What! Anil Kapoor used to wear RENTED clothes...

Actor Gulshan Grover reveals about Anil Kapoor and his days of struggle in Bollywood...

Every superstar has a story to tell. The story of their struggle, pain and sacrifice that they had to got through before making it big in Bollywood. We have come across many such unknown stories about actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan when they were striving hard to achieve their dreams in Mumbai.

Recently, actor Gulshan Grover revealed about Anil Kapoor and his state when he entered Bollywood. On the occasion of the film 'Ram Lakhan' that completed thirty years now, filmmaker Subhash Ghai had held a small party where Gulshan went nostalgic reminiscing the good old days. Speaking to the media, he informed, "During his struggling days, Anil Kapoor used to wear rented clothes while attending marriage functions and other events. At the time of Rajeev Mehra's wedding, I and Anil had to attend five different functions but we didn't have different clothes to wear for every single day. So we went to a man named Akbar who used gives us clothes on rent".

Anil also joined the conversation and divulged further stating that he even used to wear Sanjay Dutt's suit but it didn't fit him in size. Interestingly, he didn't take Baba's clothes from the actor himself but he took it from his designer. He even shared that the suit that he had worn at the screening of the film 'Karma' was rented.

The actor also revealed that it was music composer Laxmikant- Pyarelal who had helped him a lot in his days of struggle. So much so that he had stayed at Pyarelalji's house for few days.

(Credits: Dainik Jagran)

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