We celebrate Gudi Padwa in a simple manner! - Sagarika Ghatge

In this conversation with TellyBuzz, pretty actress Sagarika Ghatge speaks about the Maharashtrian New Year Gudi Padwa.

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Gudi Padwa is the day when all goodness and happiness leaving behind all the negativity and bad omens. We celebrate the festival of Gudi Padwa while we bring in the New Year, new expectations and new hopes. Mostly celebrated by Maharashtrians all over, much significance of this day is the Gudi that they set up. Gudi gives out a message of leaving all the bad in the past and commencing the coming year with positivity.

On this good day, TellyBuzz got in touch with stunning actress Sagarika Ghatge who is currently seen in Khatron Ke Khiladi: Darr Ka Blockbuster Returns on Colors.

She says, "Like every year, we do a Puja at home and set up a Gudi. We do a small Puja with the Gudi as well. This is tradition that has been following since years. My mother believes in these rituals so we celebrate in a small way. For us, Gudi Padwa is a New Year. It is about whatever we could not achieve or whatever we did not get in the previous year, it will sooner or later be fulfilled in the coming year."

When asked about what delicacies she prefers having, she answers, "I have a sweet tooth and am completely into sweets. If we talk about Indian sweets, I love Gulab Jamun and Motichur laddo. They are my favorites. But otherwise, I like exploring restaurants and other places where I can try out more deserts and sweets."

Sagarika has also featured in a Marathi movie Premachi Ghosth opposite veteran Atul Kulkarni. "I am glad that people appreciated my work and got a chance to work with an actor like Atul Kulkarni. It surely was a great opportunit for me and loved working with him. He made me feel so comfortable, so good; it was surely an experience for life time."

What is your expectation from the coming year? "I am hopingfor positive vibes and positive energies."

TellyBuzz wishes Sagarika a Happy Gudi Padwa!

Upasana Patel

Sagarika Ghatge Atul Kulkarni Khatron Ke Khiladi: Darr Ka Blockbuster Returns  Colors 

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Biba. 8 years ago She is a good mother taking her resposibilities seriously. Article is poorly written.

I dont think aishwariya is truing to introduce her daughter to world. She is just taking care of her daughter like normal mothers do. Whe i have over nght stay due to work i too keep my kid with me. Whats wrong in it ? Doesnt mean aradhya is going to walk the red carepet.2012-04-28 07:17:25
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sehhr 8 years ago urghhh .. not again wid this beti b thing...poor kid
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BlessedByGod 8 years ago Love u Aishwarya
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Bobbi. 8 years ago Looking forward to seeing her after ages! Literally.
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Bazzinga 8 years ago Isnt it just too much article on the Bachan ,seriously Beti B is not the baby in the world and so Aish as a mother
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cs-07 8 years ago but a few ,month old baby exposed to media like this when the Bachan men were talking about no publicity for the girl. what is this!? V poor decision!! Does she plan to walk on th red carpet with the baby in her arms or a nanny alongside OR a pram !!!! wud love to watch that. lol. no wonder i dont like the plastic woman
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iMadz 8 years ago Heights of Marketing ... Urrghh... Media is behaving like Before Aish no one had Baby and After Aish no one gonna have baby ... GOD! Stop this publicity of Innocent girl who does not even know what does that mean ..2012-04-16 22:46:30
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ibelieveinpink 8 years ago YAY!!! Can't wait to see the beautiful mother and daughter duo!! So excited!
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Mohabbateinn 8 years ago Aaradhya embrace urself dear for the shutter bugs and paparazzi :P
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tvmylove 8 years ago thatz good to know at last Aaradhya is coming with her mummy..
Waiting to see ash with her princess :)
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