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We Bet you haven't seen this Sensuous picture of SRK's daughter Suhana

A stunning star in the making...


Shah Rukh Khan's daughter Suhana Khan is a diva in the making. She is working on her talent by working as assistant director already and is learning the art to master it. Aiming to rule the hearts of millions in future, Suhana Khan is truly showing her colors. She has a huge fan base and as soon as she shares her pictures on social media, they go viral within minutes.

Although Suhana is far from the lime light as she is currently studying in London, she still always manages to make the news. Clicked while posing with her friends or while doing her college play or somewhere else, she grabs eyeballs and we all get stunned looking at her turning in a fine woman.

Recently, her fan page shared a picture of her from after a girl's night at Sanjay Khan's house and my oh my! Was Suhana dressed to kill. Wearing a sensuous off shoulder grey dress, Suhana certainly raised more than eyebrows there. Dewy no makeup look, pink tinted lips and those luscious locks added tonnes of charm to her. 

A stunning star is the making, isn't she? Recently, SRK revealed that she aspires to set in Bollywood but like every other new comer she should learn her art in the best possible manner to make a fine way for herself. 
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Shah Rukh Khan Suhana Khan

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Cshafkat 2019-04-16T14:14:06Z I wonder where these star kids would be if their parents weren't stars. None of them have talent.
myviewprem 2019-04-15T11:51:59Z If Suhana or jhanvi or many other star kids like sunil shetty daughter were not star kids would a casting director even allow them in office looking at their pics never. They do not look like heroines. Further no talent whether dialogue delivery or expressions. We are getting such bad movies horrible story bad music and lyrics etc because of promoting insider kids. 1940s 50s-60s and 70s was called golden age because nepotism was very less and majority got chance based on talent not on whose son/daughter/neice/nephews they were. Can we get back those talented times back, no wonder Bollywood is making such horrible movies and music no one wants to watch them or hear them. In music channels on 1990s and 50-70s music is running because of this very reason.
hamzanuha 2019-04-15T08:34:44Z Trying too hard2019-04-15 09:18:28
-SilverAngel- 2019-04-15T07:53:40Z Star kids are so lucky. They don't have to do any hard work to get a break in bollywood and on top of that articles & pics are given out for them so they stay in focus before their debut.
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