Wasn’t skeptical to play a molester; can’t express this sad feeling on Barrister Babu’s end: Bhavya Sachdeva

Bhavya Sachdeva aka Chandrachur opens up on playing a molester and his thoughts on the show going off air. Read on.

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Colors’ show ‘Barrister Babu’ is slated to bid an adieu to the viewers of the show. Ever since Vivan D’sena and Eisha Singh’s show ‘Sirf Tum’s trailer hit the television screens, there has been a speculation regarding which show will be axed. There was apparently a close call between Molkki and Barrister Babu. Well, finally the decision has been taken and the channel has decided to pull the plug off ‘Barrister Babu’.

The news has been quite difficult for the fans to digest as they already speculated the fate of the show. The current track is quite promising with makers bringing the double role twist as Pravisht Mishra (Anirudh) is seen portraying the baddie Batuk Roy Chaudhary in the show who is set to take the revenge from Bondita.

India Forums got in touch with actor Bhavya Sachdeva who plays the character of Chandrachur in the show. In a candid chat, Bhavya revealed his thoughts on playing a molester in the show, his reaction to the show going off air and much more. Read the excerpts of the interview below.

Your reaction when you learned about the molestation track. Were you skeptical to play a molester?

I was not skeptical to play a molester. I believe the show’s current track was based out of Chandrachur’s molestation of Tapur. It was a significant turn to take the show ahead, if anything I felt more responsibility to justify the track with my best efforts as an actor.   

Feedback that you received after the promo of Chandrachur being alive hit the TV screens?

I could not believe the positive traction that our promo got. The entire team was so excited with the outcome of the promo. I have been told it was trending on certain social media platforms which was such a pleasant surprise for me, personally. Chandrachur’s re-entry in the show was equally justified as his fall before (both literally and figuratively.)


Your take away from the show?

Only if it was as easy as naming a few things I am taking away from the show, rather I can say that I entered this show as one person and I am leaving as another, someone who is more evolved and comparatively mature in his art. These past couple of months have taught me a lot about myself, what the audience is expecting out of me. I feel like I am one step closer to understanding what would really entertain our audience and I promise to keep discovering more as I go along this field of art.

Your thoughts as Barrister Babu is going off-air.

I do not have words to express this anxious sad feeling. I have seen our team working day and night for our show. Without a doubt it is heartbreaking to see Barrister Babu go off-air but as they say, a new chapter awaits us all at the end of this one. We still have a few days before we wrap up our show and I know every remaining day is going to precious for the cast and crew.

We wish Bhavya and team 'Barrister Babu' all the best for their future endeavors!

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I can’t even express how sad I am to hear about BB going off air. I literally feel like crying 😢 everyday I always felt no matter how difficult my day may be but the fact that I can see BB’s episode, made it all better. There were other shows that had worse TRP. Like for example it should have been Molki that deserved to go off air. There was also Sasural Simar ka 2 and Balika Vadhu who’s TRP has been around Barrister Babu’s or even less. Why are they still on air? I’m really really upset with this decision 😢😡 At this point I still don’t want to give up. I’m hoping the TRP’s will go up and hopefully the show can stay 🙏

2 years ago

Bhavya, you did a wonderful job as Chandrachur. Of course, the axe had to be put on this show since it wasn't the usual run of a mill kind and so it had to go off air. There are many shows which have less TRPs but since the story is the usual saas bahu stuff it's still running for years. Even the second season of a certain hit show on prime time is not getting good TRPs but since it's got the same old wine in a new bottle the channel has chosen this show to pull off air. Pathetic.

2 years ago

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