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Watch Parth's and Suraj's emotional love saga unfurl!

Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya on Zing depicts the tale of homosexuality.

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This Friday, 13th June, 2014 a forbidden love story takes center stage. Tune in to watch Parth's (Avinash Kaul) relationship with Suraj (Shaleen Malhotra) go through the highs and lows of an outlawed same sex relationship. Will their love story withstand all controversy?

Catch the latest episode showcasing child violence and homosexuality only on Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya! Parth a very shy, reserved 17 year old is out having a good time with friends but as the night proceeds disaster strikes. Being the victim of an underage driving accident, he is instantly put behind bars at a juvenile home.

Here Parth is very unsettled and soon finds himself at the butt of every joke and the target of annoying bullies. This furthers his inhibitions and he ends up lonely and a recluse.

While undergoing the trauma of the accident as well as being the laughing stock, he manages to confide his deep lying fears in Suraj. From here a warm, loving relationship unfolds between the two boys and Parth soon finds himself in love. The bond they share gives him courage, making him a stronger individual. However how long will the tabooed connect between the boys last? Tune in to this week's episode as love holds no bars only on Zing on 13th June, Friday, 7 pm.


Shaleen Malhotra

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Hosh_04 6 years ago You are simply awesome Shaleen Malhotra as Suraj!! Just love the story and am so glad you pull it off so well..I Was wondering after Arjun what more can you do..You've proved it sha you are the best..Keeping rocking Shaleen Malhotra..Waiting for your future role..
Black_Angel 6 years ago Can stop watching it ...
So emotional
Hands off to Shaleen
story was so diffent
I am so proud to call myself as your fan
Live u Shaleen
Moodie-Munchkin 6 years ago Just Watched The Episode 2 tyms! Kudos Star!! Hats Off..A Very Bold Move taken up by Shaleen Malhotra..HeartHeart After Arjun Rawte..Suraj Is The Character potrayed perfectly by you! Love You Shaleen..Heart Eagerly waiting for ur Future Shows..Heart Come Back really really soon..Heart
skrafty 6 years ago Hats off Shaleen
You did an amazing job
just loved the way u potrayed every emotion
just amazing
loved it
Beboluvshaleen 6 years ago Hats off to Shaleen Malhotra for selecting such a different role..this was fantastic.. proud to be your fan. Love you.. Come back very vert very soon :)
IArmageddonI 6 years ago well just watched the episode and was awed by the innocence and beauty of it... amazing! kudos to both the actors... especially Shahleen sir.. he was right in his interview... he also potrayed the role of a friend, protector, mentor... awesome...
_shadesnature_ 6 years ago a bold step taken by a actor shaleeen malhotra u rock as a actor
pimon 6 years ago Really Really Really Hats Off To Shaleen Malhotra Bhaiya, This was a big type different role different episode. ''ARJUN" se thora kam better he but better he ; sabse big bat ye he ki apko small screen pe again dekhne ka chance jo hume mila he isi vajaesehi hum bohot happy he ; Thanx All of U Thank U So Much, Take Care Bye.
shreya09 6 years ago Eagerly waiting for it :)
Hats off to Shaleen Malhotra for selecting such a different role.
feeling proud !
laila1994 6 years ago Nothing about Shaleen's character :(
Anyways, waiting for the episode.
Shaleen rocks
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