downside of social media cannot and will not take away the core of her creative existence..
After Anushka Sharma's recent appearance on the popular celebrity chat show Koffee With Karan, she faced a lot of flak for supposedly going under the knife to get a lip job. While many celebrities choose to stay mum about it and ignore the criticism, Sharma issued a public statement on Twitter denying all allegations of her getting a lip job and attributed her fuller lips to make up and other temporary enhancement techniques. While her open letter was the talk of town for many days, not many know that ace writer-director-producer Karan Johar and the stylish and talented Sonam Kapoor took to Twitter to support Sharma and her stance. 

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Go go go @aliaa08 !!! Highway is going to be huge and you are going to be the best actress and biggest star ever ! Guys dont miss it :)
" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">20h
@ParineetiChopra haha thank youuu thank youuu ;) muah !!!
While these two young and talented actresses are constantly being pitted against one another by the media, the two contemporaries have made sure to squelch all these rumors and have even gone on record to appear on a popular celebrity chat show together! Yes, we're talking about none other than the vivacious Parineeti Chopra and the gorgeous Alia Bhatt. On the day of the release of Bhatt's latest film, Highway, Chopra took to Twitter to cheer on Bhatt for her upcoming film, to which the young starlet responded very sweetly, just as a good friend would! Despite the public chumminess, it remains to be seen if this is indeed a genuine friendship or just a farce for the public! 
While many more of your favorite Bollywood celebrities took to Twitter in this past month to share their thoughts with their followers, unfortunately, it was not possible for us to share all their tweets. However, we'd like to know from you: which Bollywood celebrity, in your opinion, has the most illuminating and interesting tweets? Comment below and let us know your favorite celebrity tweets from the past month!
BollyCurry hopes you all liked this new venture of ours, and that you'll leave your valuable comments about this article. Till the next article, adios amigos!
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