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We catch up with Prachi aka Bani to get her fashion basics!

We know her as the motherly Bani in Kasam Se - but what does this 18 year old think about being her age and dressing up? Lets find out.

Published: Saturday,Jun 09, 2007 00:00 AM GMT-06:00
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We catch up with Prachi aka Bani to get her fashion basics!
Prachi Desai plays the eldest of three sisters, a mother of a child, a very serious mature lady traumatised by the vagaries of a typical Ekta kapoor soap life.
In reality is a very very sweet, very endearing , happy go lucky and chirpy 18 yr old. She rues that she never really got much time to develop any style of her own as such…earlier because she was too young, and now has no time ! But yes, if given time, she would like to dress up….

So we catch up with the cute little lass and get her style statement - or lack of it as per her own admission !

What‘s fashion according to you?

Fashion is the way you carry yourself. How different you look, how different you are in your bearing.

How much time do you take deciding on a outfit when you have a party to attend?

Don’t bother too much.  Usually I am so tired that I hardly get time to think on this. Plus I hardly go to parties. But if I have to,(pause), at least 15 to 20 minutes.

The most expensive outfit in your wardrobe? A beautiful red ghaagra I got for Navratri. My Mom chose it for me.

Do you like to have a certain style of your own, or do you simply follow the trend?

Again, I don’t really bother ( giggles). I am more of a comfort person, and dress up as I feel comfortable. I don't have any style as such, I am not a stylish person. I was too young to go into fashion earlier, and now I am too busy and too tired to think about dressing myself up (spoken like the simple girl she is !)

How colour conscious are you?

Not at all, I am not choosy. But yes, I don't like loud colours- no gaudy or shiny shiny stuff. I prefer light and bright colours.

A colour you would not be seen dead in?ALSO READ: Rhea and Ektaa Kapoor speak out against hate speech and criticism over 'Thank You For Coming'
We catch up with Prachi aka Bani to get her fashion basics!

Florescent green.

What is a must on your accessory shopping list?

Shoes, bags.

No jewellery?

Nooo…I am so sick of wearing jewellery on the show that no more jewellery ! 

We catch up with Prachi aka Bani to get her fashion basics!
Fav brand: national./ international

No brand, none.  

The most well dressed man on TV

Rohit Roy.

The most stylish woman on TV

It's a toss between Amna Shariff and Shweta Salve.

If you have to design for someone, who would U choose?

Bani !!! She is too simple, so I would like to dress her up a little ! ( smart girl, we say !)  
So that was the cute little Prachi for you, who finally played her age in Kasauti, if only for a very little time. Now, as she gets back to the motherly role playing a character much older to her actual age, we wish Prachi soon gets sufficient time and inclination to develop a style that would be solely her own.
Reporter: Minnie Gupta Author: Minnie Gupta
Contact author: pm minnie.
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Piaraly fatema @fat0 16 years ago hye all members plz any have a prachi id so plzzzzzzzzz give plzzzzzz its so thankhfull all members plzz help me.............

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Megha @.:Megha:. 16 years ago She's too cute and and it beautiful in anythind she wears. She has such a talent at just 18 years
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Pori @Pori 16 years ago I never knew she was onlii 18..lol.. and shes soo cutee
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palchin @taintedangel 16 years ago OMG she looks soooooooooooooooo sweet in the pics she is 18 and already she acomplished alot
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Rimli @-Rimli- 16 years ago nice article
prachi's pics is sooooo sweet
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Vishaka Sanjana @Sanjana4Rajeev 16 years ago I love the article ...really well said....she is naturally beautiful....and love her in KS!
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Sanu @Fashion101 16 years ago thank of the article.


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Funk'n Desi
Funk'n Desi @Funk'n Desi 16 years ago thankz.....does she mean rohit or ronit roy??
has she worked with rohit yet???
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annu @gamla_ 16 years ago She is plain jane on show and has nothing to do except few dialogues.
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